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Story Title: Superhuman

Author: ButterflyCryx

Chapter Two: Bickering & Eavesdropping

This wasn't the first time this happened.

Gabe did things he honestly couldn't explain to anyone. When he got angry, objects within his sight would break, explode, etc, and he never understood why. Since he was thirteen and only cared about food and video games, he never really questioned these strange events. Maybe, for the sake of his sanity, he should start asking.

Amy came up with a possibility as to why what just happened, happened and made a mental note to talk to Bob about it later. Everyone continued to stare at Gabe until Teddy spoke.

"And? Finish your lame excuse of a story so we can start ordering our food, moron."

"Shut up! No one was even talking to you, fish lips!" Gabe defended, his temper clearly rising. Amy saw the vase that sat in the middle of the kitchen table begin to shake and rushed to retrieve it.

"Gabe, sweetie, come with mommy so we can talk about this-" Amy was rudely interrupted by a less than happy Teddy.

"Take that back you little weasel!"

"You first, Ugly Betty!"

"ALRIGHT, THAT'S ENOUGH! Both of you, in your rooms, now! I'll call you when the food arrives." Amy shouted, catching the attention of everyone in the room. Charlie, who was sensitive to loud noises, covered her ears in attempt to block out the sounds. Amy noticed and quickly ushered Teddy and Gabe out. Once the two were gone (who both fought their way into the living room), Amy picked up her youngest daughter and placed her on the floor. While she was doing this, Bob was cleaning up the spilled juice with P.J.

"You okay, bubs?" Amy asked, worried that she scared her. Charlie slowly removed her hands from her ears then nodded.

"You sure? I know mommy can get a bit loud at times. I'm sorry." Amy apologized, giving her youngest child a look of concern. The four year old nodded then hugged her mother tightly.

Bob looked at Amy, who was already looking at him. They had a brief conversation with just their eyes and P.J began to catch on.

It was only because he could hear their thoughts.

"There's no way they could have powers, Amy! They gave you that shot when you were pregnant with each of them!" Bob exclaimed, hoping his wife's suggestions as to why unexplained things happened in the house were false. The short blonde paced the living room and continued to think.

"When Teddy was seven she had that dream. Remember? That your father got into a car accident and died. Two weeks later, it happened Bob! Whenever Gabe is angry, things break! Charlie's toys go off at night and sometimes, I hear her speaking to them! And today, P.J knew what I was going to say before I even said it! How much longer are we going to avoid these things and use those shots I took as an excuse? Those shots obviously didn't work and our kids have inherited these abilities!" Amy said, suddenly worried about her families fate. The phone call from earlier entered her mind and she decided on whether or not she should tell her husband about it.

"Please don't talk so loud, the kids could hear you! And I can hear you even louder than what you already are!" Bob complained, honestly in disbelief. He had hoped and prayed that his kids would be born normal. That they wouldn't have such powers and be forced to live different lives. He wanted them to grow up, get married and have children of their own, not having to deal with the consequences these abilities would make them face.

"Look, I don't want this to turn into a fight, Bob. Let's just be real for a second; I have the strength of a 800-pound grizzly bear. You can hear, smell, taste, see and feel things much stronger than an average human can. If you lose an arm, you can grow a new one! Our past may seem like some crazy, psychotic scene from those horribly written superhero movies but it's REAL. We have been pretending that that part of our lives doesn't exist anymore but it does!" Amy defended, hoping Bob would understand what she was saying. He began to rub at his temples and let out a heavy sigh.

"They told us that those shots would prevent them from having any kind of ability. They said that it would rebuild their DNA."

"Yeah, well, they lied Bob. Truth is, no parent wants this for their child. It's only because we have experienced and seen so many scary things that we don't want them to go through it too."

She was right. Bob never wanted this for his children. The things he and Amy had seen and gone through were just too much. Like the time Amy got extremely sick at the age of seventeen because of her ability. Bob never liked to talk about it because it was the most lowest point of his life. She could have died and he was grateful that she didn't. They even watched friends of theirs die from sicknesses just like Amy's, due to their abilities. They're beloved Principal, Taylor McCain, was brutally murdered by KVK (Kat Von Kill), Colorado's first official Villain. Living this life was dangerous and could bring so much harm to you and everyone around you. Bob knew that and feared the worst for his children's futures.

He let out another heavy sigh then stood up from the couch. He approached his wife then gently embraced her, pulling her into a hug. Amy sighed contently in his arms, grateful for the security and warmth that her husband of 20 years had provided her.

"Whatever the case may be, we'll get through it. If they happen to have an ability, we'll need to get them tested, which means-"

"Victoria called. You know, Taylor's daughter..."

Bob paused then pulled away from his wife.

"Really? Vicky called? When?"

Amy looked down as she answered.

"Earlier today, just before you and the kids got home."

Bob studied her face and knew that something was wrong.


"She says we're in danger... not just us, but the entire superhuman race. She wants to meet with me so we can discuss it. I don't know anything, which is why I want to go."

There was a moment of silence before Bob finally thought of something to say and spoke.

"What time?"

"Six o' clock, and before you ask, we're meeting in a coffee shop."

Bob gave his wife a stern look and got back a calm one.

"I'm coming."

"WHAT. That wasn't our deal, Bob. She wants to meet with me, not you! Besides, you have the habit of questioning everything before the person even gets a chance to fully explain themselves. And now that I think of it, that's probably why she didn't ask for you to come along in the first place."

Feeling offended, Bob immediately retaliated.

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do NOT!"


The loud bickering continued as three well-known eavesdroppers quietly entered the basement and fortunately went unnoticed by their parents.

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