Fate Shirou

Chapter One

Hey, Throne of Heroes, We Need Spirits With An Attitude!


Forewarning: This is a crack-fic for the sake of being a crack-fic. I know little about the Fate/Stay Night, all of it being second-hand information at best, and even less about the Nasuverse. So before anybody tears me to shred about canon, know that I already threw out all pretenses of understanding anything when writing this crack-fic.

And so, here we go, welcome to Fate Shirou.

The Holy Grail War; a large-scale ritual created by the old magus family of the Tohsaka's, the Einzbern's, and the Makiri's, to imitate, no, to recreate the mystical True Third Magic: Heaven's Feel; the Materialization of the Soul.

The Holy Grail - within its mighty powers and enormous capacity - would select seven worthy magi to call forth seven Heroic Spirits to fight in this war and the winner - one Master and one Servant - would then be granted any wish that they so desired.

This was the identity of the Holy Grail War and it has taken place in Fuyuki City for all accounts.

Yet four wars have been fought and nearly two-hundred years have passed by with naught a winner to their names. And now the 5th Holy Grail War is here, occurring only a mere ten years after the previous ritual.

Surely, this new war would be unlike any other before it...


In my name, I summon thee...


Illyasviel von Einzbern, a young lady who looked more like a young girl, was chosen to be the Einzbern Representative for the 5th Holy Grail War.

Long white creamy hair, pinkish red eyes with long eyelashes, fair light skin and a petite body, her clothing were generally purple with golden trims and also some white here and there to break the monotony; she truly did look too young to have been chosen as a Master for this war. But to judge based on her appearances would be wrong; a deception to the eyes.

As childish as she looked and acted, there was a indeed darkness within her that shouted of hatred and whispered of inferiority.

To her, this war was only a step to revenge, to find the child that her father had abandoned her for nearly ten years ago.

And so, though she had not a wish for the Grail, she had a purpose for participating in this war.

In this room, which resembled a chapel, inside the Einzbern Castle in Germany, Illyasviel was to summon the great hero of Greek Mythology, Heracles, as her Servant. Whether it was Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Assassin, or Berserker, it did not matter, whatever Class the Greek Hero would be called upon was an after-thought. He was simply that powerful of a hero.

In the center of her magic circle, there lied an item which was tied to the ancient hero of Greece, a giant slab of stone that came from a pillar of a temple that once worshiped him.

Taking a deep breath, Illyasviel begins her chant whilst filling the magic circle with her prana.

It glows in a bright red as power flows into it.

And as her chant ends, an explosion bursts forth from the magic circle and smoke blocks her view. Within, she can see the shadow of a person. Muscular and tall, it was certainly a man, but she was expecting someone larger.

When the dusty smoke clears away, Illyasviel gets an eyeful of her Servant.

Roughly six-foot tall, he had dark gray skin that was ladled with white scars, as though light was trying to escape from him, all around his bare upper arms and he wore dark black tight armor. His downtrodden dark gray hair looked scraggly and worn and the man's expression was a firm stoic. And his eyes, which barely peeked through his fallen bangs, were a deep shade of gray.

"Come, Heracles," the young Master chirps and walks away, confident in her success, "We need to prepare to greet my big brother~!"


A flipped coin lands on the table with the side of the 'head' facing up, "Well, then, let's get this show on the road~" a grinning teenage girl says.

Long dark black hair that could be called raven blue and orange-red eyes; this girl is wearing a white shirt with black frill trims under a dark cobalt blue furred-jacket along with a navy blue short shorts and thigh-high brown boots.

She gets off of her chair, brushes aside her hair, and is now looking at the red magic circle lying on the ground before her.

"Ah, I wonder what kind of Heroic Spirit I'll summon," she cheerfully muses to herself, "I hope it's one that was killed by a woman. That way he would know just how scary a woman can be~"

Misaya Reiroukan, the heir to a lesser family of magi, is a prodigy magus and has only one other formal rival in this generation. But even then, this girl was too care-free; caring very little about being a 'proper magi.'

Yet, somehow, this was the person who was chosen to be a Master.

She has no desire to advance herself in magecraft nor any wishes for the Grail. No, the only thing she wanted was to participate in the war for the sake of participating in it. Such a rare opportunity, it was something that she would definitely have involved herself in; Master or not.

"Ah, I bet all those other magi are so jealous of me~"

There was nothing in her circle, no specific material catalyst to summon a hero; as always Misaya enjoyed testing her luck.

She chants several verses and then her Servant appears within the magic circle a moment after.

It was a tall man with tanned skin and short white hair, his eyes being a light gray. He was dressed in tight black armor that emphasized his muscles.

"Servant Lancer at your service," the man says with a light bow, "Are you my Master?"

Misaya only giggles, "Tell me, Lancer... were you killed by a woman?" she asks with a sneer.


The Tohsaka Manor, a residence in Fuyuki City owned by the Tohsaka Family, was plain yet regal in the inside but looked like a haunted house on the outside. Right now, it was all but empty, save for one individual: Rin Tohsaka, the current head of the family.

She is a prodigy magus, formally rivaled by only one infuriating slacker but unofficially rivals with another proud individual. She acts prim and proper in public and is quite popular too.

She has her long black hair done in twin-tails tied by black ribbons and her eyes are an aqua color. Her casual clothing were usually a red sweater, black skirt, black thigh-high stockings, and brown shoes; such were the clothing that she is wearing right now.

And tonight, she is planning to summon her Servant.

Rin has no wishes of her own for the Grail, though if she were to have one then it would be to see the Akashic Records. What drives her instead is the duty of being the Tohsaka Head, to finally win the Holy Grail War in the name of the Tohsaka Family, but more importantly it also for the sake of her deceased father that lost his life in the previous war ten years prior.

Down in the basement, the young head has done everything in her power to ensure that she would summon the strongest Servant of them all, the Saber Class, and everything should be proceeding as she had planned.

The moment of truth comes and pass, and there her summoned Servant did not appear.

"Did I fail?" she could not believe it. Such a thing, it could not even be called a joke.

But the girl only had a moment to wallow in her despair.

Suddenly loud explosions ring out; it is the shattering clatter of glass, the tear of fabric, and the crashing and snapping of wood coming from the floors above. This disturbance immediately catches her attention.

Running up the stairs to the ground floor and maneuvering through several rooms, Rin walks into her living room to see that her house is wrecked and ruined.

In one particular spot where the rubble is gathered together, there was a man in red sitting comfortably on the fallen debris.

Tall in height, with short white hair that was slicked back, tanned skin, and steely-gray eyes. He is dressed in black armor with a red coat that was seemingly cut in-half at the waist.

The relaxed man met the girl's tensed inspecting gaze.

"I am Servant Archer, are you my Master?"

Rin barely manages to suppress a tired groan. For all her troubles she had summoned an Archer and not the Saber!


Born from a middle-class magi family, Manaka Sajyou was, unexpectedly, chosen to become a participant and her father had immediately pushed her to prepare for the upcoming 5th Holy Grail War.

Her family procured a house in Fuyuki City and this is where the teenage girl currently lives alone now.

Neck-length light blond hair and clear blue eyes; she is dressed in the school girl uniform of Homurahara Academy and could be considered a beauty. Though she has only attended the school for a short time, she is well known and admired by the student body.

A Command Seal, the mark of a Master, had appeared on her hand nearly three weeks ago, however, it was only now that the girl felt like summoning her Servant.

Manaka lazily chants her incantations and yet her results are a resounding success nonetheless.

From the clearing smoke stood the prone form of her Servant.

He was a man wrapped with a black cloak and the hood over his head; his face was shrouded in the darkness of the unlit living room.

Though, to her, the room was as bright as day and she could see the man's handsomely rugged face, his dull gray eyes, the white fringes of his hair, and his tanned skin, despite the cover of his obscuring hood.

"...I am Servant Assassin," he introduces himself in a coldly smooth voice that only makes Manaka's heart flutter even more than before.

"Ah, you're an assassin?" she cheerfully chimes, "Let's go and kill some people then~!"


Luviagelita Edelfelt considers herself the only one true rival to Rin Tohsaka and had a tendency to clash heads with the prodigy. When she discovered that both she and her rival were chosen to be Masters in the 5th Holy Grail War, well, she was absolutely excited in being given the chance to one-up the other girl in something outside of academia.

Long blond hair rolled into ringlets and brown eyes, the Head of the Edelfelt Family prefers to wear blue and white as her color as opposed to Rin's red and black. At the moment, she has two blue ruffles and ribbons fashioned onto her head and is wearing an elegant blue and white dress.

Excited at the prospect of challenging Rin Tohsaka at something new, the girl quickly summons her Servant.

The room is filled with a light cover of smoke. With a dainty cough, Luviagelita tries to act tall and proud, befitting that of a noble, as she patiently waits for the smoke to clear away.

Standing there is a woman dressed in blue.

Medium-length white hair and lightly tanned skin with gray eyes, the Servant's clothing were rather simple looking, if not somewhat civilian in nature. If this woman was placed in a crowd of people then she would fit right in.

"I have been summoned as Servant Caster," she tilts her head, "Are you my Master?"

The ringlet-haired girl proudly laughs, "I am Luviagelita Edelfelt, and yes, I am your Master~!"

With an examining eye, Luviagelita grins, 'Caster? Then that must mean that I'm a better mage than Tohsaka!'


An old man, a two centuries old parasite that has lived for far longer than his original life-span, watches as his adopted granddaughter attempts her summoning.

The life of Sakura Matou is that of a tragic story best left unsaid.

With violet hair and violet eyes that were not her original birth colors, this girl has been chosen to be the Matou Representative of the 5th Holy Grail War.

Sakura did not want to be a part of this family nor take a role in this war, yet she had to. That man, her grandfather, Zouken Matou, was a monster and so she had to summon a Servant under his watchful eyes; she could not disobey him nor could she refuse him.

Quietly, almost without emotions, she summons her Servant.

The person that appears in the magic circle is a fairly beautiful woman, exotic looking one could say. Tall with long white hair, orange-tanned skin, and dark gray eyes; she is dressed in black armor and purple garbs.

A chuckle comes from Zouken afar, "You've summon something interesting I hope, Sakura," the girl could only tense and wonder why the old thing was speaking to her at all, "That is not Medusa."

Sakura could only blink. She had failed to summon Medusa?

A cold shiver runs down her spines, it never did anyone well to disappoint the Head of the Matou Family.

It is then that the the woman speaks, "I am Servant Rider," she steps forward, blocking Zouken's view, "And I shall protect you during this war, my Master."

There was a small moment of silence.

"Ah, of course, you're a Heroic Spirit nonetheless," Zouken cackles, "Make sure you win, Sakura. Failure won't be tolerated," he states before leaving this dark basement with the resounding taps of his cane.

When the last noise disappears, Sakura breaths a sigh of relief; for now, she is safe and unharmed.


Trace On!


Shirou Emiya is an orphan boy survivor of a devastating tragedy, the Great Fuyuki Fire, that ruined and destroyed a certain area of Fuyuki City and caused hundreds of death in its wake nearly ten years ago.

He is an average teenage boy with but one terrible secret: he is a magi.

And not a very good one at that.

Reddish hair and golden-brown eyes, the boy is kind and polite; a very pleasant person to be around. He prefers to referred to by his first name and his one goal in life is to become an 'Ally of Justice,' or a 'Hero' in other words. Though, he has not made much progress on that front.

"Don't worry about it, I'll have it fixed up in no time."

Still, Shirou was a helpful person. One could say that he almost never said 'no' when a favor was asked of him.

At the moment, he has just volunteered his services to repair all the broken equipments around the school. Something that will no doubt continue long into the night.

"Sorry for troubling you again, Shirou," the other person, a male classmate, apologizes. This cool looking and glasses-wearing boy is Issei Ryuudou, student body president of Homurahara Academy, and also best friend of Shirou Emiya.

"Nah, it's fine. The sooner the better, right? See you later, Issei," the red-haired teen waves off.

Giving a wry smile, the student boy president excuses himself, "Yeah, see you later, Shirou."

When the other boy was out of sight, Shirou begins his work, "Well, let's get started," and starts working his magic, literally, to fix the machines.

To speak of, the young inept magus only had three skills to his name: Reinforcement, Projection, and Structural Grasping.

Reinforcement was exactly as its name suggested: magecraft to reinforce the property of something. Projection was the materialization of objects through the caster's imagination formed by their prana; copies that would cease to exist after a matter of hours if not minutes. And Structural Grasping was the analyzing of objects, like seeing a blueprint.

With Structural Grasping, Shirou Emiya did not have a difficult time figuring out what was wrong with the broken equipments and also knew how to fix them as well. Knowledge of his ability to repair such machinery was quite known at Homurahara Academy and he even earned the affectionate nickname of 'The Handyman of Homurahara' or 'The Fake/Student Janitor' due to his kindness.

Wiping the sweat off his brows, it was of course far into the night when he was finally finished with the request.

Walking to the gated entrance of the school with his bag slung on his shoulder, Shirou enjoys the cool night breeze.

That is until he hears the sound of metal clashing against one another and the yelling of some unknown voices.

He is curious as to what the repeating noises are and looks around to find the source. However he is greeted by something totally unexpected: a man clad in black wielding two spears running full speed whilst shouting out his name.



Thirty minutes earlier, Rin Tohsaka and Archer were prowling the school ground looking for other Masters. Though she believed that Luviagelita Edelfelt would be coming soon to seek an honorable duel to show off Servant. And if, if, she was wrong about that, then she would simply move on somewhere else; perhaps stand upon the roof of the tallest building in Fuyuki City and allow Archer familiarize himself with the layout of the land.

However, those were the least of her concerns at the moment.

The Tohsaka Head wasn't particularly pleased to know that her Servant was somehow suffering from amnesia of some sorts and didn't like the implication that she had somehow botched up her summoning ritual twice; first for failing to get the Saber Class and second for being the cause of his memory loss.

Worst yet, she was not happy that she could not figure out who her enigmatic Servant was suppose to be. His features and clothing did not strike her as being recognizable of any long gone age; instead it was a strange mixture of the past and present. So she was not sure who his identity was or what kind of legend he had created that would place him in the Archer Class.

Speaking of, Archer did not even carry a bow with him, he was weaponless, and didn't even seem to realize or care.

Was this another sign that she messed up the summoning? No, it couldn't be, Rin couldn't believe that she would fail that badly; surely Archer had some tricks up his sleeves?

Whatever the case, the red-and-black Servant had aura of cool confidence about him. It was something that Rin Tohsaka was not willing to question; at least, not after the man had smoothly complimented her as 'the strongest Master' therefore making him 'the strongest Servant.'

For now, she was willing to let him slide without a deep interrogation and followed his lead.


Meanwhile, at the same time, Misaya Reiroukan and her Lancer were walking down the street.

After answering truthfully that, yes, he was killed by a woman and could even be said to have been bullied by women in his entire life, Lancer's Master had gleefully smiled and then simply ordered him to follow her.

She is humming a simple nameless tune as she strolls down the lane with her hands in her jacket pockets.

"Master, may I ask where we're going in such a hurry? Or perhaps what your name even is?"

"Ah, you want to know my name? Aren't I a bit too young for you? I didn't know you were such a lecher, Lancer. Perhaps that's why you died at the hands of woman~?"

"It's a matter of formality, Master," he says unbothered.

"Then tell me your real name, Lancer."

"No, that is a compromise of security. I cannot, Master."

"Then you can simply continue to call me 'Master,'" she continues to her own beat, "As for where we're going, it's Homurahara Academy. We're going to show you off to a friend of mines~"

"Homurahara Academy..." he mutters, 'That sounds familiar, why?'

When the Servant of the Spear was summoned, there were bits and pieces of his memory that did not seem to have pull through completely and so his mind was in a slight disorderly blur. Lancer remembers his name, the beginnings of his life, how to fight, and how he died and by whom, but he really couldn't remember the other parts of his life; such as why he knew how to fight or what he died fighting for.

It was a strange feeling to be so aware and yet so unaware about himself, "Wait, you're going to make me meet a friend of yours?"

"Yeah, she's also a Master, I'm sure she's patrolling the school right now. Was always a bit tight like that," Misaya turns around to look at him, "Make sure you do your best to impress her, Lancer~"

Lancer blinks, "You're making me fight this early in the war? I suggest we scout out the enemy first, Master; learn their strengths and their weaknesses before we fight them."

"You don't sound confident at all, Lancer."

"I'm just being cautious, Master. We know nothing about the enemy, but more importantly we know nothing about each other; I don't know what you can do and you don't know what I can do. Our compatibility in battle can easily turn the tide for or against us. I'd rather not fight a battle if I am unsure of your safety, Master."

"Oh? You almost sound really worried about me~"

Lancer answers without delay, "Because I am. I don't like seeing others get hurt for my sake, Master."

There was only a half-second pause in Misaya's step.

"I see... so you're that kind of Heroic Spirit."

The man furrows a brow, "What's that suppose to mean, Master?" he didn't quite like the tone this time.

"It's nothing," she casually waves off, "Anyways we're here."

Before the duo, many yards away, there was another short and tall pair prowling the night grounds. Or they previously were, as they were now standing still; having already spotted and now awaited the approaching duo.

Briskly walking forward, Misaya Reiroukan ignores her Servant's final warning of retreating to observe. At such a callous attitude, Lancer sighs and readies himself for the coming battle.

Getting closer, the Master of Lancer raises a hand, "Yo, Tohsaka, I came to say hello~" she says with a cheerful tone.

'Tohsaka? Where have I...?' Something just felt wrong to Lancer about that name. Incredibly wrong. He didn't know how wrong it was until he eyes gazed upon the red Servant.

"So, you're a Master, Reiroukan," the only confirmation Rin needed was for her own Servant to take a step forward and to also feel the presence of the tall man behind her fellow classmate, "What are you here for? An alliance?" she asks. 'Though knowing her, she's just here to mess around.'

Stopping a good distance away, the dark duo face off against the red pair.

Misaya giggles, "Nope, I'm not here for an alliance. Where's the fun in that? I'm here for a duel, Tohsaka. My Servant against yours."

The Tohsaka Head could only frown. It was a bad idea to accept, not when Luviagelita Edelfelt could be coming anytime soon. She could not handle two duels in one night, even if she expected that the Edelfelt Head would be respectfully honorable enough to postpone the fight; if only so that they could battle at full-power and try to fairly defeat each other then.

But she never got to give her answer because a low growl had come from Reiroukan's Servant.

"Archer...!" the black-clad Servant utters as a white spear suddenly appears in left hand and a black spear in his right.

Said Archer tenses, 'How did he figure out my Class?' There should be nothing giving him away.

Rin acts differently though, staring a hole into Lancer before staring one into her own Servant. An odd action that didn't go unnoticed by Misaya.

In fact, the care-free girl completely ruined the question that the twin-tailed girl was saving for later.

"Hm? Why do the two of you look the same?"

At that comment, Archer blinks. Reinforcing his eyes, he takes a good long look at the other Servant. Indeed, it was like looking at a mirror, though there were some minor minute differences, the overall resemblance was simply far too uncanny to his liking.

"Who the hell are you?" was all the Servant of the Bow could say before the Servant of the Spear had leapt forward.

Materializing falcions of white and black, the long-distance Servant actually engages Lancer in a battle of close-combat. Such an act earns him a whistle from the rival Master and a look of shock from his own Master.

"ARCHER!" the Servant of the Spear shouts again, only much louder in volume this time, "I'LL KILL YOU!"

'They sound the same too...' Rin notes.

"Wow, he's really getting into it," Misaya comments intrigued; it was certainly a contrast when compared to his earlier attitude.

Lancer, as his Class suggested, was quite adept at using his two spears. Using the length of his weapons to his sheer advantage, he made sure that the Servant of the Bow could not properly escape from the piercing onslaughts that always closed the gap quickly.

Archer on the other hand was clearly impressive as well, being able to fend off the attacks with blades that did not fit his Class requirements and in a situation where his skills should be at their weakest.

"Why the hell are you using swords?! Bring out your lances!" the black-clad Servant yells out.

The red-clad Servant only retorts, "I don't know what the hell you're talking about!" This Lancer was seriously getting on his nerves somehow.

That is when Lancer decides to take several steps back and launch both his spears forward. The pointed-weapons then did something completely unexpected: they attracted one other, spinning side-by-side their shafts as though they were orbiting the other.

Blocking the attack with both of his blades, there was an immediate problem to Archer, "SHIT!"

The spears were not just thrown as a simple piercing attack. The attraction of the two weapons gave them a powerful rotation that threatened to drill through the red-clad Servant's defenses. However, the troublesome part was that Lancer already had two new identical spears in his hands and was already in the motion to throw those as well.

Swiftly, Archer jumps out of the way, letting the first attack slip pass him and keeping himself from being further pinned down.

To the Servant of the Bow there was something oddly familiar about those spears, something oddly familiar about the way Lancer fought, and something oddly familiar about the way he materialized his weapons.

Archer curses his partial amnesia as the next attack shoots pass him. The answers were on the tip of his tongue but he couldn't say what exactly it was about Lancer that was bothering him.

However, Lancer on the other hand soon became a babbling idiot; quickly stopping his assault to shout about things that made little sense to the three-person audience.

"I-I remember! This scene, this battle...! Something like that here at the school...! The Fifth War...! This... this is the part where...!"

Turning his head around quickly, Lancer spots an approaching figure.

There couldn't be any mistake, it had to be him.

Ignoring his opponent, the Servant of the Spear dashes away toward the newcomer shouting out one word with the entirety of his lung capacity:


The boy in question only had one response to such an absurd scene:


In the blink of an eye, Shirou is caught, slung over the stranger's shoulder, feels a rush of wind pass by him, and then tossed down onto the cold ground next to some brown boots.

"Oh? Why, if it isn't Emiya," the voice comes from the person standing next to him. He thought he could hear a more distant 'Emiya?' across elsewhere.

'Who is...?' the red-headed boy tries to get his bearing but the person besides him didn't seem to care all too much about his current predicament.

"Why'd you bring him over here, Lancer?"

'A girl...?' the voice sounded feminine and familiar somehow.

"I'm stopping Archer from killing me!" the once screaming stranger shouts audibly lower than before.

There was a questioning look, not that Shirou could see, from Misaya quirking her brow. A silent, 'Well, duh, you're both Servants' was left said.

"No, that's...! I...! I'll explain it to you later, Master! Just protect m-, ugh, the boy for now!"

The sound of metal clashing soon returns to the quiet field.

Groggily, Shirou Emiya sits himself up off the floor.

Before him is a surreal scene. A man clad in black and a man clad in red, both wielding weapons of white and black in their hands, move to a dance of death as they try to fend off or fatally wound the other.

"Cool isn't it, Emiya?"

Looking up, the boy sees a girl dressed in blue with a grin on her face.

"Rei...roukan?" he asks in a daze. He was somewhat glad that she wasn't wearing a skirt or he might have accidentally gotten a peek. 'Though that would have been nice,' he admits to himself.

"Yep~" his classmate wasn't even looking at the two warriors fight anymore, instead she was already focusing her attention on him and crouched down with a hand propped on her cheek, "Were you busy fixing things in the school again?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I was..."

"Really, Emiya, even the school staff have left at this point," that smile was still on her face, "Should I consider you lucky or unlucky~?"

"W-What's that suppose to mean?" Shirou is nervous that her face is so close to his own.

Misaya only gets up and turns to the battle, "Maybe later, Emiya," this time there was a smirk on her face, "We have company."

Then a shadow instantly appears to Shirou's side; it was the black-clad man called 'Lancer' again.

The stranger picks the teen up the collar of his brown blazer, "Stand up," he says whilst still keeping an eye at his previous red opponent and also elsewhere.

Forcibly standing now, the third-rate magus takes a look at the other group and sees Rin Tohsaka standing next to the red swordsman.

"Tohsaka?" though he doesn't get an answer.

From elsewhere, another tall and short couple appears.

If Misaya Reiroukan's side could be called 'Team Black,' with Rin Tohsaka's as 'Team Red,' then this new group was clearly 'Team Blue.'

"Oh-hohoho!" laughs the shorter blue figure, "It is I, Luviagelita Edelfelt! It seems you're in a bit of a pickle, Tohsaka~!"

Rin sighs at the gloating entrance, whilst the armored-men seem to have mixed reactions to her presence.

"Luvia?" Shirou utters. Another one of his classmates was involved in this... this... whatever the heck was going on?

The approaching girl is momentarily stunned at hearing his voice, "S-Shirou? Why are you here?" and when she gets a good look of where he was, she was not happy, "Reiroukan, you harpy, get away from Shirou right this instance!"

Misaya steps behind the boy and hugs his waist, "Oh~? And what are you going to do about it, Edelfelt? Perhaps a duel between your Servant and mines?" This was honestly too close for comfort for the blushing red Shirou. "Winner gets to keep Emiya all to herself~?"

"Y-You...!" the flustered ringlet-haired girl turns to her rival, "Tohsaka, a truce, I say! Only until we get rid of this vile harpy and show her her place!"

Rin sighs again, 'I can at least count on Edelfelt not to backstab me.' It was not necessarily trust, but it was hard for the Tohsaka Head to imagine the prideful and honest Edelfelt Head to be the scheming sort. "Fine, a truce for now, Edelfelt," she answers, "Reiroukan's Servant is Lancer."

The blond girl hums as she examines the scene before her. The person standing next to Rin Tohsaka was wielding blades of white and black, "I was hoping for Tohsaka to believe you a Saber Class, but it seems she has already summoned a Saber..." Luvia whispers to her Servant.

"With luck they shall assume of me to be Rider. They will not think that a Caster would even try to fight with swords against one of the Knight Classes."

"Well, whatever the case, I want you to separate Shirou from that harpy!"

"I see that you have a liking for this boy."

"W-We can talk about that later, Caster!"

Finished with their planning, Luviagelita speaks up, "Very well then, Reiroukan! Let's see how well your Lancer fares against Tohsaka's Saber and my Rider!" and then she laughs.

"No, he's Archer!" was the Servant of the Spear's immediate outcry.

"He's Archer?" the blond inspects the red-clad Servant with a quirked eyebrow, "Where's your bow?"

This was getting ridiculously nowhere for everybody.

And then Shirou Emiya interrupts them, "Um... can anybody explain to me what's going on here?" he asks with a weakly raised hand.

Misaya happily answers, "Emiya, what we're doing here is suppose to be a secret. Normal witnesses are suppose to be killed on sight."

A shiver runs down his spine and he gulps.

"Don't worry, I won't let you die!" Lancer says. That didn't really comfort the boy though.

"Ah, but we're done here anyways. Catch ya later, Tohsaka, Edelfelt. Let's go, Lancer," and the raven-haired girl turns around to walk away.

Lancer dispels one his spears and grabs Shirou by the waist but Luviagelita would have none of that.

"Wait a second, you harpy! Do you think I'll let you leave with Shirou?!"

Misaya only giggles, "Then come and take him away from my Servant, Edelfelt."

"Um..." Shirou's voice distracts everybody again. "Why don't we talk this over with some dinner at my place?"

All the people present just look at him with a 'What?' expression.

'Did I say something wrong?'

"Emiya," it was Rin speaking, "Do you know what you're suggesting?" she asks incredulously.

The uninvolved and naive Shirou Emiya was asking three rival Masters and their Servants, that are suppose to be fighting in a bloody war for one grand wish, to go to his place, late at night, and have dinner?

Why, yes, that was exactly what he was suggesting.

"I can cook for everybody here? It'll be no problem..." the boy was clearly grasping at straws.

The Tohsaka Head sighs, 'Is he dense? Or he refusing to accept the reality before him?'

"Hm~" Misaya hums, "Alright, dinner sounds pretty good right about now. Thank you for the invitation, Emiya, I didn't know you were so bold~"

Luviagelita quickly adds in her own agreement, "I-I'm coming too, Shirou! I can't leave you alone with that harpy!" but inside her mind was, 'Ah~! I get to finally see the inside of Shirou's home!'

Rin puts a hand to forehead, 'Nobody is taking this war seriously,' she hoped that not all of the other participants were going to be this callous.


Shirou Emiya was back at the Emiya Household's kitchen and was rustling up a magnificent dinner to be served to his guests.

Waiting in his living room were three of Homurahara Academy's several beauties.

Rin Tohsaka, the twin-tail girl who has the best grades in both physical activities and academia and is even considered the most popular girl at school; nothing short of an idol with that all said and done.

Luviagelita Edelfelt, the ringlet girl who possesses a sense of charisma amongst the common people and enjoys the simple pleasures in life compared to that of a noble. She is strongly exotic, if only because she was one of the few foreigners at the school.

Misaya Reiroukan, the raven girl who dresses fashionably and looks like a model, she has a sort of sex appeal that not even the adults around her could match.

More to the point, despite being the same age as him, these three girls also clearly came from various pedigrees of nobility. Surely these girls have had incredible four or five-star meals everyday of their life? So how would his own cooking compare to those food masters?

Yes, such a thought excited the young chef.

Shirou's legal guardian, a one Taiga Fujimura, wasn't a very good caretaker of any kind, as she spent most of her time lounging around his home and sleeping or eating away the rest. So it was a sink-or-swim situation for the young third-rate magus to learn how to live on his own and with what constituted as an oversized pet of sorts as well.

Thus it was to the boy's utter delight when he had discovered that he actually had a talent for cooking and that it was also a very enjoyable hobby and activity to do. He often jokingly muses that if being a mage or hero didn't work out, then he could always open up a restaurant of his own and make a living like that.

As such, Shirou Emiya took a lot of pride in his cooking.

However, his guardian was more of a glutton than he realized and had a knack for shoveling food down her hungry hungry stomach than actually tasting the meal he prepares for her daily. So the only person who actually appreciated Shirou's cooking was his schoolmate, one year younger, Sakura Matou.

The girl had one day shown up at his house to help him with the housework when the boy had suffered a bone fracture in his right shoulder. It was during that time when the two of them became close friends and Shirou even taught the shy girl how to cook. When his injury had finally heal, he personally saw to treat the girl to a delicious meal for all her help. Afterward, the two classmates had an unspoken but playful rivalry with each other concerning who could cook the best meals.

Well, there was also Shirou's best friend, Issei Ryuudou, but he rarely came over to the Emiya Household.

So in the end, it really was more like only two people have ever had a full taste of Shirou Emiya's culinary arts. And right now was a good chance for him to get more feedback about his cooking.

That is if his guests didn't kill each other before dinner, anyways.


The three girls were sitting around the sole wooden table of Shirou Emiya's living room. To the table's left was the door to the kitchen, to the right was seated Misaya Reiroukan; to the girl's right was Rin Tohsaka and to her left was Luviagelita Edelfelt. And all the Servants were located behind their respective Master.

The atmosphere was mildly tense and almost comical.

Misaya was already making herself at home; her boots were in the entrance-way, her jacket was on the coat-hanger, and she was just lying on her sides facing the table and waiting for dinner. Yet she still had that smile on her face; absolutely confident that the other girls couldn't touch her at all. Her frivolous actions gnawed the nerves of her rivals for different reasons. Meanwhile her Servant Lancer was standing with his attention focused on Archer.

Rin was sitting with her arms crossed and had a haughty look on her face. She kept an eye on the raven-hair girl, but tried to appear as if she was just having a look see around the house. As for her Servant Archer, he was leaning on the wall and his expression was somewhere in between being aloof or annoyed, having said that he would have preferred being in Spirit Form.

Luviagelita, on the other hand, was sitting demurely and was simply happy to be inside the Emiya Household and even getting the chance to eat dinner with the young boy. Of the girls here, she was the only one who ever interacted with Shirou Emiya at school, hence why she calls him 'Shirou,' as he preferred people calling him by his first name, and why he calls her 'Luvia,' her full name being a tad difficult for the Japanese boy to pronounce. As such, she could be said to be the only one actually grateful for the coming dinner. Her Servant Caster though, was also sitting down and seemed to be deep or lost in thought.

The group had been relatively quiet, the sounds in the kitchen being the only real ambient noise in the house, until the Master of Lancer spoke.

"Kind, helpful, a great shot with the bow, good with machines, and now he's also a cook. My, my, my. Emiya is certainly an interesting person~" Misaya playfully comments, "I wonder what he'll surprise us with next~?"

"Oh-hohohoho, Shirou also has a part-time job~!" Luviagelita adds with a puffed up chest.

'Why are you looking so proud?' is Rin's deadpan thought.

"So, what do you girls think about Emiya?" she has a probing smile as she scans the looks of the other Masters; Luviagelita was the only one visibly startled at the question, while Rin wonders what intentions did the raven-haired girl have.

"I-I think he's a wonderful person!" the Edelfelt Head stops herself short of saying anything she might regret.

Rin huffs her reply, "I've only ever spoken a few words to Emiya but he seems to be an upstanding and pleasant person. And you?" she definitely would not let the topic-starter get away without answering.

"Mmh~" the girl hums, "I suppose you could say that I find him interesting."

Sakura Matou was bad enough, Luviagelita didn't need another girl vying for Shirou's affection, "I-Interesting? What do you mean by that?"

"I don't know, I can't really explain it, I just find him interesting is all~"

No more was said because it was at this moment when Shirou chose to come out of the kitchen and place the plates and bowls on the table. Quickly and efficiently, the entire table is covered in food; not surprising since it was a dinner for seven.

Sitting on the last unoccupied spot, Shirou Emiya has a smile on his face, it was a bit wry or perhaps nervous looking as he scratches the back of his head.

"Ah, I've only ever cooked for Teacher Fujimura and Sakura before, so if you don't mind, I would like to hear your opinions about the meal."

This was getting weird by even a magus' standard let alone a normal person's.

With little shame, the young Emiya has opted to forgo talking about the mystical event that occurred only two hours earlier, that could have possibly gotten him killed, to instead get critiques about his cooking from his possibly-almost killers.

Something just felt incredibly off about this boy.

"I think I understand what you mean by 'interesting,' Reiroukan," Rin says bluntly.

Shirou blubbers a "Huh?" but then ignores the statement to look at the other guests, "Come on you three, get over to the table. As you can see, there's enough room and food for everybody here."

Of course, unknown to the boy, these three were Servants. Food was more of a pleasure than a necessity to them, as they only needed prana to survive in this world; even though food could be converted into a minuscule amount of prana.

However, at least two of them appreciated the kind gesture.

Archer 'humph' and only sits down when his Master gives him a glaring look that basically said, 'Don't embarrass me, Archer, have some manners!' Caster did not make any fuss and scoots over to the table, sitting to the right of her Master. As for Lancer, he was sitting to the right of his Master with plenty of distrust for the Servant of the Bow, and takes his seat when Misaya decided to finally sit up straight.

Shirou claps his hand and starts the daily eating grace, "Thank you for the food."


The table is cleared of its content and the general mood in the room lightens up.

'Wonder Chef,' coined by Misaya, receives positive review for his cooking; if there was a mythical Six-Star then they would have given him a Seven-Star, and Luviagelita is even somewhat jealous that Sakura Matou gets to eat delightful meals like this everyday.

Rin is also jealous but that bordered towards greed. She is detrimentally surprised that the dinner was made from ingredients that could be found in any old supermarket and that Shirou Emiya apparently had enough skills to perfect the taste to rival even chefs with the best quality ingredients one could buy; in other words, it was all about the expenses going into the meal.

'Curse you, Emiya!' If she had such talents in cooking then she would have already opened up a restaurant and be swimming in money and then maybe buy herself a few hundreds of jewels to aid in her magecraft.

But with that all said and done, it was now time for the meat, or perhaps the bare bones, of tonight's topic.

As always, it is Misaya dictating the flow of the conversation, since the Edelfelt seems a bit nervous around the boy and the Tohsaka seems to want to keep to herself as much as possible.

"So then, Emiya, what do you want do know~?" the Reiroukan asks. She has an elbow on the table and a fist propped under her chin.

"Please, just call me 'Shirou,'" he says before crossing his arms, he looked to be deep in thought but his question came within seconds, "Why are you three fighting? Is there any way that you three can just talk it out?"

This is where Rin Tohsaka drew the line with a twitching brow.

This boy, Shirou Emiya was a complete enigma, a strange being that made no sense. He had not a question about the warriors, not a question about the weapons, not a question about the battle. No, none of that, instead he had chosen to ask why they were fighting in the first place and if it could be stopped; as if he was a responsible adult looking at a children's quarrel.

So she said the first thing that came to mind, "Are you an idiot?"

Shirou is genuinely stunned. He was always called an 'idiot' by his semi-friend and classmate, Shinji Matou, Sakura's older brother, but that was more like Shinji's disposition to do so. To hear it from the school idol with such hostility was jarring and absolutely befuddling.

'Did I say something wrong again?'

"That was uncalled for, Tohsaka!" cries the ringlet-haired girl in his defense.

Misaya's grin only widens, "You're truly interesting, Emiya," the boy notes that she was still using his family name, "I thought you would have asked about something else or talk with more surprise or enthusiasm."

Weakly scratching his cheek, he chuckles, "Ah, well, you three are magus, right? Well I am one too, if not a terrible one, so I'm not really shocked by all the weird things going on tonight."

The three girls quickly had a look with each other.

No, none of them knew that at all. Yes, they really should have realized that sooner; it was the most logical answer of why he was taking everything so well.

Reiroukan only laughs loudly, "Ah, Archer Ace, Student Janitor, Wonder Chef, and now Magus? Ah, ah~ Interesting, you really are interesting, Emiya~! What's next? Are you going to reveal that you're Master too~?"

Everybody perks up their ears.

Shirou chuckles wryly, "Well, sorry, but I don't know what that is."

Rin Tohsaka decides it is time for herself to take charge of the situation. It absolutely made no sense for her to be doing this, whether Shirou Emiya was a magus or not, he simply wasn't a Master so had no need for information concerning the Holy Grail War, however, if she didn't say anything then that Misaya Reiroukan certainly would.

As the landlord of Fuyuki City she would not allow that upstart Reiroukan to break any more rules that weren't already thrown out the window at this point; Rin would rather do it herself if that was the case!

And indeed, it was.

The sheer absurdity that three Masters and their Servants had stopped their fighting only to have dinner in an unrelated magus' home to discuss a secret war was already beyond reason. She sincerely hoped that the rest of the war wasn't going to be so surreal or stupid; she definitely did not expect something like this at all.

Taking up a lecturing gesture with her arms, Tohsaka is looking quite haughty compared to her usual pleasant facade at school, "Emiya," she calls out to the boy, "I'm only going to explain this once, so pay attention," and then, after seeing his reaffirming nod, begins her simple and summarized explanation, "We are currently participating in a secret war for a wish-granting artifact here in Fuyuki City. In this tournament, seven magi are chosen to become Masters and each must summon a Servant. In the end, only one Master and one Servant shall have their wish granted by the artifact," she pauses, "And that's all you need to know, Emiya. Do you understand?"

Shirou nods, "So what are your wishes?"

Once again, almost every time the third-rate magus opens his mouth, he somehow manages to stun the other three's thoughts.

Every Master had their own reasons for the Grail but what did it matter to them about wishes other than their own? It was completely unusual that someone who claimed to be a magus was showing any kind of genuine interest in their wishes at all.

"My, Emiya," Misaya giggles, "You're really forceful aren't you?"


"Well, my wish," the Reiroukan places a finger to her lips, "is a secret."

"Hmph, it's to reach the Akashic Records," Rin answers quickly.

Luviagelita just latches onto her rival's wish, "I-I as well wish to reach the Akashic Records!"

The boy closes his eyes for a few seconds before opening them again, "Can't you three, I don't know, come to a truce or something? Do you really have to fight?" there is a tone of concern laced in his words.

But Rin would have none of that nonsense and slams a hand onto the table. It was unrefined and contrary to the Tohsaka Family pride, but the red-haired boy was truly trying her patience.

"Do you know how stupid you sound right now, Emiya?"

Shirou would have simply bumbled some more but he didn't get the chance.

A ringing and tolling noise resounds through the boy's mind, it is the warning signal that someone has walked into the Bounded Field around his home with both a dangerous mindset and all the lethal intent to unleash it on him.

All three Servants seemed to have detected something similar as they all stand up looking incredibly tense. Each Master then readies themselves for an unexpected guest. This time Shirou is placed under the protective custody of Luviagelita before Lancer could usher him to his side, though the Servant of the Spear didn't seem to mind all that much.

"This is too soon..." Lancer mutters, "Master, I suggest we go outside," he says, already making his way to leave, "Now."

"Something the matter, Lancer?" Misaya is honestly curious.

The Servant pauses at the doorway but urges the entire group to hurry, "If we fight here then there won't be anything left of the house."

"I didn't really think that you would care about this house all too much."

"I admit that it has a bit of sentimental value to me," he says, "but if the Servant is who I think it is, then fighting him in a enclosed space is not to my, or Archer's, advantage."

"You sound awfully confident, almost as if you almost know what's going to happen, eh, Lancer~?"

"Some things aren't exactly how I remember them, but things are happening more or less as they should be..."

The girls wanted to retrieve their shoes but Lancer pushed them onward, thus they had to exit with their only leg-wear being their socks.

"Remember, Lancer? Oh, how mysterious, what is that suppose to mean?"

"I'll explain it to you later, Master. In private, when we're safer. For now, we need to tend to our unwelcomed guests."

Rin Tohsaka was listening very carefully to the conversation between Reiroukan and her Servant. There were many peculiarities about Lancer from the way he talked. Almost as if...

Out in the distance, standing on the grass of the Emiya backyard is a duo consisting of a small girl and a large man.

The small girl, no, she wasn't just small, she was young, a child even, is wearing purple-colored wintry clothing; even though it was cold out at night, the clothing were so furred that they were more appropriate for snowing weather. But what stood out the most about the young girl was her white hair and red eyes. An innocent, yet victorious, smile gracing her tiny face.

The man besides her is dark, so dark that he could have blended into the night seamlessly were it not for the few scars on his upper arms that almost seem to glow white even in the night. His posture is rough and he looks almost dead, as if he has no life in him.

"Hello, big brother~! I've come to play with you~!" the girl chimes in a bell-like tone.

There was really only one person that could possibly qualify for that position here amongst the seven.

"You mean me?" Shirou steps forward with a finger pointed at himself.

The girl answers cheerfully with a giggle, "Of course, big brother~! I've been waiting a long time for this~!"

"Emiya, who is she?" Rin asks.

"I... don't know," the boy answers confused, "I think I might have seen her a week ago?" he racks his brain.

The most unexpected answer came from Lancer.

"That's Illyasviel von Einzbern, Master of Berserker. She's your step-sister, older than you by a year or so."

Archer couldn't contain his deep growl from seeping out his throat as a piece of his memory is jogged by the statement. The growl had less to do with what he had remembered, as much as it had to do with the fact that Lancer actually knew who the girl was.

Shirou on the other hand quickly looks back at the black-clad Servant, "Wait, she's older than me?"

Truly, what is wrong with this boy? Why did he keep focusing on the weirdest of things?

"More importantly, how do you know that?" Rin asks.

Misaya agreed, "I'm curious too, Lancer."

He ignores them though, instead focusing on the Black Servant, "But that isn't the Berserker I know..." he mutters, "That's not Heracles..."

Having waiting long enough, even graciously giving the group enough time to plan amongst themselves, Illyasviel raises her voice:

"Berserker, kill them~"


A soft bell, fragile and cracked. A tone that belies its beauty and its sorrows. A melody that he has not heard in ages. It soothes his soul because it was for that song that he gained the powers that he now possessed.

"Berserker, kill them~"

And so he moves.

Prana surges throughout his body. The natural twenty-seven Magic Circuits of his soul all activate at once. But even more from his physical body flare up: nerves. Nerves turned into Magic Circuits. Hundred thousands of them switch on in a blazing glory.

His body is being destroyed inside-out, yet he does not perish; a cancerous healing counteracts the ruinous damages.

In life, he did know what he was doing was truly wrong. But such a dangerous procedure followed by his tenacity led to this overwhelming network.

Yes, all for the little bell.

To hear from a dying father that he had a sibling, he had devoted himself to be the strongest brother.

This was a second chance he was given and he would not fail her again.

This time he will protect her.

This time she will not die.

For his body is made of swords.


Twin blades of black and white appear in the hands of Berserker. The air around him warps as blades, blades of every shape and every kind, materialize in the air, cutting through the fabric of reality.

Within an instant the field is covered in blades.

But the Servant of the Spear, the Servant of the Bow, and the Servant of the Spells do not fall.

They too create spears and blades of their own; high-speed weapons collide with one another in waves after waves, each diverting the other from their intended path. Once their weapons had served their purpose, the materialize spears and blades disappear; all but Berserker's weapons were left to litter the ground.

The three Servants stand before their Masters. They cannot stop the entire onslaught weapon for weapon and personally swat away the few that fly too close. In their hands are weapons of black and white.

"Shit...!" Lancer sweats, "Those swords... that guy, he's usin-"

"Tracing," Caster provides.

"What is that?" The Masters and Shirou ask in unison.

However, at that moment, Berserker charges in but he is intercepted by Lancer and Archer; Caster staying behind to defend the Masters from stray attacks. But even then, the battle is in Berserker's favor.

Blades of every form and color, rage and fury of every emotion, Berserker strikes without holding back. Blades, blades, blades, blades, blades. The field is riddled with blades and every blade performs an action beyond belief.

It is impossible for Lancer or Archer to evade his attacks without receiving nicks here and there.

"What the hell?! Those...! Those are all Noble Phantasms!" Rin shouts, "Who the hell is this Berserker?!"

"Noble Phantasm?" Shirou asks.

Caster answers while keeping a watchful eye on the battle, "Crystallized mysteries. They are weapons or abilities of a Heroic Spirit's legend. You may consider them a trump card for Servants. For example, have you heard of Excalibur?"

"Yeah, the sword of King Arthur, right?"

"Yes, that is the one. If King Arthur was summoned as a Servant then their Noble Phantasm would have been Excalibur."

"I see... Then what is Tracing? Is that a Noble Phantasm too?"

"No, it is not... not technically anyways, but considering what it does, it might as well be."

"And what exactly does it do?" Rin questions with a tapping feet.

"Is it is a unique form of Projection. If we say that Projection creates hollow objects at ten-percent accuracy, then Tracing creates objects with history at ninety-percent accuracy."

"So all those Noble Phantasms are just copies?" Luviagelita theorizes, "Is that even possible?"

Caster pauses to gather her answer, "It is. The ability to Trace comes from a Reality Marble that records and stores that information. You can say that Tracing is simply bringing the analyzed object into existence from that library."

Shirou had a puzzled look on his face, "Reality Marble?"

"Imagine how the world seems to a blind person. Now imagine if that person could make everybody else experience the world as they does. A Reality Marble is something like that."


Rin glares suspiciously at the Servant, "You seem to know an awfully lot about this."

Caster turns to her Master and gets a nod in return. Luviagelita was also curious and now was not the time to be holding back information; they needed all the information they could get about Berserker.

"Very well... that is because Lancer, Archer, Berserker, and I can all Trace."

Rin covers her mouth with a hand, her mind churning out the possibilities, "Wait, but that means..."

"That is correct, all of us have very similar Reality Marbles."

"T-That can't be possible, even if you're Heroic Spirits, no, even if you all had Reality Marbles, they shouldn't all be so similar to such a degree!"

"There's more to it than that, isn't there?" The Edelfelt Head uneasily asks. There was no turning back now.

"...Yes, there is a high possibility that all the Servants here, perhaps even all the Servants that have been summoned in this war, are of the same existence; our history running parallel but alternate to the other," Caster responds flatly, "I would not be surprised if that was the case, since the Throne of Heroes is suppose to be outside the concepts of time and space."

Misaya hums, "So you're saying that you aren't Heroic Spirits of this world and time, is that right?"

"No, no, wait a second!" Tohsaka stomps, "That doesn't make any sense! How does the same person get summon seven times over?!"

"Existence," the female Servant corrects, "We may have shared similar roles but we have played them quite differently. However, that is true, Tohsaka, for us to be summoned like this, it is simply too odd."

Watching the fight, Shirou is getting worried, "Shouldn't you go help them? That Berserker guy seems pretty tough."

"If I leave then a traced weapon may breach our formation and I will be unable to defend any of you from a distance, or perhaps a hidden enemy Master will strike when I am away. But..."


"It would indeed help if you go and summon a Servant instead, Boy."

"What?!" Rin, Shirou, and Luviagelita yell out.

The twin-tailed girl stares at him, "He doesn't even have a Command Seal!"

"M-Me, summon a Servant?"

"That is what I am recommending. No matter when or where, you are most likely destined to become involved in the 5th Holy Grail War in one manner or another."

"W-Wait just a second! Why me? What are you saying?"

Caster pauses in her explanation and gives the boy a hard long look before looking away. He did not seem ready for the responsibility of being a Master.

Rin goes wide-eyes, "You have got to be kidding me...! You four are...!"

The Servant of the Spell gently sighs.

"It seems that you have figure it out, Tohsaka... What you are thinking of is correct: we are the existence known as 'Shirou.'"

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