Chapter Ten

Autumn went by and soon enough it was Christmastime. Cat's favorite holiday was Christmas, and the gang wanted to make it special for her. She was like the little kid of the group, the one that needed to be taken care of. They all went Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve in several different neighborhoods together, which turned out to be quite fun.

Then they all spent the night at Tori's house. Jade, Tori and Cat slept in Tori's room, while the boys slept in the guest room. They had a difficult time getting Cat to fall sleep because she was so excited about "Santa" and had been given one too many candy canes. When she finally dozed off, the rest of them went downstairs and put out the presents.

Beck remembered the special present Cat had thought to buy Jade. He set it in a special place under the big Christmas tree, making sure Jade couldn't see. "Should I make cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow?" Tori asked.

"Sure, why not?" Andre said. "It is Christmas after all." When they had gotten everything ready, they all went back to bed and fell asleep.

Cat woke up promptly at 5:00 a.m. on Christmas Morning. She immediately started to shake Tori and Jade awake. "Tori!" She whined. "Jade! Get up! It's Christmas!" Finally, the girls began to stir.

"What is it, Cat?" Tori said tiredly.

"It's Christmas Morning, that's what!" The redhead told her.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Tori joked and nudged Jade.

"What time is it?" The pale girl groaned.

"Present time!" Cat squealed. "Now get up, Jadey!" She started to shake her friend.

"Okay, fine. I'm up, Cat, I'm up," Jade gave in and slid out of the bed. Cat ran to the next room while Jade and Tori found their slippers. Finally, Cat had all of her tired friends rounded up in the hallway. They followed the excited redhead down the stairs to the room filled with presents.

"Ooh! Look!" Cat began jumping up and down pointing at the presents.

"Well, go ahead, Lil' Red," Andre encouraged her. "Open 'em." In seconds, Cat was tearing up the presents marked with her name. They all smiled as she beamed when she found things inside that she had asked for.

"Oh my gosh!" She yelped as she pulled out a giraffe twice the size of Mr. Longneck. "I love this!" She squealed and hugged the gift tightly. She looked at the tag to find Jade's name. "Jadey! You got me this?" Jade nodded and grinned at the happy girl. "Thank you so much!" Cat stood up and almost tackled Jade with a hug. Jade hugged back with an extremely happy face.

"Cat, didn't you get Jade something special?" Tori asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Cat pulled back with wide eyes. "Look what I got you, Jadey!" She took the bag that Tori had ready and handed it to Jade excitedly. Jade chuckled at Cat's doodles on the bag and began to open it. She gasped as she pulled out the tissue paper to find a black wig with green highlights just like her old hair used to have.

"Cat," She looked at the redhead, who was smiling ear to ear. "You got this for me?" The little girl nodded.

"Uh huh. Well, actually I didn't have enough money in my piggy bank to pay all of it. So, Robbie gave me some money to pay the rest," She admitted.

"But, it was Cat's idea," Andre spoke up. Jade smiled at Cat and embraced her.

"I love it," The older girl whispered into the redhead's ear. Cat smiled and leaned contently against Jade's shoulder. They finished opening all the presents and then ate cinnamon rolls in the kitchen. Everyone agreed that it was the best Christmas they could've had.

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