so how r u random people doin' out there? ok so heres ur dumb disclamer: I do not own danny phanto or vampire knight. here s the chapter!


Well no, I've just never heard you laugh befor." yuki responed. Now knowing that Zero Made Yuki mad he said " Gemenosi, Yuuki." " Its ok Zero. Don't more mad with your self than you alredy are, ok? Try to be happy, for me." Yuki said trying to make him a little more happier than he was at the time."Whatever, Catch you later Zero." danny said. "ok"zero said back.

Sam's POV

I wsonder what those idiots were taling about? the must have been talking about some thing real funny cause that one boy Zero dosent seem like the one to laugh, Danny and Tucker aren't really that funny. Ecspecialy Tucker hes almost...boring. Yeah but i guess Danny is kinda funny, but not much more than Tucker

the next day

"Hey, do you think you could help me with the other crowd today?" Yuki asked sam. "HUH, Oh yhea i guess." sam said and was clearly not paying any attention."ok meet me at the gates after school, and be early this time." "whatever." Sam said and now was staring at the back of zeros head. zero felt eyes staring at him so he turned and screamed (in the middle of class) "What. Are. You. Looking. At.?" "HUH?! OH NOTHING...NOTHING AT ALL!" Then he turned and glared at Sam. Whitch mad matters eve worse.

Zero's POV

What was she looking at me for? It gives me the creeps being stared at like that! Who is she anyways? Oh right she's that Sam kid