Because I feel like I should contribute to this fandom too. Now English isn't my first language and I'm not really a writer, I just do it for shits and giggles, so there's bound to be something wrong but I hope that you will enjoy it anyway!

Rios woke up. Randomly. He did it sometimes when he felt unsettled in real life.

It was his nerves that knew when someone was watching him, a useful survival skill that he had earned after years of sleeping outside in make shift camps.

But he wasn't in a makeshift camp in the middle of a jungle now, he was home in his apartment.

Well it wasn't his apartment. It was Salem's, but it was the younger man that had insisted he'd stay. After their little tour in Shanghai he didn't want to leave the bigger man and honestly Rios couldn't complain. He had felt uneasy about leaving his friend alone too, knowing he suffered from PTSD was enough to keep him at Salem's place for now.

It was also the younger man, he noted that was the one watching him. Sitting at the edge of the bed in the darkness, his eyes gleaming in the faint light from the moon that seeped in trough half closed blinds.

He sat with his legs pulled up to his chest, one arm wrapped around his knees and the other ones hand firmly around the handle of a gun.

He stared.

"Elliot" Rios groaned tiredly "Haven't we been trough this shit? Stop staring at me when I'm asleep it's creepy as hell"

"Yeah you mentioned that" Salem responded and scratched his stubbled chin thoughtfully.

"Well stop it then, you piss ant" Rios mumbled and let his heavy hand fall on his own face.

"What's with you?" He asked.

"Nothing, couldn't sleep"

"What gives? The gun I mean?"

"Oh that" The younger man looked at it thoughtfully like he hadn't even realized he was holding it. Turning it over in his hand. Rios observed him.

"I was thinking of shooting you" Salem said simply.

"Shooting me? Did I snore?"

"Tyse you always snore!"

Rios held up a warning finger "You are not shooting me with that gun you idiot"

"Don't you think sweet talking would work better?" He aimed the gun at Rios, closing one of his eyes and adjusting his angle. Rios observed the weapon "Is that the one I got you?"

"Yeah" Shortly.

"Put the damn thing down you little brat" He sighed.

"Sorry I was sunder the impression I had you at gun point"

"And I was under the impression that you had a three digit IQ"

"Ouch" He smirked.

"Put it down"

"No" Salem narrowly avoided a pillow thrown at him, letting out a small laugh "Uh-oh that wasn't good for your general score"

Rios sat up, holding up his hand warningly again "Elliot, do not even think about pulling that trigger or so help me god..."

Salem smirked, and fired.

The gun kicked back lightly and Rios shouted.

Salem grinned, pumping his fist in the air "Awww yeah killer shot!"

Rios glared at him, looking up at the red plastic arrow stuck on his forehead, he was less amused. Slowly reaching up one of his giant hands and closed around it. Pulling it off with a small plop

"I warned you Salem" he sighed.

Salem jumped out of bed, at battle stance, eying Rios with a grin as the big man carefully started getting up. Glancing at the digital watch on the night stand "Four in he freaking morning are you shitting me?" Pointing at Salem "I'll kill you, then go back to bed"

"Only if ya can catch me!"

"Lets see how funny those arrows are shoved up your pretty little ass"

The comment was rewarded with another arrow.


As the other man darted out into the hallway and Rios followed suit, he tried to hide the smile on his face. It wasn't his apartment. But speaking of homes? Home is where the heart is right? And Rios heart was with Salem.