"I know you were here for a race before, but this race should be a little more interesting," Rocket said to the audience before him.

"How is this race more interesting than the last one," Scorch asked.

"Because Sonic and Rouge won't be using their legs. They'll be using their Extreme Gear."

"I knew it," Frost said.

"Fair's fair." Scorch then slipped ten dollars Frost's way as payment for a wager they had made before.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

"A-hole," Scorch muttered under his breath.

"Sonic, there's yours," Rocket said as he handed Sonic his Extreme Gear.

"You sure about this," Sonic asked.

"Positive. Rouge won while you were running along the ground. This is much easier."

"You're right. Confidence."

"Good," Rocket said before walking over to Rouge.

"And there's your Extreme Gear, Rouge."

"Thanks, Rocket," Rouge said as she took her Extreme Gear from Rocket.

"Both of you, get in your positions," Rocket said before Sonic and Rouge walked over to the finish line.

"Get on your Extreme Gear." Rouge and Sonic both did as Rocket said and got themselves on their Extreme Gear.

"And go," Rocket shouted before Rouge and Sonic roared past him.

"Good luck, Sonic. You're gonna need it."

"You're pretty good, Sonic."

"Thanks. You're not half bad yourself," Sonic said as he and Rouge raced along the mountain pass that was the first part of the course.

"Why don't you give up and spare yourself the humiliation," Rouge asked.

"And let you win again? Never. I aim to win this time." Sonic then leaned forward in order for his speed to increase.

"You think you can get ahead of me? You've got another thing coming, Sonic." Rouge then leaned forward in order for her to increase so she would catch up to Sonic.

"Looks like she's catching up. I'll just have to go faster," Sonic said to himself as he flew over the grassy field on his way to the finish line.

"Don't think you'll win this time. I won before and I can do it again," Rouge said as she tailed behind Sonic. Both Sonic and Rouge raced through the course Rocket had designed for the original race, trying to get ahead of the other. The time to be near the homestretch came once again and Sonic was determined to win his title back from Rouge.

"Come on, Sonic. You have two options here; you can either keep racing against me and suffer another humiliating loss or you can wipe out and let me win for the second time in a row."

"You thought I let you win before? I did not let you win in that race! I just didn't give it my all, but I am now! Prepare to lose, bitch, because I'll be the one to cross that finish line first, not you!" Sonic then increased his speed by leaning forward before Rouge did the same thing as him.

"You have no right to call me a bitch! You will let me win," Rouge shouted as she caught up to Sonic.

"Never," Sonic growled.

"Fine. You leave me no choice." Rouge then kicked Sonic off his Extreme Gear before leaning forward and increasing her speed. The finish line was in her sight and she was prepared to win for the second time in a row.

"I win, Sonic. Too bad you're not here to see it," Rouge said.

"That's what you think!" Rouge turned her head in time to see Sonic racing besides her.

"How?! I knocked you off your board!"

"Rocket put us both on the Extreme Gear so I could have the speed to cross that finish line," Sonic said before getting ahead of Rouge.

"No! I won't let you win," Rouge said before leaning forward to increase his speed. The finish line came into view for both Sonic and Rouge as they increased their speed. Sonic was just a little bit faster than Rouge and crossed the finish line first.

"And Sonic wins it! He reclaims his title as the Fastest Thing Alive," Rocket shouted as the others cheered.

"Yes! I got my title back!"

"No! I should've won!"

"And yet you didn't," Sonic said.

"Rouge, can I speak to you for a moment?"

"Sounds like someone's in trouble for knocking me off my Extreme Gear."

"Like I'm in trouble," Rouge said before walking over to Rocket.

"What's going on, Rocket?"

"I saw that cheap shot you did before. You're in trouble, Rouge, and there's no way of avoiding that," Rocket said.

"What's the price," Rouge asked.

"Two-week suspension from all Team New Mobotropolis missions and I'll have my son and his friends watching you in case you try to sneak out."

"I deserve it."

"You deserve something else, too," Rocket added.

"And what would that be," Rouge asked.

"Your own title."

"My own title?"

"That's right. Sonic's called the Blue Blur, so you should be called the 'White Blur' because of your fur color," Rocket said.

"That's clever. Thanks," Rouge said.

"It's what I do."