"Massie are you ready to leave?" My mom asks me. I nod, grabbing my purple suit case and my white iPhone 5.

Once we're in the range rover I pull out my phone from my Victoria's Secret sweater shirt pocket and text the girls. They were at school, but we were all pro at texting in class.

Massie: Bye gurls, see you when I get home

Almost instantly I had a reply.

Alicia: Byee! I'll miss u!

Then all the replies started coming in.

Dylan: Miss u already! Bring home a cutie? ;)

Claire: Have fun Massie!

Kristen: Bye Mass! Miss u!

"Mom, why are we going on a Disney boat?" I ask, turning towards her.

"Because, Massie, I've heard great reviews about this new cruise by Disney, and plus, you won't be bored!"

"How do you know?" I ask, narrowing my eyes.

"Because they have kid clubs! You always complain about being bored on other cruises!"

"Kid clubs!?" I practically yell. How old did she think I was, 10? "I don't do kid clubs mom."

"No. Not like that, there is clubs for all ages. And yes, one for teens." My mom tells me. "Give it a chance Massie. End of discussion."

I sigh, crossing my arms across my sweater, and my legs. Today I was wearing my pink sweater shirt, with juicy skinny jeans. Even though it was like, February and it was really cold, I didn't care. I was changing as soon as we got through security at the air port anyways.

10 Minutes later we are at the Westchester airport, and breezing through security. I don't know why, but I loved air ports. I just hated all the people.

I see a girl who looks to be about 12 in a slouchy shirt, grey leggings and black ugg boots. She's holding a phone, and looks annoyed. I smile, I was so her at 12.

"Mom I'm going to go change." I say, turning to her. "Okay Massie, we'll be at the gate, meet us back there."

I nod, and turn on my converse low top covered heel, and walk towards the bathroom, grabbing my white v-neck and juicy shorts from my carry on.

"Passengers please turn off all electronics, and all tables into the upright position as we prepare for landing." The flight attendant tell us. I sigh, turning my phone off and slip my phone into my pocket.

I lean to my left looking out the window and my eyes go wide. I was amazed. The waters were literally sparkling, the grass was so green and perfect it looked like it had been painted on, and the palm trees were amazing. They leaned to the side a little, and their leafs were so big and perfect.

Once we were landed and in line to get on the bus to bring us to port, I finally pulled out my phone to see I had four missed texts.



After reading Claire's I closed them, I knew what they were about, and I didn't need to see the rest.

I see a family with a cute guy walk into the line, and I smile. The boy had shaggy hair, and eyes that made my heart race. I smile, turning to my mom. "I think I'll give this Disney cruise thing a chance. But can I hang out in the teens club as much as possible?"

"Of course hunny, as long as you're going to give this a chance!" My mom tells us, just as we are let outside to get on the bus. I look at the bus and sigh. Anyone could tell it was a cruise bus.

The outside of the coach bus had been painted white, and around the circle windows was painted red. It looked like a cruise on wheels.

I get my seat and turn my music on. Nobody Does it Like you by Shawn Desman starts playing, and I close my eyes, and wait to arrive at port.

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