A Spoon


"Akira! What are you doing?'

"Sensei! I was merely having an afternoon snack."

"Ah, I see. This is why you're twenty-five and still in high school." He sighed and went on. "Just get a handle on your duck and go to the front office."

"Tapioca? What did she do?'

I looked to my side and she wasn't there. After scanning the room, I found her underneath Haru's desk with my ham. He was feeding her. Whatever the case may have been, Haru hadn't left his seat for the duration of the class period. So, that meant…

Tapioca took my ham? Part of me thought that she must have been hungry and meant no harm by it. The other part of me was infuriated that she stole my ham right up from under my nose! I felt bested and betrayed. Infuriated, I stood quickly and slammed my hands onto the desk, looking at Tapioca accusingly. In the heat of the moment, just as I prepared to speak, I heard a tiny clank onto the tiled ground.

My spoon fell out of my side pocket.

All of this could've been avoided if I'd just had my spoon.

A bit dumfounded at the circumstances, I blankly sat down, picked up my spoon, and ate my curry. And whoever had the guts to stop me better have been a serious contender in the art of yoga.