Besides those at the Dahl there was another person also trying to find answers but they were also at a disadvantage.

Bo awoke panting on the ground, her blood covering her entire body but no wounds could be seen to show where it was coming from. She felt herself growing weaker even as she struggled to remember what led to her current predicament. Her mind, however, would not cooperate and she found it wandering to a certain fae, detective were-fae to be exact.

Dragging her mind back to the problem at hand, she tried to tell her legs to move but they had a mind of their own, opposing her remaining unresponsive. The battle she attempted to rageagainst her uncooperative legs was soon abandoned. Looking around her, finally noticing her surrounding, her eyes fell on an abject or more specifically a shadow of a person.

"Well, well, well" it said, "looks like our undecided warrior has finally decided to come in peace."

"Who the hell are you and what the hell did you do to me?" Bo demanded in as an authoritive voice as she could manage in her current state.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten who I am so soon after all the fun we've had together. I'm hurt, crushed actually," it said feigning hurt.

"What fun?" she questioned trying to place the vaguely familiar voice, "you mean the fun we're gonna have when I kick your ass?"

"When you kick my ass?" it laughed, "if that were possible our roles would be reversed and you wouldn't be feeling so...heated."

Suddenly Bo felt her entire body burn as if she was in an incinerator. The mysterious yet familiar voice laughed as she writhed in agony trying valiantly not to make a sound to signal her level of pain.

"Our undecided thinks she can decide when she can acknowledge pain probably decides when she feels it too. It's not so hard to show pain, you know."

"I'm not going to give you the satisfaction!" she replied through gritted teeth.

"You think I'm a masochist" the voice returned full of feigned and accompanied with fake sniffles. "To prove to you that I'm not I'll help you."

Before Bo could even form a reply in her mind, her body began to feel like hers again. Her body temperature returned to normal and her mysterious blood flow stopped. There was absolutely no evidence suggested that she was recently in pain.

"What the hell kind of fae are you?" Bo demanded as she rose and checked out her body.

"Not even a 'thank you' it stated. "I help you and you want to fight me," it continued, voice rising as Bo faced it in fighting form. "But that's what I get for trying to help someone who has absolutely no respect for fae rules much less family."

The last part stopped Bo but before she could respond her 'ailments' returned. "I should kill you," the voice forcefully stated before ruefully adding, "but I'm not supposed to."

"You're only a puppet. So where's you puppet master?" Bo questioned through the pain which had intensified.

"I am not a puppet," came the indignantly growled reply. "I am a partner in this, uhh, business but my partner isn't here."

"What? Do they hate you that much or are they that ugly?" Bo spat.

"All that hatred! It's not a pretty look on you."

"Come over here and I'll show you hatred"

"Hate's like beauty, baby. The real stuff fades but it never dies." Said another voice as its owner emerged.