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Summary: When Keith Partridge's father died. He thought his world ended. That was, until he met Cathy. Then his world changed entirely. This is the story of their lifelong romance. This might be a one shot or a two shot depending on what you all think.

San Pueblo, California 1979

Keith Partridge walked down the street crying. Why did she leave him? What did he do to her? This was one confusing relationship. It seemed as if it was never stable. It was always off and on. Just like a light. You turn it off and you turn it on again.

He still remembered that faithful day he met her. That day changed his life forever. And he swore. She was the one.

Ten Years ago (1969)

Keith Partridge sobbed on his mother's shoulders right after he heard the news of his Father's death. His father meant the world to him and his family. His world was shattered. Now he has to be the man of the family. He just didn't know if he was prepared for it yet.

"Keith, would you please take these cookies to the new neighbors next door?" His mother asked as she got up and grabbed the cookies from the counter and gave them to him.

Keith nodded without saying a single word and went to the front door. He then headed next door and went up to the porch. He knocked on the door and a young girl around his age answered it.

She smiled at him.

"Hi, my name is Keith Partridge and I'm your next door neighbor. My mom wanted me to bring you these" He said pointing at the cookies.

"Thank you, I'm Cathy, it's a pleasure to meet you. Are you okay?" She asked. She noticed that he had been crying.

"I'm fine" He said simply. He didn't want to force his home problems on his next door neighbor who he didn't even really know.

"Would you like to come in?" She asked him.

"Sure" Keith said. Then he went inside.

And that, was the moment his life changed.