Monster Hunter: The Chronicle of Maxwell Rathstone.

Written by MaxTheRathalosTamer.

Chapter 5: Unfold.

The Tale continues on the night before Maxwell and Anne's hunt. Maxwell and Anne both have had busy days. But before we talk about our Hero and Heroine, what of Maxwell's Teammates? The answer brings us to The City's Tavern where Drack, Sam, and Bo are planning Talikh's next assignment over mead and ale.

"Alright," shouted Sam "So everyone is here?"

Bo replies "Well, everyone but Rathstone. I hear he won't be joining us tonight" everyone is shocked by Bo's response. Maxwell is usually not only with them on missions, but being the Team's Leader, he's usually the first person to arrive at the Tavern.

"Oh, yeah" Drack enters in. "apparently Anne and him are going on a mission tomorrow morning together."

Talikh then adds in the conversation "How Romantic."

"More like BLECH!" replied Drack. "Makes me wanna drink till I pass out."

"That'll be easy, you fat drunk" snapped the snotty Sam. Drack and Sam start to enter in a verbal Battle which is interrupted by Bo firing a round in the air, silencing the entire room. Bo then stands up.

"My bad everyone, that was meant to shut my pals up. Now guys, can you shut up for two minutes so we can figure out what kind of monster we should help the Rookie hunt?!"

"Yeah" replied Sam.

Drack also responds "She started it…"

"Whatever!" replied Bo "So Talikh, are there any types of monsters that you have not fought against yet?"

Talikh looks up at the ceiling and thinks for a moment. Talikh then answered the Gunner. "Hmmm, well I've never truly hunted a Leviathan before."

"Leviathan huh?" asked Drack. "Well then let's get her to the Volcanoes to Fight an Agnaktor!"

"Are you insane?!" asked Sam. "She'll cook like a piece of meat! Let's fight a Lagiacrus! It's tough and it's in a stable environment."

Bo nods "Hmmm Lagiacrus… tough but I think Talikh might be able to handle it. What do you think, Talikh?"

"Hmmm, sounds dangerous… but sure! I'm up for the challenge" answered Talikh.

"Great than" Bo replies "I'll go get the Contract. Let's move!"

That same night. The tale continues in the Archery Room of the Palace. Anne is practicing her Archery for tomorrow's hunt. She is hitting dozens of Bull's-eyes. Lance walks in the Room.

Lance shouts "Hey Anne!" Startled, Anne turns around and accidentally Fires an Arrow at her brother. It misses by a few inches. "Holy shit, Anne you almost Fuckin' killed me!"

Anne yells at her Brother "Well then don't fucking startle me!"

Lance calms down "Sorry… can you come with me to the Forge for a moment?"

"The Forge? Sure." Anne puts down her Bow and Quiver of Arrows and follows her Brother to the Forge. It looks as if someone had been working all day in the forge. But what really catches Anne's eye is that where the mannequin that is used to place armor on is covered by a giant, white sheet. "Uhhh, whats going on Lance?" asked the nervous Anne.

Lance responds "Well Anne… you're about to go on a hunt with Maxwell and you need to win him over."

"Well I think my Archery should do that-"

Lance interrupts "Well that's not what I mean, you like Maxwell correct?"

Anne suddenly raises her head up like an alerted Bird-Wyvern. "How did you know?"

Lance Replies "Sis, it's very obvious. Anyway you need to get him to pay attention to you and that's what I'm going to help you do."

"How?" asked Anne.

"Well there's a reason I gathered that Khezu material. I made you a new suit of gunner armor." Replied Lance

Anne starts to jump for joy "Really?! Thanks Lance."

"Yep I made it just for you, Anne." Replied Lance. He walks up to the mannequin and grabs the sheet "And I think you'll like the design." Lance pulls off the sheet to reveal a more revealing design of a set of Khezu Armor. The armor is made of Khezu rubber and steel platting. However for having being made of strong material, it doesn't cover too much of the body. The greaves only cover up to the knees. The crotch area is only a more protective bikini thong. The torso has much platting to exaggerate the chest but has a cut where the cleavage would be. The gauntlets cover only up to her elbows and have fingerless gloves. Her helmet is really only a circlet with a visor. Anne's mouth drops to the floor when she sees this suit of armor.

Anne can only utter one word. "Wow…"

Lance then asks his bewildered sister "Like?"

Anne then looks at her brother and asks "Is this a set of Armor? Or a set of lingerie?"

"Oh calm down Anne" answers Lance. "I've seen huntresses dressed in skimpier sets of Armor. Besides, the material of this armor is a lot sturdier than your other set."

"Good point." Anne thinks for a moment and reluctantly nods "Alright, I'll wear it."

"Excellent! You'll thank me later Anne!" Lance rushes back to the Archery Room to grab Anne's Bow and Quiver of Arrows.

"Tomorrow's going to be an interesting Adventure…" Anne thought to herself.

The next morning. The tale continues at the Guild Reception where dozens of hunters are enjoying some ale and preparing for the hunt. Maxwell is waiting for Anne to show up so they can start their mission. He is leaning on one of the walls, once again sporting his Rathalos Armor and his powerful Wyvern Blade "Maple". Brandy notices Maxwell and walks up to him.

Brandy greets Maxwell with a bright tone "Howdy Max!"

"Hi, Brandy" Maxwell warmly replies "have you seen Anne at all?"

Brandy shakes her head "Nope, not recently… why?"

"Me and her are supposed to go on a mission today." Replied the Hunter.

"Ooohhh!" responded Brandy. Maxwell gives her an evil look. "Oh relax, Maxwell, she'll be here soon."

And right on cue, Maxwell could here a familiar voice. "Oh Maxwell!"

Maxwell turns around and literally almost faints from what he has just seen. Anne struts up to him in the revealing Khezu Armor. All of the male Hunters are panting like Hounds at the sight of Anne. Noticing this Maxwell stares down all the other hunters and they all turn away, avoiding conflict with the mighty Hunter.

"Maxwell is everything okay?" asked Anne.

Maxwell quickly tries to respond "Uhhh yeah—yeah—I uhh—I like your new Armor… it—uh really brings out—uhh" Maxwell's Face begins to turn Red.

Anne Giggles "Maxwell Rathstone, you're speechless."

Maxwell's face is, at this point, as red as a Rathalos Scale. "Uhh no, no, no! I uhh—let's just get this mission shall we?"

Anne responds "Sure." Maxwell and Anne walk over to the reception. Abel is at the reception desk. Maxwell and Anne are suddenly surprised by this appearance.

"Hello Mister Rathstone and Miss Bravenhart. What can I do for you today?"

Maxwell responds "uhhh… Hello Abel… we'd like a Rank 3 mission if that's alright."

Without skipping a beat Abel quickly pulls out a contract. Maxwell reads the contract.

Kill The Khezu

Rank Required HR3

Reward 4,500 z

Fee 400z

Location: Mountains

stable Environment

Primary Objective- Slay the Khezu

Client- Surolav Milakovich

Description- My Brother was slain by a Khezy and I want revenge! Any hunter will do! Kill this monster and your reward will be great!

Maxwell then thinks "Hmmm… Khezu… Think you can handle that Anne?"

Anne Replies with a thumbs up "Piece of Cake! Let's go!"

Maxwell nods. "Alright then. This should cover the two of us." Maxwell surrenders 800 zeny to Abel.

Abel takes the money "Thank you friends, Good hunting." As Maxwell and Anne depart to the Mountain, Abel chuckles and quickly rushes back to his Master to tell him of how the next step of the plan has been completed.

Several hours later. The tale continues in the mountains. The snow has fallen and a frigid breeze can be felt. Maxwell and Anne have arrived at their base, prepare themselves, eat a few rations, and head out to fight the Khezu. They are located at the Summit. They have making fantastic progress and are closing in on the Khezu's trail.

"So, you ready to fight this thing?" Maxwell asks to break the ice.

Anne replies "Yeah… I'm a little nervous though. I never fought one of these things."

Maxwell gives her a surprised look "Really? But your armor says different."

Anne then realizes that Maxwell is assuming Anne's experience from her armor. "Oh no this was a gift from Lance. He made me this for the hunt today."

Maxwell then sighed "I'm gonna kill you, Lance. Bastard." Then Maxwell looks at Anne with compassion filled in his Rathalos-Eyes "Well don't worry if anything happens I got your back." Anne blushes but before she could say anything, Maxwell stops her "Look! Khezu!" The Khezu stood 14 feet tall. Its rubbery hide glistened from the fallen snow. Maxwell and Anne drew their weapons and Anne waited for Maxwell's Command.

"Uhhh Max shouldn't we move out of the way?" asked Anne "I mean were in its line of—"

Maxwell interrupted "It can't see. Khezu's have terrible eyesight."

"Oh" replied Anne. "Well how does it catch its food?"

Maxwell replies "Well, it mostly depends on its insanely keen sense of smell so as long as neither of us releases any fragrance we should be—sniff—sniff—are you wearing perfume?"

Anne yells "Shit!"

The Khezu picks up Anne's scent and suddenly lets out a Battle-Cry. Anne shutters but Maxwell Responds with his own Battle-Cry. "Don't Worry, Anne! We'll easily defeat this beast! You fire and maneuver with your arrows!"

Anne nods "And you—"

Maxwell's Blade ignites "What I do best! RAAAA!" Maxwell charges at the Khezu and Brings his fiery blade down on the Khezu's skull. The Khezu retaliates by Sweeping Maxwell off his feet with his tail. Maxwell quickly gets up and continues to hack at the Khezu while Anne fires deadly Arrows at the Khezu while running around the Battlefield. The Khezu then tackles Maxwell and Fires a Lightning ball at Anne. She dodges the attack right before it could electrocute her. She then charges an Arrow and aims it directly at the Khezu's Skull. She takes a deep breath and fires the Arrow. The impact of the powerful Arrow breaks through the Khezu's skull and causes the Khezu to fall down in pain and agony. Maxwell saw the Khezu's moment of weakness as an opening. He charges at the Khezu and unleashes a final Spirit Combo. The power from the combo kills the Khezu. Maxwell sheathes his Weapon and gives Anne thumbs up. "Mission Accomplished!"

Anne starts to jump for joy. "Yes! We did it!" Anne gives Maxwell a huge hug. Maxwell desperately tries to hide a blush.

Maxwell then says "Alright let's carve our reward." Maxwell and Anne pull out their hunting knives and carve out their reward. Maxwell then walks up to Anne, "Hey." He hands Anne the materials he carved out of the Khezu.

Anne shakes her head. "No, I can't take those."

Maxwell nods "I insist, I don't even need this stuff."

Anne accepts the gifts and gives Maxwell a warm smile "Thank you."

Her kind smile warms Maxwell's heart and gives him a feeling of achievement.

"Come on" Maxwell replies "Let's go get some get back to the base before sunset."

2 hours pass. Maxwell and Anne are almost at the base. They are enjoying intelligent conversations, cracking jokes, and telling stories. Maxwell is currently finishing a story "-And then Bam! Right in the crotch! Drack could barely sit for a week."

Anne lets out a big laugh. "Oh wow! That's hilarious!"

Maxwell replies "Heh-heh yeah. I got a bunch more stories if you wanna hear them."

"Well before you continue storytelling" Anne replies "I have a question for you."

"Okay, what?"

Anne looks at Maxwell "Why did you really ask me to come with you on this mission? Because I know for a fact that you aren't here to gather materials."

Maxwell tries to come up with an excuse but to no avail. "ugh you caught me… well to be honest, I asked you to come with me on this mission because… I uhhh… like spending time with you…"

Anne blushes "Awww…. Really?"

Maxwell replies "Yeah I uhh—" suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Maxwell notices small figure moving around the base "What the Hell?" He looks closer to see that a band of Melynx have trespassed their base and has stolen their food "Hey!" the melynx all stare at Maxwell "Get Them!" Maxwell and Anne attempt to grab the thieves but fail miserably. Two pass by Maxwell and one ran between Anne's legs. All of the Melynx escape except one that Maxwell grabbed by the throat.

"You little Shit! I'm going to Fucking Kill you!" Maxwell yelled at the Melynx. The Melynx grabs a Flashbug out of his pouch and bites it "Oh No! That's a Flashbug!" FLASH! The flash of light blinds Maxwell, the Melynx breaks free, scratch Maxwell in the face and scampers away. Maxwell tries to feel his way around the camp. "OW, you Bastard!"

Anne rushes over to Maxwell and kneels over to him. "Maxwell! Are you Okay?"

Maxwell tries to feel his way to Anne and full on grabs her breast. "Anne are you alright?!"

Anne is bright red. "Uhhh yeah but Maxwell… you're kind of… clutching my Breast…"

Maxwell falls backwards and tries to hide his red face. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry!"

"It's fine, really. No worries." Replied Anne. "Look they took all the food so one of us has to go get food. I'll go hunt some Popo."

Maxwell replies. "Are you sure?"

Anne Replies "Yeah don't worry, I'll be back by sundown." Anne heads to the summit.

Akadeon Guild HQ. Valorus is sitting in his seat, starring at the sunset, laughing maniacally. "Ha-ha-ha! Soon… everything will fall into place… by now they will have fallen for my elaborate trap. God, I'm a genius! Both of them will soon become a lucky Pseudo Wyvern's next meal. Abel!" Abel quickly rushes towards his Evil Master.

"Y-yes sir?"

"Bring me the good champagne! Tonight we celebrate!"

The mountains. The base camp. Maxwell is recovering from his eyesight. He notices that the moon is out. He assumes Anne is back. He walks up to her cot but she is not there. He begins to pace. "Where could she be?" he asks himself. He walks around the camp to examine how much damage the Melynxs caused. One thing that catches his eye is the contract. He picks it up and dusts off all the dirt. When doing this he notices something strange.

Kill the Khezu

Rank Required HR3

Reward 4,500 z

Fee 400z

Location: Mountains

Unstable Environment

Primary Objective- Slay the Khezu

Client- Surolav Milakovich

Description- My Brother was slain by a Khezy and I want revenge! Any hunter will do! Kill this monster and your reward will be great!

Maxwell's eyes widen "Unstable?! Why would this Surolav fellow cover this important fact? Wait…Surolav… Surolav…" He suddenly realizes. "Valorus!" he gasps "Oh No! That means there's something extremely dangerous out there. Anne! I'm coming!" Maxwell puts on his Helmet, and hauls ass to the summit.

The Summit. Anne has her bow drawn and is searching for Popo. "Come on… just one will do…" she then sees a lone Popo running fast. "Bingo! Wait… why is it running so fast?" out of nowhere, a Tigrex pounces on top of the Popo and tears it to shreds. The Tigrex stood over Twenty feet tall and it's orange, yellow, and blue scales are stained in fresh blood. The Tigrex then stares at Anne directly in the eyes. Anne is stricken with fear. "Th-Th-That's a- That's a- a" The Tigrex let's out a ferocious Roar. "TIGREX!" Anne let's out a loud scream and starts to run like hell.

As Maxwell continues his run to the Summit, he can hear the Roar of the Tigrex. But what really makes him run faster towards the Summit is the sound of a familiar voice screaming for help. "Don't worry Anne, I'm coming! And when we get back home, I'm going to make Valorus Pay!" Maxwell starts to scale to the Summit. The Race for Anne's life has begun!