~Anakin's POV~

In history, he wondered if they would refer to this fight as the last battle. On the other hand, maybe it would just be another one of those battles, where they thought they were somewhere close to winning and instead nothing new happened.

Not very glamorous thoughts, surely, but better than thoughts of his potential death, because force knew there were many different ways his death could come now.

Anakin Skywalker, a reasonably young and reckless Jedi knight folded his hands behind his back and stared at the mid-day sun and the chaos below that.

The clones were marching around in the grassless plain like a colony of ants. Being built with quick efficiency were tents and barricades. Cannons and ammunition was loaded and hauled away. AT-AT walkers stomped back and forth in test runs.

The wide room that Anakin was standing in had probably once been a conference room, judging by the red-orange walls and the long red wood table and leather chairs.

The wide windows that let him see the base below and a good five miles after that though made this the ideal place to gather his thoughts in a moment of silence before the battle begun. He so rarely received quiet anymore. He had not for four years.

The twenty-four- year-old man sucked in a deep breath, feeling the force churn around him in a swirling dance.

It was almost time.

Soon, the potential end of the war would be waged. He hoped that the war would end as he had intended for the past four years for it to end.

He- and about the entire Jedi order- was on the planet Amethyst. It had been neutral during the war that had been raging across the galaxy for four years now, but the king had not had much of a choice in the matter when the Separatists had invaded.

The entire Separatist army. For some reason, they had pulled back from the other invasions on the other various Republic planets and had taken to this one.

The Republic had met them. Hundreds of Jedi cruisers rested above the atmosphere, guns ready as they faced off against Separatist cruisers silently.

No shots had been fired yet; but the time was approaching. He could sense it. Anakin could not see the Separatists from here- even if he was in the highest building on planet- half way across the planet.

The Jedi were situated at the Imperial palace, where the king had once been before he had been dragged out and killed. How the Jedi had actually gotten the palace back was a completely long story on the pre-briefing, which Anakin had spaced out for.

Another thing that made this battle special was that there were Republic senators here. Half of the senate; actually.

The Chancellor had proposed it, and not necessarily listening to the Jedi council when they said no, had brought the senators to Amethyst anyway, (an event in which Anakin had tried in vain not to laugh).

"What if the Separatists surrender, Anakin?" Padme had asked when he had expressed his worry over her coming. Just because he approved of the Chancellor reminding the council who was really in charge of the Republic did not mean he wanted Padme to come to a battle zone too.

"Someone will need to give them the terms for surrender. Yes, I know you all could do it, but what image would that put on the Republic? The Chancellor is right; we need to be there. Don't worry, I promise not to run into the field blasters blazing," she had winked at him. "Unless you all start losing, that is," some things never changed, and his wife was one of them.

The sound of the door opening snapped Anakin out of his thoughts. He smiled feebly when he sensed his seventeen-year-old apprentice, Ahsoka Tano walk in. Though he had only had Ahsoka as an apprentice for four years, the time span of the war, they were one of the closest Jedi teams in the Order.

He had told her to see how the clones were coming along with the barricade about ten minutes ago. She never did like to waste time. Her lanky figure, tense and predatory, came to stand next to him. She folded her hands behind her back, copying him.

"How are the clones coming along?" he asked without looking at her. "Nicely. The wall is already half-built and most of the cannons are in place. My only question is where we're going to sleep tonight?" she asked. Anakin shrugged.

"Huh, don't look at me, force knows I have no clue," he glanced down at her.

The bright sun made her features even more vivid and sharp. His apprentice had matured over the time of the war, and the maturity that had grown with her showed on her serious expression.

"How are you feeling?" His way of asking if she was ready for the battle, that might potentially end this war. She glanced at him, and he saw a familiar energetic sparkle in her eyes.

"I'm ready," a good answer, because he did not know if he was ready. Ready to either win or lose for the last kriffing time.

He shook his head, disposing of those negative thoughts. They were going to win, and this war was going to end. "Well, that's good to know, I didn't think you could keep on this long, Snips," he teased, using her nickname.

Her eyes twinkled and she turned to him. "I didn't think you'd last this long either, gramps," she replied. "I didn't think any of us would last this long," a voice Anakin had not heard in months said from behind him. He grinned and turned to face Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi, standing with crossed arms in the doorway.

"We've blown up enough places to have been killed at least ten times by now," he agreed. His oldest friend chuckled softly and shook his head. He looked older than the last time Anakin had seen him, as if he had aged by fifteen more years. Sometimes the young knight felt the same.

"Yes. Well, this battle may very well be our last. I'm glad," he walked in, standing next to them. "So am I," Ahsoka agreed. "It's about time that we went back to peace," peace, a word that had seemed like a dream for so long now.

"So, does the council have any idea why Dooku just dropped everything on his universe domination list and arranged this whole get together?" Anakin asked. Obi-wan shook his head. "We have no inclining of an idea. It's quite disturbing, actually. There is absolutely no motive that we can see behind this, but," he gave a small shrug.

"Something tells me that we'll find out soon enough," he said. He glanced at the door, and smiled weakly, making him look younger. "Though, some good has come out of this. The whole Jedi Order has not been in the same place at the same time since the beginning of the war. I've gotten to see some old friends," Anakin smiled as well; leave it to Obi-wan to come up with a bright side. Because of his bright side, however, Anakin was left uncomfortable.

He had never felt quite at home within the boundaries of the temple. He had always felt….. different; even with his supposed Jedi brethren. Obi-wan and Ahsoka had grown up at the temple, they had never known a family besides the one they had.

However, he had known his mother. And he had known a different home. Amongst the other Jedi, he felt like an outsider because he knew these things.

"I have too," Ahsoka was saying. "All of the other padawans. I have even seen some that were in the same classes as me when we were younglings. It is weird how long ago that was," she sighed. Obi-wan chuckled and nodded. Anakin did not add to the conversation.

"Is Grievous on planet?" he asked. Both looked at him, snapped out of their cheerful conversation. Anakin was sorry for being the one to do that, but he hated feeling left out.

"Yes, he and Dooku," Obi-wan said, his face warping back into somberness. Anakin desperately wished he could hold his tongue. He would have endured the conversation if it made his master smile for a bit. He had not smiled in so long, neither had Ahsoka.

"Which is most troublesome, to be expected though. Speaking of old friends though, I'm off to go find one," he said, turning on his heel and walking towards the door. "Who? Bant?" Anakin asked. "No, I've already seen her and Garen. Trying to avoid Quinlan. An old friend I'm fairly sure you don't remember, since you were asleep when the two of you met," Anakin cocked an eyebrow, asleep? Obi-wan half turned.

"Yes, asleep. Never the matter, we both owe her much, since she's technically saved both our lives before," Anakin's eyebrow rose higher. He had never met her, and yet she had saved his skin?

"Obi, darling, you give me too much credit!" A smooth and placid voice said teasingly. "But it's alright, because I deserve all of it!" Obi-wan chuckled softly and turned. Behind him, in the doorway, stood a woman who appeared about a year younger than Obi-wan.

Her skin was a milky dark chocolate. Jet-black hair ran down her shoulders to a little past her shoulders and outlining her cat-like intense bluish-purple eyes was dark mascara.

Tied around her forehead and holding her hair away from her face was a gold ringlet. She wore a black tank top with a green skirt and white leggings. Hiding her attractive gear was a brown robe though. She bowed her head in a tiny bow of respect.

"I really do deserve all of it," she continued. Obi-wan laughed this time and inclined his head in a bow as well. He came forward and grasped her elbows with both hands.

"Humble as always. It is good to see you, Nava," he said. She nodded and eyed his beard. "A beard. Somehow I'm not surprised," she said shaking her head.

She smiled up at him and crossed her arms. "Nevertheless; likewise, my old friend. It has been far too long. Speaking of which, where is Bant? I've been looking for her everywhere," she glanced over his shoulder at them. "Is that little Ani?" She asked, her eyes widening a bit in shock and delight.

Obi-wan nodded and moved out her way. "Not so little anymore, I'm afraid," he told her, sounding perfectly fine with this fact.

Nava walked up, ruffling his hair as if he was a child. "Force, the last time I saw you, you were ten years old. Not so little, indeed. Well, Obi-wan, you didn't starve him and he hasn't died of your lectures so you couldn't have been that

terrible of a teacher," She obviously knew him well. "I'm just resilient," Anakin told her, smoothing his hair back into place with irritation.

She laughed and patted him on the head, to Obi-wan's seemingly immense amusement. "Yes, good child. Who's this then, a padawan?" She asked noticing Ahsoka, who seemed to be having a good time watching Anakin's misery.

"Yes. My padawan Ahsoka Tano," he grumbled. Ahsoka inclined her head respectfully. Nava watched her with twinkling eyes. "A padawan, goodness! It seems that just yesterday I saw you asleep as a ten year old," she said tiredly. She turned to Obi-wan. "Time flies," she said. Obi-wan nodded in agreement, he gestured to the door.

"Let's go find Bant," he offered. She smiled and nodded. "Oh, good. Did you know Quinlan is looking for you?" Obi-wan groaned. Anakin smirked, though the two were close friends, Obi-wan would do anything to stay away from Quinlan. The man drove him insane.

"Let's go then, before he finds me," she laughed and nodded. She winked at Anakin and Ahsoka. "It was good to see you two," she said.

Anakin gave her a curt nod in goodbye and Ahsoka smiled. Then the two were gone. Ahsoka turned to him. "Little Ani?" She asked. Anakin glared at her. "Say nothing," he ordered.

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