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The previews went by swiftly to say the least. Derek was in the middle of all the commotion for three weeks of Boston previews. He was dealing with Eileen's badgering and request for investor relation meetings. He was attempting to be more civilized with Tom for the good of the production. He also worked closely with Julia on book work that needed to be rewritten. All the while juggling nonstop phone calls, e-mails and text from Ivy, and dealing with a rowdy ensemble. The one thing that he didn't seem to have to worry about was Karen. She seemed to be avoiding him completely. She was never rude, or disrespectful, she didn't ignore him. She was just not the woman that he had seen the first few nights after the preview. She would come to rehearsal, take notes and the leave with Ana. She never asked question, nor gave Derek some clever rebuttal. In fact besides answering Derek's questions she didn't say much at all. Derek felt more than guilty during the previews, felt as if maybe he led her on. Or she was possibly embarrassed when he turned her down. He wanted to explain to her, but he knew she wouldn't understand. He wasn't even sure he understood.

Now Derek was in New York walking into Eileen's office for a meeting with her and the creative team. After several heated debates over e-mails, text and phone calls, they finally decided to meet up and discuss the future of the production.

"Derek! Thank you for joining us" Eileen said with smile.

"Yeah, Hi" Derek said nodding in the direction of Tom and Julia. Tom did not look too happy as always.

"As you all know we have a lot of work to get ready for Broadway, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page. I want to make Karen an offer for a one year Bombshell contract. Does anyone object to that?" Eileen shot her gaze directly at Tom.

"You know that I object Eileen. Karen was phenomenal in her vocal performance, but she is not Marilyn. She doesn't have that oomph. She's too boring; no one is going to believe she is a drug addicted sex icon." Tom snarled.

"Give me a break Tom, she was amazing and everyone who rose to their feet over the past three weeks knew it. She is the Marilyn I cast, and that is the way it is going to be." Derek felt his face begin to turn red.

"Oh come on Derek! You've been angling for Karen to play Marilyn ever since she walked into the audition room. Just because she has a pretty face and nice body you'd like to take home for the weekend. I think that Ivy is Marilyn" Tom's tone was elevated and you could hear the agitation in his voice.

"Wait a minute Tom, Karen was great. I think that you have shown just as much favoritism to Ivy." Julia unexpectedly cut in.

"Julia. Seriously?" He said.

"Here is how I see it. Karen has the vocal ability to outshine any of today's leading Broadway stars. She could easily hold her own with Idina, Laura, Veronica moore. Her acting is first rate, and the more I work with her, the more she will fit into your mold of Marilyn, Tom. If you want me to continue to direct, Karen is going to be Marilyn." Derek's voice was now elevated more than he realized. "And I have not, nor will I be in the future shagging the Cartwright girl Tom, so get over it." He continued with malice. Tom had a certain way of getting under Derek's skin. Contrary to what he said, his plans for his future with Karen were quite the opposite.

"Ok boy's that is enough. As of right now, Ivy should not even be involved in this discussion. She has proven herself unreliable on several occasions when things don't go her way. As we all know in Broadway things never go the way you want. I won't put millions of dollars on the line just to have her bring down the production with her antics. So it's settled. Karen is Marilyn." Eileen announced. If she had a gavel in her hand she probably would have smacked it down.

"The other thing we need to talk about is investments. Now I have secured one investor, but as you all know it takes a village. At this point investors are a bit shaky with all of the drama going on around here. So give me a few weeks to get a handle on things. In the meantime I suggest that Julia and Tom get to work on the book, we especially need to see some Jfk pieces and a little more dialogue. We will also need to have a casting for JFK. Derek you do whatever it is that you do. And we will start rehearsal in two weeks." Eileen said as she walked over to the door to escort everyone out of her office.

On the way out of the office Julia stopped Derek.

"Derek, he really means well you know. This is the first time I have seen him this excited about a project in a long time. We really want this one to be the best." She spoke softly referring to Tom.

"Jules I've been doing this for my entire life. He can't honestly think that I would like to put my name on something that isn't spectacular. I take pride in being great at my craft that is why you hired me isn't it?" Derek spoke softly as well. He always had a keen liking for Julia; especially when she wasn't around Tom.

"Have you spoken to Karen since Boston?" Julia asked with wide convicting eyes.

"No, I am going to let her know the good news today. You should console Tom through his grieving process." Derek joked with her.

Derek walked down the hall feeling a sense of accomplishment. He felt good standing up for Karen. He wanted to go tell her the good news in person so he could see her face light up. But he wasn't sure how she would feel hearing it from him at this point. They had been back in New York for three days, and Derek could say that he honestly missed the young woman. She had a way of brightening his day, even when she was avoiding him. But before he went to see her he wanted to change his clothes.

Seem liked every time Derek thought about his appearance he recalled the breakfast he shared with Karen Cartwright. Her comments about his dress really affected him. He wouldn't let what anybody else thought determine his style. But, Karen had a way of making him change that he didn't understand. She even implemented changes in his personal life, unbeknownst to her of course. Derek had been home for two weeks, and hadn't even seen Ivy. That was the longest he had been without seeing her since their affair started. The truth of the matter was despite not wanting to break Ivy's heart in the hotel room; he had no feelings for her. He didn't even lust for her anymore. Karen was not the focus of his attention; he just hadn't gotten around to telling Ivy.

Derek tossed on a pair of Dark denim Levi's and a black v-neck Armani sweater. Once he fussed with his hair and sprayed on his favorite Dolce and Gabana cologne. He head to Karen's new apartment. According to the text reply she sent him for the meeting she moved to the east side of Brooklyn. Derek smiled happy that she moved, because that meant she was no longer staying with her snob boyfriend.

Derek arrived at the address in her text, not too far away from where he stayed. He went to knock on the door, and was shocked to see Ana open it. She was holding a jar of peanut butter and a banana when she opened the door in her underwear and t-shirt. She looked just as stunned to see the director at the door.

"Derek! Hey! Are you here to cause trouble?" Ana said in an extremely animated tone.

"Good to see you Ana. I'm here for Karen." Derek replied, now feeling awkward for being at their door in the first place.

"Oh yeah she totes told me you were coming dude! I forgot all about it. She should be back in a minute…..she left with Jimmy. You want to come in?" Ana said stepping aside.

"I think I'll just wait out here, you being naked and all." Derek chuckled as he teased the young woman.

"Suit yourself" She replied cheerfully with a shrug. She closed the door and started singing loudly, and rather well.

Jimmy? Who is Jimmy? Derek thought to himself. Tom hired a new intern named Jimmy, but that couldn't be the same guy. Derek began to feel something he had not experienced in a long time, jealousy. Karen was out with a guy, while he was waiting on her steps. Classic.

Derek waited for about five minutes before he contemplated leaving. He wasn't the most patient guy. Just as he stood up, Karen came running down the block.

"Sorry I'm late!" Karen said jogging towards the director.

"Don't be sorry Ms. Cartwright,-" he began to say.

"Be on time. I know, I know. But I left my phone hear couldn't call." She said as she got closer.

She looked amazing. She was wearing a lavender shirt that hung off her shoulders and black jazz pants. Her hair seemed to have grown three inches in one night and her skin was radiant. Derek felt like he swallowed his heart as he was looking at her. She was truly a vision.

"So you said you had something you wanted to talk about with me." Karen opened the conversation.

"Um…Yeah. I have some news about Bombshell." Derek searched to read the emotion on her face. But Karen seemed to not be in the moment at all she had a huge smile on her face.

"I'm sorry what did you say?" Karen said blinking slowly.

"Who is this Jimmy character I am hearing about?" Derek said with a smile beaming from ear to ear.

"What?" She said with an equally quaint look on her face. "Are jealous" Karen said poking Derek in the chest.

"How could I be jealous love, if I don't even know who he is?" Derek said crossing his arms across his frame.

"He's my boyfriend." Karen responded eyeing Derek's reaction.

"Boyfriend….Right." Derek chuckled at the joke. "Wait you're not making a funny? This is serious?" Derek questioned. He began to felt his hands beginning to tremble.

"I'm serious." Karen said in a hush tone.

"You've got to be bloody joking Karen. We've been back for what two whole bloody weeks and you've gotten yourself a boyfriend" Derek was trying to contain his temper, but it wasn't working well.

"I'm confused Derek. Are you upset?" she frowned at him.

"I just came by to tell you that we start rehearsals in two weeks." Derek said changing the subject.

"Does that mean what I think it means?" She squealed.

"It means that I don't expect your new boyfriend to interfere with my show: you being the leading lady and all." Derek smiled as he watched the excitement flash across her eyes.

She jumped up into his arms and he held onto her tight. He inhaled the smell of soft vanilla and warm figs. Her smell was so intoxicating. He held her for a moment longer than he should have. But he couldn't help himself. Karen was everything that he long for, and know he surely blew it. He let her go and starred at her for a moment. She was so beautiful, especially when she was happy.

"Um….I have to get going now. I'll give you rehearsal details later." Derek said in conclusion. He felt as if she was starring to long, he felt and array of emotions.

"Are you sure you okay?" Karen said looking concerned.

"Slight headache that's all, I'll be fine. Make sure your getting lost of rest….we'll be in for a hell of a journey." Derek said as he kissed her on the forehead and made his way down the street.

How could he have blown his chance with Karen Cartwright before it ever started? Here he was 37 years old, finally found his dream girl, and she is the only girl in the whole tri-state area not available to him. Derek was starting to feel like somewhere along the line he made the wrong choice.