Author's Note: HELLO GLC FANFIC WORLD! It's been a while, hasn't it? My senior year has driven me up the wall but I've been having a blast! This idea came to me while I was in AP English. It's definitely different and I hope you guys like it. This isn't the first chapter, however. This is just some info about each Duncan family member and their special "power'. If you have any questions, PLEASE, PM me! I'd be more than happy to answer them. If you want me to continue this story, review. If you want me to continue any of my others, such as Far From Gone OR (if you're part of the Criminal Minds fanfic world) Desperate Measures, leave a review about it as well! Thank you so much for taking the time to even click on this story! Enjoy!

Synopsis: Amy and Bob have a secret. When the kids start to experience a series of strange events, that secret is no longer hidden. How will this family deal with the new and surprising challenges they're about to face? Read if you dare.

-List of the Duncans' and their power-

Amy: Super strength.

Bob: Superhuman senses, regeneration.

Teddy: Precognition (has premonitions) Teddy believes they're just dreams but when they start to come true, she begins to wonder. Started at a young age, but her memory was altered as she grew up. There's only one incident she remembers, but Amy and Bob make her believe otherwise.

P.J: Telepathy (mind-reading) as well as mind control.

Gabe: Telekinesis (also known as psychokinesis; can move any object mentally as well as destroy or assemble it/put it back together).

Charlie: Animation (ability to bring inanimate objects to life. For example, her toys or any other objects in general.) and another "secret" (but does not discover that yet).

Toby: Unknown. Not born yet, but Amy finds out she's pregnant several chapters later.

-Background information-

Amy Blankenhooper and Bob Duncan were a part of a secret organization known as S.H.S (Super Human Soldiers) AKA Sullivan High School. This organization (made to appear as a normal high school) was formed and lead by Taylor McCain, also known as The Invincible Taz. She taught kids with amazing abilities and prepared them to fight violent crimes and save innocent individuals from trouble. She also taught them how to control/use their abilities solely for good. Amy and Bob met in her class and began to date instantly. The two soon fell in love in the midst of rescuing lives and contributing positive work to their hometown. In their senior year, things started to go bad. Taylor was murdered by Colorado's newest villain, Kat Von Kill. The organization was devastated and the assistant leader's (Taylor's husband Michael McCain and her daughter who also attended the school) chose to shut the organization down. Families with kids who had these special abilities were forced to move out of the state and as far away as they could from KVK, who wanted to absorb their powers and use them to her personal advantage. She unfortunately succeeded in killing half of them and had a crucial encounter with Amy and Bob. The two fought against her and eventually killed her. Amy and Bob moved to Colorado soon after (which was still in Denver) with their families and continued their senior year there. They loved it so much and decided to get married, purchase a beautiful home and start a family. They promised each other that they would leave their old lives behind and focus on their growing family. Their lives are put to a halt when an old friend comes to surface and a new villian comes to light. The Duncan kids also start to discover their abilities which forces Amy and Bob to tell them about their secret past. Filled with drama and A LOT of suspense, the Duncan's journey is just getting started... and things aren't so dandy.