A/N: Yes I know I have other stories to update and I do want and plan to eventually get to them. Between health issues with myself and my family and general life suckitude I've been having a pretty bad writer's block. Last night's segment with AJ, Punk and Heyman though did inspire this. So hopefully it don't suck too bad.


"AJ! AJ!" She heard his voice long before he even got to her door. AJ Lee's head snapped up at the voice, her heart managing to both skip a beat in her chest while sinking down to her stomach. After what had happened in the ring earlier he was the last person she wanted to deal with. There was no possible way to escape though. She could hear his footseps coming closer and closer. There was no time for her to escape. So she braced herself, silently cursing herself for not letting Kaitlyn and Derrick stay with her. They had offered to do so but she had waved them off, telling them they could use the time together. Now she had nobody to save her or keep her from killing him. And she wasn't being figurative with that. She felt like she could literally kill him at the moment.

"AJ!" Without even knocking Phil just burst in, slamming the door shut behind him. "Did you SEE what just happened? Did you just watch what fucking happened to me?"

Cocking her head slightly to the left, AJ let a smirk cross her lips. "Are you talking about Cena hitting you with the pipe or Ryback punking you out-no pun intended there?"

If looks could kill the one he gave her right there would have made her die a thousand times over. "Cena just ATTACKED me with that pipe-"

"Nothing less than you deserved." AJ grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder. "Now if you'll excuse me-"

"Oh no no no no no." He let her think for a second that she was going to get away before grabbing her bag and using it to pull her back in front of him. "You don't get to walk away from me. Don't you ever think that you can just walk away from me."

"Why not?" She slipped her arm out away from her bag and let him take it, which he just dropped down to the floor. "It's what you want isn't it? Me out of your way?"

"Not when I'm talking to you." The hand that had had her bag went to her shoulder, grabbing it firmly to keep her in place. "You don't ever walk away from me when I'm talking to you." He leaned down, putting his face just inches from hers. "Do you understand me?"

"Get your hands OFF me," AJ growled. She slapped his hand away and took a step back. Her shoulder was actually sore from where he grabbed her but she wouldn't let that show. He already had a smug enough look on his face as it was. She hated him for it. She hated this monster he had turned into. This obsession with respect and his growing reign as champ had turned him into a completely different person. He wasn't the same Phil she had fallen for just a few short months ago. She hated this person. She hated him just as much as she still...no. She wouldn't even let herself go there.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" He was laughing at her. The son of a bitch was actually laughing at her. "Since when did you decide you didn't like my hands on you?" He leaned in even closer so their noses were practically touching. She could feel his hot breath on her lips, cementing her to the spot. "I remember when you couldn't get enough of my hands." He reached up with his left hand and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "My hands all over your body." His right hand went up to her shit, his fingers lightly trailing down her shirt. He wasn't actually touching her but it made her breath catch inside her throat anyway. "I remember when you burned for my touch." His hand drifted to the hem of her shirt, his smirk growing even bigger. "Every inch of you screamed for me..." His hand started to drift over her shorts and she slapped it away yet again.

"No." Shaking her head she placed both hands on his chest and pushed him back.

"No?" He sounded so condescending. "Why not?"

"You think I want you now? After what you pulled earlier?"

"I bet you would want me if I even showed you half the affection that I used to."

"I bet you'd be a lot nicer if I even hinted at wanting to cuddle." She smirked as his own smirk turned into a scowl. "The big bad CM Punk is a cuddler." She stepped back up to him, getting up on her toes so she could get in his face. He was always crossing personal boundary lines with her (and in the ring at that) so why couldn't she do it to him? She didn't see any reason not to. "And you know what they say: you don't cuddle with someone you don't care about."

"Or maybe I just wanted you to think I cared." His tone was purely defensive. It was such bullshit and they both knew it. He was the one that held her at night. The one that didn't want to let go in the morning. He could hide from it as much as he wanted but it didn't change the facts at the end of the day. He couldn't take back anything he had done, just like she couldn't. All those dirty texts and voicemails…that he had clearly shown Paul Heyman and she wanted to kill him for it. Those had been for HIM. She had never sent anyone stuff like that before, not even Bryan.

"And maybe I just wanted you to think you were the best in the world." Lolling her head around she tried once again to leave. The second she brushed past him though he grabbed her arm, yanking her back violently. "OW!"

"I am the best in the world. I'm the best in your demented little world. Better than Primo, better than Bryan, better than Kane-"

"How many times have I told you that I didn't sleep with Kane?" She tried to yank her arm free but his grip was too strong.

"Bullshit!" He grabbed her other arm and pushed her back into the wall, pinning her there.

"Fuck you it's not bullshit." Her breathing was becoming heavier and more erratic as he pressed himself up against her. He was doing it to get a rise out of her. Quite a few of her voicemails included fantasy confessions, one of which was mighty similar to this. She had told him in explicit detail of a dream she had of him throwing her against a wall and pinning her hands up above her head as he fucked her brains out. He had done it before…quite a few times…if that was what he was looking for now though she didn't want it. Her head didn't want it anyway. Her body still did. She had little to no control when it came to him. "Who are you trying to convince with this best in the world stuff anyway? Me or yourself?"

"I don't need to convince anyone. You and I both know it's true." He pressed his forehead to hers, his lips so close to hers that if she moved her head just even the littlest bit they would touch. "You've never had it as good as me."

"Whatever you need to tell yourself sweetie." She wouldn't admit that he was right. She couldn't. That's what he wanted and with the way he was acting he would just use it against her. All this he was doing right now was part of his mind games. He wanted something from her. An advantage. He needed one over someone. He couldn't get it over Cena. Certainly wasn't going to get it over Ryback. Even if he kicked the crap out of Mick a hundred times over the Hardcore Legend had his number. That left her that he thought he could play. And maybe he could. There were still feelings there. Feelings for him that wouldn't go away. Once she fell for someone she fell hard even if they were shitty to her. She had proven that with Bryan and she was proving it again here and now.

"AJ…sweetheart" his voice oozed sarcasm with that word "you're the one needing to tell yourself stuff. You think suddenly acting like you're so tough and I'm the one who's deluding myself that I'm gonna buy that?" One hand held her wrists above her head while his hand rand down her front again, drifting down to play with the waistband of her shorts. "I know I've made you scream in ways dear Danny boy never did. Nobody knows your body like I do."

"Phil…" Her eyes widened as his hand started to slip down her shorts. "Phil!" The moment his fingertips grazed her panties she brought her knee up, catching right between the legs. "God DAMN it!" She slapped him hard across the face and slipped out from between him and the wall, backing herself up towards the door.

"FUCK me…" Phil doubled over and held a hand over his crotch, panting for breath. He looked over at her, opening his mouth to say something but then just closing it once more. Maybe what he had been about to do had sunk in on him and he realized he was wrong…hopefully anyway. She wasn't exactly planning to bet on it.

"Stay away from me." She grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, not taking her eyes off him for a second. "Or your ass will be unemployed faster than you can blink."

"It's you that won't stay away from me," he snapped, straightening himself back up. "You come to me first…you always come first."

That had more than a little innuendo attached to that statement. Huffing in disgust, AJ grabbed the lamp that was nearby and chucked it at his head. He ducked and it smashed into the wall as she exited the room, letting the door slam with a thunderous thud behind her.