Ok, this is a Book Imagica Fic # 1. The Book Imagica is a collection of my stories were Kevin and Ben are in AU situations, mostly OOC.


Warning : this story is a strict no-go zone for homophobes unless you wanna die from choking urselves in disgust. :P

Disclaimer : I do not own Ben ten alien force characters, it belongs solely to Man of Action :)


Chapter one : How it all started

Ben and Kevin walked into the living room. Gwen and Julie were in there, sitting on the couch, watching Cinderella the Disney Classic on CD. The boys stood at the doorway, with a soda each, shaking their heads at the girls holding their breaths as Cinderella tried to run away from her reluctant Prince Charming.

"Aren't you girls a little too old for this?" Kevin smirked, sipping from his soda. In reply, he only got a shoo-ing gesture from Gwen, as if she was swatting away an irritating fly.

"Sheesh, stupid fairytales," Ben scoffed.

Immediately, Gwen paused the movie and the two girls turned from the couch to behold the boys in a glare. "What do you mean, 'stupid fairytale'?!" Gwen asked indignantly.

Ben shrugged indifferently, "I meant 'stupid fairytale' as in 'stupid fairytale'."

Julie huffed angrily, "Fairytales are not stupid! We have a lot of morals to learn from them!"

"Yeah sure. You gotta stuff yourself into a pumpkin and you get to tango with a hot guy from the royal family", Kevin grinned, mocking the famous Cinderella, giving Ben a high-five.

Gwen frowned in disapproval, "It's not funny, Kevin; the tales really do teach us valuable lessons! Cinderella tells us that we should not give up on our dreams!"

"You mean Cinderella tells GIRLS that...whatever you just said. But what's in it for us guys? That's gender bias!" Kevin laughed at his own argument.

"Yeah, fairytales are for girls. Easy target." Ben grinned.

Gwen and Julie got up from their seats in anger. There was a limit to how much they could ignore the idiotic boys! And to trash one of history's most beloved stories... no they would not let this pass just as easily.

Gwen suddenly hissed in a voice that made Ben and Kevin look at her oddly, "You guys will admit that fairytales have meanings. I will MAKE you both say it."

"Ha! Yeah right!" the two guys smirked simultaneously.

"Osoura mauter wordus!" Gwen called out, her eyes glowing as pink as her hands that were stretched out. Julie squeaked, surprised. She had not expected Gwen to use a spell of all things.


Ben and Kevin were...gone. Julie looked around the room; there was no sign of the two. The only ones in the room were herself and a smug-smiling Gwen.

"You sent them to another dimension?" Julie asked her best friend. Gwen shook her head with a grin, "Nope. I sent them into a fairytale."

"What?! Seriously?!" Julie's face lit up in mirth, she squeaked in disbelief, "You're kidding!"

"Nope! Come on!" Gwen caught her friend's hand, pulling her back into the couch. Together, they sat where they were previously sitting. Gwen took up the remote control and switched off the CD, ejecting it. Her eyes glowed as she passed some of her manna energy into the remote and then it glowed too. Julie watched as the TV was next in the glowing business. Blinking in curiosity, Julie stared at her friend, "You wanna give me a head start on what you're doing, or should I figure it out on my own?!"

Gwen chuckled mischievously, "I learnt that spell last night, I didn't know that I could actually perform it so well! You see, the spell transports it's victims into a situation that the spell-caster wishes. I wished for the two bozos to a fairytale land! Now, Ben and Kevin live a fairytale life, and you and I are gonna watch them live it!"

"Huh?!" Julie quirked an eyebrow, "How can we see them live the life?! And wont they freak out when they find themselves in the alternate universe?!"

Gwen grinned happily, she was obviously enjoying herself, "Look, first of all, they have no idea that they're in an imaginary land; they're just gonna live it as if it was the most natural thing in the world! And we can watch them, like we watch a movie, on the TV!"

"So, we'll be watching Ben and Kevin on the TV instead of Cinderella and her Prince?!"

"Yup! And once they do, we'll yank them back to reality and they will remember what lesson they learned from the story they live!"

"I'm sure one of those lessons will be 'don't mess with Gwen's opinions'!"

Gwen laughed openly at her friend's comment.

"What story will they be living, Gwen?" Julie asked, while Gwen continued to concentrate the magic onto the remote and TV so that they could 'see' the story.

"I dunno, Julie; we'll just have to watch and see!" the redhead replied, and after fidgeting with the gadgets, she smiled, "There! All done! Now we just sit back and relax, while Ben and Kevin live their gay life, the fairytale way!"

"Cool! I like that!" Julie clapped her hands together like a small kid.

- End of Chapter –

A filler chapter! So u get the general idea yeah?

ofcourse, no offense to any fairytales out there! i luv them all! cinderella is one of my favs! just used this 'most boys hate tales' concept for a start you know? heehee!

More coming up soon!