"Masamune. I didn't tell you to stop." Said Ritsu, then letting out a moan when Takano placed his hand back down Ritsu's trousers.

Takano then suddenly felt the wetness shoot onto his hand.

"You are good Masamune."

Takano grinned, then cupped Onodera's face in his hands and they made out for a few long minutes.

Ritsu moved his hand into Takano's shirt, feeling his chest, he had forgotten there were cuts there, he quickly took his hand back out to find blood on his fingers.

"Takano. We must get you sorted out."

Ritsu removed Takano's shirt and got some ointment for cuts and grazes, he massaged it softly into each of his cuts. They weren't life threatening cuts, but they weren't superficial either.

He could see the tissue where the skin hadn't joined together yet.

"Takano, I should take you to get stitches."


Ritsu shaked his head, however continued to apply ointment before bandaging just his arms.

Takano hugged ritsu, "Thank you Onodera. I don't know what I would do without you. Well I have to go now, sleep tight my angel."

Ritsu was about to go and get some sleep when the phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Said Ritsu.

"Ritsu.. I have some bad news. I really need you right now." Said An, crying."

"What is it?" Said Ritsu, his heart suddenly feeling heavy.

"I've had a miscarriage. I've miscarried your baby."

Onodera dropped the phone, and stood frozen to the spot.

How can it be my baby? Is it really dead? How old was it? How could this happen?

Ritsu picked the phone up from the floor and dialled An's number.

"I thought we had always used protection."

"Ritsu. I've got a confession to make. Once when we had sex whilst together I had pricked a small hole into the condom. I'm so sorry, I thought we were going to be together forever, and when you said you didn't want a family it broke my heart, so I did what I thought was right."

"An it's okay. At least the baby got miscarried."

Then An hung up on Ritsu.

Onodera went to bed, confused at what she had got so worked up about, wasn't it a good thing that she had miscarried? They didn't love each other anymore, she had said so herself.

She didn't actually want the baby? Did she…