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"We're going exploring!" was what Hikaru and I had said right after we took sight of Yuki-kun's house. Even though it was small, it seemed interesting enough.

"Kaoru, you have the things in you backpack?" my twin brother had said as he motioned to the item lying on my back. I grinned back at him, "Of course, why wouldn't I have this?" We laughed and took the first sight of the first door we saw. I pulled open the door and my eyes widened. Hikaru wasn't paying any attention and slipped over the large amount of trash in this room. He shook his head and got up.

"This room's so messy. Doesn't Yuki-kun have maids or something?" I rolled my eyes and said to him, "Hika, he doesn't have a maid. I don't think this is his room anyway. He looks to clean to have a room like this,"

"Yeah, he doesn't seem to be the one to have a book like this in his room either," Hikaru said to me picking up a book. I leaned in closer and read the title, Summer-Colored Sigh.

"An amazing drama about two teenage boys fighting over the only girl who has captured their heart. Will the handsome, princely boy steal her heart? Or will the boy with anger managements problems?" Hikaru flipped over the back and read the summary in a dramatic voice. We stared at each other and laughed. He threw the book at me and I stared at the author's name as we walked up the stairs. Kiritani Noa?* Never heard of them. I looked up from the book and went to Hikaru, who was in front of another room.

"I think this one's it," Hikaru stepped in the room and searched for any information that it was owned by Yuki-kun. I stared at the room. It was pretty boring. A bookshelf and futon in the middle of the room. Maybe it was his parents room?

"It looks like his parents room, Hika," I told him as I leaned against the doorframe.

"Maybe, but why is there only one futon?" Hikaru asked me and I simply shrugged.

"Maybe he has a brother," Hikaru turned and went to the room across from the one we were just in. I slid open the door and blinked. It was pink.

"Ne, Hika. Do you think this is Yuki-kun's room?" I started laughing and my twin brother did too.

"Probably. Or it could be his sister's," I sat on the edge of the western style bed and stared at the little trinkets on the dresser. Curiously, I got up and gripped the picture frame housing a photo of a orange haired woman. My twin came from behind me and draped his arm across my right shoulder. He tilted his head, inspecting the picture.

"It's probably whoever's room this is," I put the picture down and stared at the frame the left of it. There were three girls. One tall blonde girl, a shorter brunette and one with a long black braid.

"Kaoru! Let's go to the next room," I jumped slightly and set down the frame and gripped my backpack. I turned my head and saw the flash of my brother's bright hair.

"I think this might be Yuki-kun's room!" my brother said happily. He motioned to my backpack as he opened the closet. He pulled out many articles of clothing which I noticed were all Chinese styled. I pulled out the item of attack and handed it to Hikaru. While he was busy with that, I decided to take a look at all the items strewn around Yuki's room.

I let my fingers dance against his desk until I got to a road bump. Picking up the item I stared at it. A ticket to a commoner's movie? I set that back down and picked up a picture frame next to it. Yuki-kun and that boy from yesterday. Hatsuharu was it? Neither of them were paying any attention, but they were smiling. I stared at Yuki-kun's eyes closer. Yuki-kun. His eyes were very dark. A hidden pain hidden behind a smiling face. I frowned. What kind of secrets was he hiding? Even Kyoya-senpai couldn't figure anything about him other than the basic facts.

"-ru!" I blinked and turned to the sound.

"Kaoru! Something's wrong downstairs. Tono's having a fit," Hikaru had set down my backpack and was standing outside of the doorframe. We ran down the stairs in unison and saw Haruhi going up the opposite way. We collided and Haruhi got up.

"Where is Yuki-kun's room? I need to get his inhaler!" Her voice was incredibly rushed as she pushed me out of the way and ran up the remaining distance. My brother followed after her and started saying, "The second door on the left. Why do you need his inhaler?" She never responded as she started shifting through the things on his desk and finding nothing ran out of the room. I stared at her and started running after her.

Tamaki nearly crashed into the girl and was clutching the telephone. His eyes widened and started screaming into the phone, "Sohma-san! Please come quickly!" the three of us followed after him and stumbled out of the door. I stared as I saw Kyoya huddled over a limp figure. That's Yuki-kun! Hikaru and I couldn't move as we watched Tamaki run around like a chicken without its head. Kyoya motioned for the phone and Tamaki finally shut his mouth and stared. We moved closer unconsciously and stood there until Mori was asked to carry Yuki-kun inside. I remember the picture I saw inside in his room.

Those eyes... All I could think about were those eyes. Hidden by a facade. Maybe he was just like Hikaru and I...


Third Person View

Seven people huddled around an unconscious figure lying on a futon. The sole girl of the group had searched upstairs and finding the futon in the bland room brought it down the stairs. There was sniffling heard which came from the tiny blonde boy sitting in the lap of the tallest boy.

"I killed him Takashi!" The boy said in between sniffles and buried himself inside the blazer of his cousin.

"Honey-senpai, you did not kill Yuki-kun. His elder cousin will be here shortly to care for him," Kyoya said quietly as he wrote in his black notebook.

"What about his parents, Kyo-chan?" Honey said in a small voice as he turned to look at the boy resting silently in the middle of the group, "Why didn't Yu-chan tell us to call them?" There was a pregnant pause. Kyoya spoke up and answered the question given to him.

"I'm not quite sure of the answer Honey-senpai," Kyoya said behind his notebook. It had been ten minutes since the phone call. Everyone sat around awkwardly and simply stared off into space. Haruhi decided to make good use of her time by taking out her history textbook and writing in notes. The twins simply watched her and stole glances at the pale boy in the middle of them. A mere thirty seconds passed before a car engine was heard off in the distance. The slamming of two doors and car lock was heard and voices approaching the door. In came a familiar figure and a completely new figure.

"Ha-san, who are these people?" said the black haired man standing next to Hatori. Ignoring the comment, Hatori ushered the teens to moved out of the way. He bent down and took out the stethoscope from his medical bag. The host's watched in apprehension and stared as the man spoke out to the other who was now smoking a cigarette.

"Watch how much he's eating, and no more smoking when Yuki is in the area,"

"Ha-san! I can't smoke anymore? Why are you so mean?" Shigure said with a whine. The doctor put away his supplies and faced Kyoya.

"Thank you for calling me. It was only a mild attack, but he'll be fine after some rest," He got up and walked out with the man. In a hushed tone, "Don't act like that Shigure. If you disobey these rules, I'll make sure to deal with you personally,"

"Well, let's go fetch the children shall we?" Shigure said as the two of them returned back to the car and drove off to Kaibara. Kyoya wrote down his observations of the two men and looked back to the group in front of him. Tamaki was playing with his fingers, Honey was staring at the sleeping boy, Mori was wandering around the house, Haruhi was working on her History notes, while the twins had stolen some paper to draw with. Many minutes had passed before the silver haired teen finally woke up, although somewhat groggy. He rubbed his eyes a moment before realizing that there were seven pairs of eyes with piercing gazes looking straight at him.

"Yu-chan! You're not dead!" Honey said as he hugged Yuki tightly. The rest of the group was relieved. Everyone for the exception of Haruhi had given a slight hug to the boy who was still resting on the futon. Tamaki seeing how his daughter had not hugged the boy, pushed her forward. The girl did not expect the puff of smoke after her hips had collided to the boy.

'What? Smoke?'


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