Deadly Beauty

by Erin Salvatore

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaries. I'm just borrowing.

Note: Okay, guys, I just got the idea for a new Klaroline AU. I got to thinking about how Caroline was turned at the end of Season 1 by Katherine smothering her with a pillow, saying, "Game on." Well, my evil muse has given me this idea. Instead of waking up in the hospital at the beginning of 2x01, "The Return," Caroline wakes up in a mansion outside of town. There, she meets Klaus, with a girl he has compelled so that she can complete her transition. Don't ask, I wanted to do something different.

Chapter 1

Somewhere Outside of Mystic Falls...

Caroline gasped as she woke up, surrounded by darkness. As her vision cleared somewhat, she took a look around and saw that she was in a strange room, with heavy curtains covering the windows. Wait, hadn't she been in the hospital? She looked down at herself and saw that she was still in her hospital gown. How the hell did she get here? There was no way she got here by herself.

"You're awake. Good, we can get started."

The sound of a thick, rich British accent startled her and Caroline looked over to see a tall man with short, slightly curly dark blonde hair, greenish blue eyes that had a sparkle in them, a body that a woman would have to be blind and stupid not to notice and was practically being hugged in all the right places by the gray henley shirt and blue jeans ensemble he was wearing, and his lips were just begging to be kissed. If she wasn't so scared, Caroline would've been tickled pink at the sight of him.

"Who are you?" she said. "Where am I?"

The man smiled at her. "Anxious, are we? Well, you shall have the answers to your questions, love. But, first, you need to get some nourishment into you or you'll be dead before your new life can begin."

Caroline blinked? New life? What the hell was this mysterious (and incredibly hot) guy talking about? And why would she be dead? Sure, she had gotten hurt in that accident that idiot, Tyler Lockwood, got into, and...wait a second. Just before she blacked out, Katherine had smothered her with the pillow. So, did this mean she was in purgatory, the place in between heaven and hell?

"I don't understand."

"You will in time," said the man. "For now, let's focus on your survival."

Caroline was about to answer him when she saw him bring forth a girl that looked like she was her age or slightly younger. She was rather pretty, with a mane of silky, long, auburn hair and hazel eyes. Caroline heard her heartbeat from where she was sitting and, against her will, she felt her canines increase in length, scaring her.

"Don't fear the change that's happening within you, sweetheart. Embrace it. Your hunger is calling to you and it's impossible to resist."

Caroline was about to ask him how he could possibly know that, but the smell she was getting off the girl made her forget about her curiosity. Not thinking twice about it, she got up, grabbed the young victim and held her against the wall as she plunged her teeth into her neck, her blood making contact with her tongue. She then felt a strange power overtaking her, a power that she never knew she had, and she seemed to get stronger as the minutes ticked by.

Finally, she dropped her victim on the floor and looked at the man, blood still on her chin and around her lips.

With a smile, he said, "How do you feel, love?"

"I feel...strange," said Caroline. "It's as if I crossed over into a place that I've never been before."

"You've transitioned," said the man. "It always feels strange in the beginning, but in time, you'll adjust." He smiled again. "Now, I believe you wanted to know my name earlier?"

"Yeah, that would be nice," said Caroline. "I would like to know the name of the one who brought me here, wherever the hell that might be."

"My name is Klaus, and to answer your second question, we're on the outskirts of Mystic Falls, in a mansion that's been abandoned for a time." He looked around and then back at Caroline. "But, it still serves its purpose."

Caroline licked her blood-stained lips at that. Shit, he had a sexy name to go with that gorgeous body and delicious accent. "You...said I transitioned. What does that mean exactly?"

"You're a vampire, Caroline."

"Wait, how did you know my name?" said Caroline. "I never gave it to you."

"You didn't have to," said Klaus. "It says on your hospital bracelet." He approached her and took her hand, placing something into her palm. "You're going to need this. It'll keep you safe from the sun. I had a witch place a protection spell on it."

Caroline opened her palm and looked at the ring. She then carefully placed it on her finger before looking at Klaus. "So what happens now?"

"I shall teach you to embrace what you have become," said Klaus. "There are so many things that you have yet to know, Caroline, and I can show you all of it." He looked at her, noticing that she still had her hospital gown on. "But, before I do that, you'll need your rest. I'll take you back home and in the morning, I will return for you and your lessons will begin."

Caroline didn't know what to say to that. She had no way of knowing exactly what Klaus intended to show her, but if it meant learning the ins and outs of being a vampire, she'd have to take him at his word. She only wondered what everyone else was going to think about this new her.

Note: Yeah, I know, I'm weird, but this idea came into my head and I wanted to share. Fear not, Klaroline faithful, there will be romance in here as the story progresses. For now, I wanted our leads to meet.