(A\N Hey guys! I saw a Darth Maul\Mandalore episode yesterday, and I've been hyper. Probably 'cause the Ahsoka arc is coming up! *Jumps up and down like I just had 2 cups 'o coffee* Ahem.. Anyways, you may read the story now P.S. I thought Satine dying in 'the lawless' was super sad :'c )

(Raven Morgan's POV)

"Are you three ready?" Master Kenobi asked. We double-checked our mandalorian armor. "Yeah, we're ready." Em replied. "We're landing on Mandalore." Just as Obi-wan said that, one of the engines went out. "Blast it!" I looked at Obi-wan.
"Master Kenobi, watch your mouth!" I exclaimed. Then the controls caught fire and Drake was stumbling backwards. "And this is why we never borrow ships from Anakin." Em commented as she calmly slid to the side when the ship tilted. Obi-wan managed to land the hunk-of-junk before we all died! "You three stay here. And make sure Emelia doesn't do anything stupid."
Em looked hurt, but honestly? I didn't really give a crap. "I'll be right back." He walked down the platform (that wouldn't open entirely) while we waited for our cue. "I must've left it on the ship." Master Kenobi said a minute later when he walked in the ship with a mando behind him.
"SURPRISE!" Em screeched as she jumped out and stabbed the death watch member\Maul's slave with her double-bladed saber, and she had a :-D expression. Even after she killed him...
"I feel sorry for him, not only did he die, but he died listening to Em scream 'surprise' at the top of her lungs." Drake said solemnly. "I agree %100." I commented. "Enough bickering, let's hurry and go help save Mandalore." We followed him out, but I stopped short, causing Em and Drake to bump into me. "Does anyone have the feeling we're being watched?" I asked. "Hurry, or I'm going without you." Obi-wan said. "NO! I want to help save Mandalore!" I hopped on the thingie (A\N I have no idea what it was called.) before Obi-wan could leave without us. The prison wasn't too far away, and we got there in at least 2 minutes. "We'll stand guard, you go rescue your ex." Em told him. Obi-wan glared at her while she twirled a piece of brown\orange hair around her index finger and looked around. When he entered her cell, I thought it'd be fun to watch.
Drake and Emelia thought so too. "They look so cute together." Em stated. And yes, I mean stated. "Why are we spying again?" Drake asked, obviously disgusted. "Crap! We've got to go." Em whispered\yelled. "Master Kenobi, Duchess Satine, as much as you two look adorable together, we've got to go." I said once I stepped out of the shadows. Duchess Satine blushed. "Of course, and you are?" Drake stepped forward and bowed. "I am Drake Morgan, this is my Sister, Raven Morgan and that's Obi-wan's padawan that needs to stop drinking 4 cups of caf a day, Emelia Reed." He introduced. "Why does she need to stop drinking caf?" Duchess Satine asked. "You'll soon find out." Master Kenobi answered.
"I don't think I want to." I laughed at Duchess Satine once she said that. "Neither did I, but I did anyways." Obi-wan gave her arm a little tug. "I trust you have a escape plan?" She asked with amusement. "As always." Is it just me, or are they flirting?
Yes. Em's voice said in my head.
Bad Obi-wan. ;) I responded.
Drake opened the elevator, but a Maul Slave was in it. We are so lucky we have our helmets on! Drake gave Duchess Satine a slight push. "What's the authorization code?" The man asked. "Oh... Ummm." Master Kenobi stammered. "Su-u-r-r-pr-i-i-i-se." Emelia whispered and yet again stabbed him. "Oh my!" Satine exclaimed. "Yeah, you should see her on the battle field. Always stay 10 feet away from her." Drake informed her as soon as the elevator stopped and the doors opened. "HEY!" Aw crap! Busted. "Into the ship." Obi-wan ordered. "Well... Isn't this fun?" I looked at Em as if she was nuts... Wait... She is.

(A\N Sorry if the chapter was lame or anything, but Satine dying was super sad. I wasn't even a Obi-wan\Satine fan since recently... I'm not gonna cry! I'm not gonna cry... *Starts crying* I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY DAVE! YOU MADE ME CRY! ARE YOU BETTER NOW?! *Slaps face couple of times* I'm okay. Just upset. But on the bright side, Savage died and Maul's next!... *Sigh* The next chapter should be up when I get off my lazy butt... That could be awhile.)