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C - Classes

[Nelson's POV]

We just got our schedules for this year and I want to see if I got any classes with the band! I'm going to catch up with them during homeroom!

[Stevie's POV]

So we finally got our schedules for this year. I got Woodshop! Sounds exciting to me. I've never done anything like it and it's also extra credit. Even better. Right!? But I hope I get classes with the band!

[Kacey's POV]

I can't wait till homeroom! All of the band and I are going to compare our schedules. I hope I get classes with them! I'm not looking foward to Health though. I took it last year and HATED it! But i'll live.

[Zander's POV]

I'm walking to homeroom to compare schedules with the band.

"Hey guys, ready to compare?" I asked as I entered homeroom.

"You bet we are!" Nelson said as they were taking out there schedules. We put our schedules on the table and looked at eachothers. The only classes that I have with anyone is Guitar and Keyboard Survey with Nelson first period and Chorus with Kacey sixth period. Well this is not a good start.

[Kevin's POV]

Turns out I have no classes with the band. Neither does Stevie. But Zander has one class with Nelson and Kacey. But they are classes that I would fail in an instant. So we are all going to try and find a way to get all of our main classes and lunch together. My schedule is:

1. Music Survey

2. History

3. English

4. Lunch

5. Health

6. Physical Education

7. Chemistry

8. Math

and these are the rest of the bands:


1. Guitar and Keyboard Survey

2. Algebra 1

3. Chemistry

4. Cooking Class

5. Lunch

6. History

7. English

8. Art


1. French

2. Woodshop

3. Lunch

4. History

5. English

6. Algebra 1

7. Technology Education

8. Chemistry


1. English

2. Lunch

3. French

4. Math

5. Chemistry

6. Chorus

7. Health

8. History


1. Guitar and Keyboard Survey

2. Chemistry

3. Algebra 2

4. Spanish

5. History

6. Chorus

7. Lunch

8. English

I honestly feel bad for Zander because he doesn't have lunch until seventh period. I couldn't wait that long and everyone knows it.

[Stevie's POV]

So turns out I don't have any classes with the band. Well this sucks.

"How about we try to change our schedules?" Zander suggested.

"We can't, the principal won't let us." Nelson explained.

"Then how are we going to get classes together?" Zander asked.

"I got it!" Nelson said jumping.

"Alright, let's hear it." Zander said.

"We could do a protest like we did for pizza!" Nelson said.

"Not a bad idea," Zander said, "but who would we get too join in?"

"Anybody who wants classes with their friends." Nelson explained.

"Ok, so how about we do it at lunch?" Zander suggested.

"We have to since today is the last day that we have our old schedules." Nelson explained.

"Ok, lunch protest it is." Zander said.

[Kacey's POV]

So to get our schedules the same we are going to protest for it at lunch. This means I get too hand cuff a bunch of people to tables! This should be fun. Hopefully this works.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At Lunch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[Nelson's POV]

"It's protest time!" I shouted to the kids.

"YEAH!" They all shouted back.

Kacee was going around hand cuffing kids to the tables so when the principal comes he'll have no choice but to let us change our schedules. Even Molly and Grace are protesting. I think Grace and I have been looking at eachother for like 5 minutes. New record!

[Kevin's POV]

The principal is coming!

"Let's do this!" We will not leave these tables until we have the ability to change our schedules!" Nelson shouted. Nelson shouted. The principal looked at everyone with a mad look on his face.

"Principal Kearsy!

"YEAH!" The kids shouted.

"Are you kids insane!?" Principal Kearsy asked.

"No, we are just standing up for what we believe in!" Zander said as he almost tripped on the table while climbing up on it.

"Alright, FINE! You win! You can change your schedules! Now leave these tables and go back to your classes! NOW!" Principal Kearsy shouted.

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted cheerfully.

"NOW!" Principal Kearsy shouted. Everyone unchained themselves and ran back to there classes.

Yes! Now we can all change our schedules to the same! Best protest ever!

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