Cellar. 15.25

Peter kept Greg. Parker looked AT Ed with forgiveness. Ed shook his head.

-Don't give up, Greg! – Lane talking to himself.

Zayas put down a gun and took a knife. – You got him, Peter?

-Yes – said Peter.

Greg was upset, helpless, tried to break free. Ed wanted to help him, but Anderson stabbed him in the left leg. Lane stopped screaming.

-Lane! Who you called!

-No one!

Zayas smiled mockingly to Greg, then stuck a knife into Parker's stomach. Greg started screaming.

-Nooooo! – Ed tried to get up, but Anderson interrupted him.

Greg's scream was so loud, that Wordy with Jules heard it at top.

-They are in basement. – Said Jules,

-Sam, go to the basement, Lou, call an ambulance. Spike, we need support!

Jules opened hatch in the floor. Zayas and Anderson began to flee. Peter tried to reach for his weapon on the couch, when Ed ignoring pain in his leg, threw himself on Jenkins.

Zayas opened fire to Sam. Anderson got into Jeep.

-Come on, Jose!

-I need support! – yelled Sam, covered.

Zayas get into Jeep, then two attackers drove off.

-Spike, the flee! Spike! – He don't hear answer. – Wordy?


Wordy pulled Ed from Peter. Spike pointed gun at him.

-Turn around! Come on!

Jenkins turned on his belly, Spike put handcuffs.

Jules looked for Greg. She saw blood stain. She moved a bit to the right. Greg was laying against the wall.

Jules couldn't move. Ed nudged her, running to Parker. He fell beside him.

-Greg? Greg? Open your eyes, come on Greg, please. You can't die you son of a bitch!

-Lou moved Peter out. Spike stood next to still unmoving Jules. – Boss?

Spike knelt net to wounded police officer. Took of the vest, weapon. Then he unbuttoned his shirt. He rolled her and put on Greg's chest wound. Ed still oppressed wound on Parker's stomach.

Pissed Sam ran to the basement. – Why the hell nobody listens to me! They escape!

Sam stopped when he saw Jules pale face. Tears streaming down her cheeks. When he approached to her, saw Ed and Spike who tried to stop the bleeding.

-Central? – Sam tried to connect with command.


-We found Parker and Lane. Call the ambulance! One of the hostages is in critical condition, the other one lightly wounded. Hurry up! Cottage in a forest, 2 km from main road. West!

Accepted. Out.

After a while, Sam took off his jacket and put to Parker's abdominal wounds. Spike's blood-soaked shirt sank. He panicked when is hands were covered with blood. As soon as he returned to the previous position.

-Greg, look at me! Everything will be all right. Just stay with me. Look at me! – Ed desperate tried to keep touch with his friend.

Parker began to choke with blood. When Jules saw this, took herself a grip, and lifted his head. Greg looked at her, the closed his eyes.

-Greg! Don't do this! Where's that fucking ambulance? – Ed shouted.