Eve: Code Architecture

Chung: Shooting Guardian

Aisha: Elemental Master

Raven: Weapon Taker

Elsword: Infinity Sword


Me: don't as me why all the jobs are mixed up

No I do not own elsword or any of its characters this is only a fan fiction

"Ow" said Chung as one of Eve's drones stabbed him in the thigh, "I thought we weren't allowed to draw blood. "Sorry Chung" said eve as she laughed at the expression on his face. "Well you shot Oberion twice and he is able to partly control my drones". Oberion was smiling evilly. Chung pulled out his silver shooter and shot Oberian's leg again. Hmmm I still want to get back at him more, thought Chung as he looked at the blood coming out from the hole in Oberian's leg. YES I GOT IT, he mentally noted down he evil plan.


Chung had to get up early in the morning to be able to set up the mischievous prank he had planned the day before. Perfect, he thought to himself as he looked at his evil trap. I use the word evil a lot don't as me why. He waited outside the door of Oberian's room. BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, Oberian turned off his alarm and walked outside of his room to see a broom wedged between the rims of the bathroom door. Haha, very funny Chung, he thought as he ducked under the broom and pushed the door open. SPLASH. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS" he screamed as he looked at the the empty bucket lying on the ground.OH MY GOD, he thought as the smell of cat piss reached his nose. Chung came out from behind the door laughing at the look on Oberian's face.