Let the Demons Roar

It has been a year since I have seen my older brother Gen. But Gen left on his own because of our step father Yoru saying that do to Gen's power we had to send him away to live with the Night Troops, of course my brother overheard Yoru talking and went on a rampage.

(1 year ago)

Gen's P.O.V

I ran out the door. The night was chilly and the wind lashed at my hair as I ran further away from the house that I grew up in as a kid. I could hear my younger sister, Shina, yelling my name from the house but I ignored her and kept running. I thought of our step father Yoru's words, he had called me a monster, but Shina said I was no monster to her if I cared about her and protected her, yet I'm her older brother, so it's only natural for me to do that. Mother had told me before she died that no matter what happened I had to protect my sister till the very end. She left most of her stuff to Yoru and what she left to me and Shina were these weapons that didn't even look real but now that I'm thinking about it, I always heard about how mom used to fight in the war, the women of town always said that our mother was special and we were going to end up just like her. I never understood what they meant until now, I was a demon but not just one but three, and now I understand that I'm not the only one, but Shina is the same way. "Good lord how am I going to tell her what she is?" I asked myself. Just then I passed two men walking down the path and they looked at me with a curious look, 'They know what I am,' I thought. They looked away and continued down the path towards our house.

Just then I got a bad feeling that they might have been the Night Troops that Yoru was talking about and if Yoru wanted to get rid of me, then what about Shina, would he condemn her to a future of pain, misery, and loneliness. "No!" I roared. I turned and ran into the woods. 'This should get me back to the house before those guys do' I thought. Shina is in trouble and I'm the only one who can protect her at this time, no matter what I will not let those guys take her away let alone let Yoru be the one who called them in, this is not the peaceful life that we are used to but it's the war that shall be won by the demons.

Shina's P.O.V

I sat on the porch waiting for Gen to come back, but as minutes passed there was no sign of him in the quit night that is loneliness. "Shina get inside before you catch a cold." Yoru yelled from inside. "Not yet, Gen isn't back yet." My voice trembled with fear, cold, and sadness. 'What if Gen doesn't come back.' I thought. Just then two men walked up to the house, they looked down at me with eyes that were as cold as the wind that howled like a wolf. "Is this where Yoru lives?" The tall man asked, his eyes were brown, his hair was cut kind of like a priests but it was brown and just a bit longer than it should have been. I nodded my head just as Yoru walked out through the door. Yoru looked at the men with a look of happiness, or was it pained joy, I couldn't tell but whatever it was the men were here for Gen. "What are you doing here, Gen has already left so just go away!" I yelled at the men. They looked utterly shocked at my choice of words. "Yoru control your daughter." The shorter man said with a growl. "What did you just say to him?" I snarled at the two men. Their faces looked taken aback. "Little girl you need to watch who you are speaking to." It was the short man again. "And you need to watch who you're dealing with." I retorted. "Hiba it's no use, she is as stubborn as her mother, and then some." Yoru said. I stood there with a face of pure anger, sadness, and fear. Yoru had never referred to my stubbornness to that of my mother's. "Is that so?" Hiba said with a smile. "Yes it's true." Yoru said with a sad look that was directed at me. 'He still feels responsible for my mother's death doesn't he?' I asked myself. I looked at the other man who has yet to say a word during this whole conversation. He looked down at me with a cold glare of anger. I tugged at Yoru's shirt sleeve and he looked over at the other man. "Ryuu," The man looked at Yoru. "You can't blame Shina for her mother's choice." I looked up at Yoru, who was staring Ryuu down. "Yoru?" He looked down at with a protective glint in his eyes. "What do you mean don't blame me for my mother's choice?" Just then Ryuu looked at Yoru and laughed. "So you haven't told her yet?" Ryuu smirked. Yoru's eyes became misty with hurt. "Don't you dare tell her, Kitsune never wanted her or Gen to know what happened before her death." Yoru growled.

Just then a shadow flashed pasted me and Yoru and slammed into Ryuu. Yoru grabbed my arm and jumped back from the shock wave of the attack. "What is happening?" Hiba snarled. "Your guess is as good as mine." Yoru shrugged. Ryuu's pained yelling echoed through the still, night, air. "Who could it be?" Hiba asked. "It's Gen!" I yelled with joy. I started towards Gen but Yoru grabbed my arm and pulled me right back. "Yoru let me go. Gen needs help calming down." I shrieked. Yoru looked shocked. "You can't go near your brother in this state." Hiba yelled. "I've done it many times before this, so you are the one who needs to stay back." I roared at Hiba. I turned towards the fight and studied the moving figures that were Gen and Ryuu. The two were dueling it out by sword. "Hiba was Ryuu carrying that sword this whole time?" I studied the figures more. "No, why?" He looked confused. "Because he has one now and he is fighting with it as we speak." I yawned. I started towards the dust cloud that had formed around the two fighters. "Gen, why must you get into such a huge fight when you are unprovoked?" I yelled over the battle cries. No answer, from either of them. "Ok fine you want to be that way, then, I will show you being rude because I swear to God, if you two don't stop fighting then I'm coming over there, breaking the two of you up and then ripping out your organs. I will then chop them up into tiny pieces, and then feed them to my dragons!" I snarled with a sarcastic rage. They both froze, and stared at me in fear, shock, and pure awe. "Ok, now that I have your attention. I will say now Ryuu if you dare attack my brother again, you won't have to worry about dealing with my brother because I will be the one to beat the living crap out of you," I stared him down. "Is that understood?" He nodded with a forced smile. "Good, now onto another matter," I turned towards Yoru. "Yoru, why are you trying to send Gen off when he has down nothing wrong?" The four men stood there, well three men if you don't count Gen. "He doesn't need to stay here…not when his powers are so unstable." Yoru whispered. "Unsatble power? Your saying it like I go around killing people for the fun of it!" Gen screamed in rage. Claws extended from his fingers and he bared his teeth in a snarl. "Gen, you need to calm down." I said calmly. "Not until Ryuu says why he doesn't want me here and I want the truth too, no freaking lies are allowed for this anwser no matter what you say." Gen roared at the four of us. "You want the truth then I will give you the truth," Yoru started to yell. "The truth is the two of you are the demon siblings that are told about in the demon history book." Me and Gen stared at Yoru with pained shock. "So your just now telling us this?!" I roared. "Your mother didn't want you guys to know until you stated showing signs of your demon nature, which I can tell you now that they are starting to show already at a young age." Yoru sounded sad by the time that he ended the sentence. I looked over at Gen and we nodded in agreement. "Well we are going to say it now Yoru just to save you the trouble," Gen looked over at Hiba and Ryuu, their faces were a mask of confusion. "Me and Gen are going to leave to find are real father, so good-bye for now Yoru." Gen and I pulled out our dragon jem necklace and held the up in our hand. "RELEASE!" We screamed together.

Our dragons come fourth from their home inside of the jems. "Lets go Shadow Stealth." Gen said as he jumped up onto the back of his Noble Shadow Slicerax Dragon. "Lets do the same Night Slicer!" I called to my Noble Shadow Midnight Slicerax Dragon. Their roars echoed off into the chill night sky. Then out of the cloud covering came Koga on his Noble Slicerax Dragon, Hawkheart, Rose on her Shadow Twister Dragon, Demon Wing, and Maharana on His Noble Shadow Phoenix Dragon, Frozen Shadows. "Shina we need to go now!" Mahrana yelled. "Really, I hadn't noticed at all." I retorted. "Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed." Koga laughed. "Be quit." Rose yelled at the two brothers. I heard it before it struck my dragon, the sound of air being sliced by an arrow. Rose sreamed in pure horror as the arrow bursted into many more and rocked through Night Slicer's wing. The wind howled in my ears as the weight of my dragon dragged the two of us down towrds the earth as Ryuu sat there watching, laughing, and…and holding the bow that is going to cause mine and Night Slicer's death. 'The death that will cause the ruin of the world and all that lives on the Earth.' A voice raored in my head. "Who is there? Show yourselves!" I roared. We hit the ground with bone crunching speed. 'This is it isn't it?' I asked myself, as the darkness consumed mine and Night Slicer's vision.

Yoru's P.O.V

"Ryuu!" I roared at the Night Troop leader. "What did I do?" He looked at Shina's motionless body, as her dragon twiched in agony. "You attack a demon who has caused no harm and even if I'm not Night Troop, at least I know that it's against your law to attack a demon who has caused no harm to any humans!" Ryuu turned towards me and raised the bow towards me. "What were you saying?" Ryuu snarled. "Leave him alone or your dead." Gen yelled. His Dragon, Shadow Stealth, was dive bombing right towards them at top speed. "Gen stop, your going to end up like your sister!" Koga screamed from above. It was to late, Gen crashed into Ryuu, sending up a shock wave of Shadow power. Gen stood up and walked toward Ryuu, who at the time was cowaring behind the wooden swing that sat on the pourch. "You attack my sister, you attack me, do you get it, I'm going to kill you now, just like you killed my sister!" Gen snarled in a sob. "No you won't." Ryuu laughed. I watched as Gen struck out with a dagger that had belonged to his mother. "Gen you need to stop this," I began. "Your sister wouldn't want you to do this." Gen froze where he stood and turned around. "how would you know what my sister would have wanted? How would you know how I feel right now. And how on God's green earyh would you what any of us are feeling right now?" Gen yelled in a rage of snarles and sobs. "Rose was like Shina's sister, Koga was her boyfriend, Maharana was like a brother, and I was her brother, and this…this monster killed her and toke her away from all of us!" Gen pointed the dagger back at Ryuu and pinned him down with his booted foot. "Gen stop this at once." Maharana said in a calm voice as he dragged Gen off of Ryuu. "Killing him won't bring back Shina, it will only turn you into a murder just like him." Koga said. The three friends came to stand by Gen. "Well lets get her and her dragon up into the skies before the sun rises and we can't take off." Gen said. The four of them walked over to where Shina lay motionless. They pulled her up onto her dragon and then they climbed onto theirs. Hawkheart and Frozen Shadows picked up Night Slicer and Shina and toke to the skys.