AJ shifted around in her seat uncomfortably. Raw was over and she and Phil were driving to the hotel for the night. He was at the wheel, both hands gripping it tightly while his face was set in a scowl. The night hadn't exactly gone well for him. Not only had Vince put an ultimatum on him about choosing to face Ryback or John Cena in the upcoming hell in a cell match, but he had nearly gotten killed by a bunch of fans when he had gone out into the crowd. Security hadn't been in its proper place and things escalated to the point where he had ended up striking one of the fans multiple times. He had believed that the fan in question had shoved the back of his head but the fan was claiming that it had been a person behind him that had reached over his shoulder and done it. Whatever the case was, Vince and Hunter had reprimanded him and if the fan sued they were surely going to let him have it again. AJ had tried to intervene on his behalf but neither one of them had been that interested in listening to her. She wasn't sure if they knew the full details of her relationship with Phil but they certainly knew the rumors. And they certainly did know the feelings she had openly displayed for him back in the summer. That meant anything she said in his defense was written off by both of them, dismissing her as love struck and unreliable in her judgment. It put her in about as foul of a mood as he was in and it made for a really uncomfortable car ride.

Trying to break the silence she reached forward and turned on the radio. The first station set in that rental car was some really old bluegrass type country station. The sound of banjos made both of their noses wrinkle and they scrambled to change the channel. AJ hit a new button first and the sound of the Red Hot Chili Peppers replaced the country. "Yay or nay?" she asked. Usually she just kept it on whatever she wanted but he hadn't said a word since they had left the arena so she wanted to try to get something out of him.

"It's fine." The response was curt but at least it was actual words. Usually he just grunted when he was upset. Smiling softly in satisfaction AJ leaned back and the silence reigned again, a tad less uncomfortable than last time. She still wanted him to say something more though. She knew he wasn't mad at her but he still looked pissed as hell. "Do you want to talk about it?" She finally just came out and asked it. She couldn't take beating around the bush anymore.

A low grunt was all she got in response.

"Come on Phil. Don't do that." She turned the radio down and touched his arm gently. "We can talk about-"

"There's nothing to talk about," he snapped. He took his eyes off the road long enough to give her an annoyed look. "It's done. It happened, I'm fine beyond the potential lawsuit and I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just drop it."

"I just want to help…"

He opened his mouth to give what clearly was intended to be another snappish retort but stopped when he saw the kicked puppy look on her face. "AJ..." he forced himself to let out a long breath "just dropping it would help, okay? Not like talking about it is going to change anything."

She just nodded. He did have a point with that last part. And he was the type that tended to do better when things were dropped. She just couldn't help the feeling though that he was shutting her out by doing it. Stupid thought and one she couldn't let herself obsess over. Shaking it off, she turned her attention to her phone that was vibrating in her purse. She had a text from Cena, who was still pursuing the business dinner thing. She texted him back that they could meet up in a couple of nights. She wanted tonight with Phil and she had too many appearances the next day to squeeze it in. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Phil glancing over at her, trying to act like he wasn't attempting to spy on her when he thought she wasn't looking. "Nosy Nancy much?" she asked as she put it back in her purse. No way she was going to let him see who she was texting. Given the terms he and Cena were currently on there was no way he'd take it well. No matter how innocent Cena's intentions were, they would be twisted and used against him-and possibly even her. She didn't want that. She had just gotten him back she didn't want things ruined again.

"I thought the term was Negative Nancy?" The scowl he had been wearing the whole night was started to fade into the faintest hints of a smile. "what's this Nosy Nancy shit?"

"Negative Nancy's twin," she replied. She put her purse down on the floor and pulled her legs up so she could hug her knees to her chest. "Separated at birth so their respective parents had no idea they were giving the poor girls the same name."

"How were they separated at birth?" he asked. He veered off to the exit, confusing her because the sign near it gave no indication that there was a hotel anywhere near the area. "


"We're making a quick stop," he told her. He slowed down, braking at an intersection that had a Dairy Queen across from it. Her face brightened, thinking that was the stop he was talking about. Alas it wasn't, and he turned left to head into the darkness and away from seemingly all civilization. She folded her arms over her chest and pouted but he only smirked. "We'll get some after," he promised.

"After what?" she asked. She had no idea what he was planning or where he was taking her. She unfolfed her arms and started peering out the window, trying to get a sense of where they were. All she could really see though was an open field and what seemed to be cows grazing on the grass. That was it. Nothing truly helpful. "Seriously where are you taking me?"

"If I said to the woods to kill you would you get mad?"

SMACK! A hard slap on his arm was what he got in response. He laughed, fending her off as she tried to smack him again. "Joke! It was a joke!" He winced as she caught his elbow really hard with her fist. "OW! JESUS would you calm down? You're going to make me wreck."

"You deserve it you jerk." Giving him one last smack, she folded her arms once more and turned her back to him as much as she could. It wasn't much considering she had her seatbelt on, but she did let out a loud huff so he would get the point. He didn't seem as phased by it as she was hoping he would be. In fact, he only laughed as he turned on to a dirt road and drove them down to a lake two miles upahead. He pulled up right in the grass and killed the lights, leaving the engine going for the time being. "Come here."

"Nope." Squirming around she tried to turn even more away from him. "I'm not talking to you."

"Come on..." He unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned over, resting one hand on her leg and kissing her cheek. "You can't stay mad." He kissed her cheek again. "Miss AJ." He kissed her again. "You know you can't." Another kiss. And another. And another. He kissed her fast and quick all over her face, not stopping until she laughed.

"Bastard..." shaking her head she turned back and let him capture her lips with his. He moved his hand off her leg to undo her seatbelt. As soon as she was free she launched herself on to his lap, straddling his groin happily. His head tilted back as they made out, their tongues sliding easily in and out of the other's mouth. Her arms snaked around his neck, her hips rolling in time with each slide of her tongue. They stayed that way for the longest time, just enjoying the kissing. His hands did slide underneath her shirt (his t-shirt of course; she was back to wearing the cut up shirts of his that she had been before) but they only rested on her back. There was no rush to rip each other's clothes off. That would come soon enough of course. But for the moment they just kept kissing, not stopping until their heads were nearly spinning from the lack of oxygen.

"Am I still a bastard?" he asked.

"Do I have to answer that?" she rested her forehead against his. She took deep breaths, trying to regroup so they could start up again. "You're my bastard though."

"Your bastard?" Smirking coyly, he moved his hands down from her back to over her ass. "Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Of course." She raised one hand and placed a single finger right between his eyes. The song on the radio now caught her attention and she began to sing along. "So what'd you bring me down here for?" She began to move her finger down across the bridge of his nose. "If I was a man I'd make my move. If I was a blade I'd shave you smooth. If I was a judge I'd break the law. And if I was from Paris….if I was from Paris" her finger came to a stop over his lips and she squealed as he tried to bite it. "Phil!"

"I would say ooh la la la la la la la," he sang back. He gave her ass a hard squeeze and resumed the kissing. She moaned into his mouth, her hips rolling as he squeezed her ass again. Their groins grinded together, sparking a carnal need in both of them. Her hands worked on removing his belt while her mind worked on a way to try to get her shorts off without breaking the position they were in. This was the reason why she needed to start wearing skirts…though in her defense she hadn't known they were going to be parking anywhere. He really needed to start telling her these kinds of things. It would make life easier for everyone.

"Come home with me."

The statement made her freeze in her tracks. "What?" She had heard him but she didn't believe it was really said.

"Come home with me," he repeated. He forced himself to stop kissing her so he could look her in the eye. "This weekend. Come with me instead."

"Really?" She was genuinely surprised by the offer. He hadn't taken her home before. Not even once. They had always just done their thing on the road and that had been that. Maybe this meant that he wanted more from them this time around. that or he just wanted even more sex. Either way, she was for the plan. "Okay." She nodded so fast that she nearly knocked her head into his nose as she did it. "I'll come."

"Good." Actually passing up the opportunity to make an innuendo, he kissed her again. His fingers gripped the edges of her shirt and she lifted her arms so it could be removed. He dropped it back behind his seat and kissed her once more. She tried to pull off his shirt but he wouldn't cooperate and lift his arms up like she had. He was too busy trying to take her bra off. Neither one of them noticed the flashing blue lights that had appeared behind the car. The lone figure in that car got out and walked around to the driver's side, tapping on the window and shining a flashlight directly into it. The light shined right in their eyes, making them both groan and raise their arms in surprise. "What the fuck man?" Phil growled and pressed the button for the window. "Mother fucker…"

"Phil…" AJ recovered from the flashlight to the eyes to finally see the police car behind them. She could only imagine the type of trouble he would get them into if he started mouthing off to a cop. She had heard all the stories of him and Kofi getting pulled over. She knew for a fact that it very rarely went well.

"Alright kids you...oh." The cop's eyes widened in surprise when he realized they weren't in fact horny teenagers like he clearly was expecting. "oh..."

"...Hi..." AJ felt her whole face turn bright red. Despite her bra not actually being off she felt as though it was. She hugged Phil tightly, using him to cover herself up. The cop's eyes did linger on her longer than what was really necessary. It didn't go unnoticed by Phil and with a growl he wrapped his arms around her and gave the officer a rather scathing look.

"Can I help you?"

The officer faltered, lowering his flashlight and stumbling over with what to say now. "You..." he looked back and forth between them. "You two are REALLY together?"

AJ put a hand over her mouth to try to hide her laughter. They had stumbled across a fan. Maybe they could get out of this without getting into trouble.

"Yeah," Phil answered gruffly. "What of it?" The undertone of "fuck off" got him a hard pinch on the side from AJ but he barely even reacted to it. He was too busy glaring at the cop.

"Look officer," AJ decided to take the wheel before a real blowup happened and they found themselves in the back of that police car "i know that we're technically not supposed to be parking out here-and believe me, we won't make a thing of it-but do you uh, think you could give us a little break?" She tilted her head slightly to the side and batted her eyes, giving him her most innocent and persuasive look. "We've got a long drive ahead of us this is the only break we get." Total bullshit since they were sleeping at a hotel but it wasn't like he would actually know any different.

The officer took a deep breath, a stern look on his face at first. AJ amped up her puppy dog look though and with a very long hesitation, he finally sighed and relaxed. "Wrap it up soon though, okay?"

"Yes sir." AJ saluted him and nudged Phil with her elbow. He gave her a quick look before losing the scowl and giving the cop a nod. The officer nodded back and took his leave, killing his flashing lights as he drove away. Phil and AJ both watched him go, waiting to make sure he actually left. Once the coast was clear AJ threw back her head and started laughing. She laughed so hard she inadvertently snorted, which made Phil start to laugh too. "Shut up!" She smacked him hard on the chest. "That's not funny!"

"Oh it is," he insisted. "It definitely is." He caught her wrist before she could hit him again and kissed her. "Now where were we?"

She smirked and pressed her forehead to his. "Do you REALLY want me to come home with you?"

He sighed loudly. "April…"

"Philip." She could play the full name game too.

"If I didn't want you I wouldn't have asked. You know that."

She nodded. "I just…I don't want you to change on me again. I want us to work."

"So we will." He laced his fingers with hers.

"You always said it wasn't that simple."

"Maybe I'm coming around." He shrugged his shoulders. "Let's just see where this goes, okay?"

In her mind, she quickly pictured the paths this could take. One was more realistic, where even if this weekend went well, his asshole ways would return and she would find herself in the situation that she had just been in before. The other path was a whirlwind; a fairy tale romance this time around, him proposing, them getting married on a beach, raising two kids and a dog somewhere…she wanted that all so bad. Maybe not the kids and the dog right away given their careers but eventually. If there was anything she wanted all that with come time for retirement it was him. "I love you," she declared. "Phil I-"

His only response was a long, hard kiss.