Rin sighed as she put her books in her locker, head down and her mind aching as much as her body. Well, she knew she'd be sore after spending the whole weekend at Sesshomaru's, hardly ever leaving his room or bed.

But she kept her head down and paid no attention to anyone, listening to her music.

Then one headphone popped out and she turned to see who had rudely interrupted her. It was an older teen with long red hair, her makeup thick and her uniform edited to the point of it was unrecognisable.

She grinned at Rin. "Well, well, well, little Rin." She chuckled and leant forward, eye brows raised. "Heard about you and Sesshomaru. In a house full of people too."

Rin quickly looked away, putting her headphone back in but the elder just stepped closer. "It was your first time wasn't it? Bet you screamed like a pig." She laughed as Rin blushed. "Come now, there are worse ways to lose your virginity. I mean, Sesshomaru is the best. I should know. He really is good. Knows what he's doing."

Rin kept her mouth shut and her eyes away from her, turning the music up to near deafening levels.

"Come now, don't be shy Rin. Sesshomaru is a god in the bedroom. I'm sure if you can get him, you could go after anyone in school. You little tramp, been holding back on us."

"Sesshomaru is special to me."

"Special? Come on, you do know his reputation? Wonderful one night stand."

Rin lowered her head and tried not to react. "I… It's not…"

"What? You gave him your virginity thinking it was serious? You really are stupid."

Just as tears began to fall from her eyes, Rin was span on the spot and felt arms around her and lips on hers. She barely registered the other woman's reaction and noticed the silver and height of the man kissing her before her eyes closed.

He leant back with a soft wet sound from his lips and sighed, holding her tight and looking at the woman. "I do not appreciate my girlfriend being insulted."

"Girlfriend?! Her?"

"Got a problem at that?"

The woman looked a little disgusted then turned and walked away, leaving the teen to look down at the woman in his arm. He sighed again and stroked the tears off her cheek. "What's wrong Rin?"

"I was beginning to believe her."


"That it was just… a one night thing."

He remained very still for a moment then leant down, kissing her lips and holding her shoulders. He sighed to her. "Rin… I wouldn't do that to you. I have waited so long to call you that name, I'm not losing it now."

"What name?"


She blushed madly and it made her smile, lowering her eyes. He smiled and stepped into her, holding her neck loosely. She stepped into him, head on his shoulder, the world just melting away from them, her arms around him as his were around her. He smiled and nodded into her hair. "I almost want to scream it to the world." He whispered as Rin almost fell asleep in the memory of the weekend.

Sesshomaru was as still as stone beside her but flinched backwards suddenly when the alarm bell rang down the hallway. He let out a breath as Rin covered her heart, laughing. "That made me jump."

His hand cupped her cheek again and leant onto her cheek. "I'll see you at lunch?"


His lips pecked hers then caressed them again, holding her tight as the school moved around, heading off to class. His hands moved from her neck to her shoulder to her hips, pushing her back into the lockers, still kissing her and holding her tight, his hand moving down her hip and around to her backside, squeezing it slightly. She moaned a little and he held on tighter, loving every second.

"If you two are quite finished."

Rin gasped as they parted, looking at a half amused, half annoyed teacher. She lowered her head and coughed in a laugh. "Sorry miss."

"Well, get to class."

Nodding, Rin stepped away but felt her arm being grabbed and her lips pecked. "See you at lunch."

She chuckled and grinned, stepping back to him.


"Now, you two."


"If x times two equals seven and x minus y is three…"



"Ten. Y would be ten."

Rin sighed as she turned to look at him, watching his lying on his front on her bed with his own homework. She sighed then went back to her work, continuing with the calculation. "Yeah, your right."

"Are you done yet?"

"One more to do."

He groaned, standing and walking over to her, arms wrapping around her neck. "Look, you and I are here, alone… will be for at least two hours. You said we could…"

"When I have finished my homework." Her eyes turned to him, locking her eyes in his. "You know my studies are important."

He hummed and nodded. "I know, I'm only messing." His lips nipped into her neck. "I'll wait." He continued to kiss her neck, listening as she moaned with his hand moving down to her leg.

"No no no no no no no, stop it."

"Stop what?" He teased.

"That. Come on, stop it. We agreed. Come on stop it stop it stop it! Ahh! Ahhhh! Stop it. Come on. We a…agreed."

"How much have you still got to do?"

"One question."

"Want some help?"

"No. I want you to stop so I can concentrate."

He chuckled darkly, leaning off and pecking her cheek, removing his hand from between her legs. "You do like being with me, don't you Rin?"

"It's been three months."

He sighed and sat on her bed. "We've been going out for three months."

"That's what I just said."

"No, you said it's been three months. You still seem… uncertain about us."

"I'm not. I'm just…" She sighed and looked down at her homework. "It's still sinking in. That… that the most… amazing man in school… is going out with… with me."

He huffed once. "Why can't you believe it? We haven't exactly been passive."

Rin blushed at the thought then went back to her homework. "I dunno, it just… it won't sink in."

He sat still for a moment as she worked. "You are happy, aren't you Rin?"

"Yes, I am." She sighed, smiling and putting her pen down, standing and walking over to him, holding his hand. "I'm very happy."

He looked up and down her then sighed, pulling her hand so she sat beside him. "You know, I just want to hold you for a bit, just like this. That alright?"

"Of course."

He smiled, wrapping her in his arms and dropping onto the bed with her, content just to pull her in and hold her tight. But after a few minutes, Rin began to wiggle and reach behind her back, discomfort clear on her face.

Lazily, Sesshomaru opened his eyes and looked at her. "What's wrong Rin?"

"I… I got an itch. I can't reach it. It's…. it's just… I…"

With a smile, his hand slid up under her shirt and scratched between her shoulder blades, listening as she moaned and purred. "Better?"

"Thank you."

His hand remained where it was for a moment then grinned, moving his hand expertly around the elastic and hooks, undoing it. Rin huffed suddenly, eyes wide. "Hey, thought you wanted to just to lie here?"

"Changed my mind." His hand pushed the shirt up and over her head, removing her bra as well, grabbing hold of her breast. "Hum."

His girlfriend turned to face him, smiling, her hand moving down his chest to between his legs, grinning as he flinched and helped him undo his belt, beginning the actions she was beginning to know.

He grinned back and began undressing her as well.


With a gasp, Rin collapsed onto Sesshomaru's chest, panting for breath as he rolled her onto her back, looking down at her. The man grinned, pushing her hair out of her eyes. She opened her eyes a little and chuckled. "Honestly, you'd think I'd be used to this." She sighed, rubbing her head into his hand. "But I'm still exhausted."

"I take it as a compliment." He smiled then kissed her forehead, snuggling closer to her. "Go to sleep, you look exhausted."

Her eyes were open in a dream for a moment but then she closed her eyes and slipped to sleep, his arms wrapped around her back to hold her close. Soon he to fell asleep.


"Rin! Rin, I'm back. I see Sesshomaru's coat is here. Guess you're still doing your homework. Rin? Rinnn? Sesshomaru? Are you two… oh." Pamela gasped as she entered her daughter's room, finding the two figures on the bed, their skin bare apart from the sheet around their hips.

Pamela made a noise again, stirring Rin's mind and making her sit up. "What… MOM!"

The woman blushed bright red as Sesshomaru sat up as well, rubbing his head. "What's going on?" He looked over the room and over to the door. "Pamela?"

The older woman gapped for a moment then turned quickly on the spot. "I'll give you two some privacy."

Rin blushed even more as she put her head on Sesshomaru's shoulder, sighing. "I completely forgot we were at mine not yours."

He sighed slightly then collapsed back onto the bed, pulling her with him and the blanket over her shoulders.

"Sesshomaru, would you like to stay for dinner?"


"Then the two of you better get dressed."

He sighed, realising he'd fallen for a trick.

Rin chuckled as well. "Ops, you fell for it."

"Now we have to get up." He mumbled and groaned, sitting up and watching as she dressed while he put his own clothes back on. Rin giggled as he chased her downstairs and into the kitchen, sweeping her into his chest, his nose in her neck.

Pamela smiled as she watched her daughter be snuggle into. "You two look really happy together." She laughed and went back to her cooking. "Do I hear church bells?"

Rin blushed as she held his arms around her. "Mom!" She moaned.

"Maybe. If Rin will have me."

The two women blinked, looking over at him. "What? What did you say?"

He shrugged a shoulder once and quickly. "Well, as you're still uncomfortable with the term 'Girlfriend…." His hand slipped to his hip, reaching into the pocket. His hand lifted into her view, her mother gasping loudly at the sight of the ring, silver with a steady square diamond in the middle. "How about fiancée?"

Rin blinked, looking at it. "What?"

"Rin, I said it so many times… I never want to lose you. So, will you marry me?" The young teen stared at the ring, her hand drifting to touch it in his grip. He huffed into her ear. "Yes, it's real."

"You… you want to marry me?"

"I always have. So? Will you have me?"

She staggered for a moment then laughed her answer. "Yes! Oh… oh god YES!" She was still laughing as she turned around and the man knelt, holding her hand and putting the ring on her finger. It was a little big to his embarrassment but Rin didn't notice, she just wrapped her arms around his back and held him in for a kiss.

The man smiled down at her as he looked at her. "Rin, I love you, I always have and always will. Only you."

The (real) End

AN: Right, there it is, finished! Serriously, I only wanted to finish it off Midnight, you could have given me a extra few days! :)