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Author's Note: This was written because Michael Weatherly said that there was going to be tension between Tony and McGee. This is what I thought of why the tension.


Anthony DiNozzo glared at Gibbs and McGee. McGee was sitting at his chair with Gibbs there looking at the screen. Gibbs hand was on his shoulder and squeezed and then told him Good job, McGee. McGee had also been staying with Gibbs after what Dearing did. The only time that he was ever allowed in Gibbs's house was when he didn't have an apartment.

It had been going on for a couple of weeks. He was tired to hearing Gibbs saying Good job and telling McGee he was a good Agent. Gibbs had never ever been like this towards him when he was hurting, or sick. He also heard that Gibbs had stayed a night in McGee's hospital room. The only time that Gibbs had been in the hospital room with him was when he said he didn't have his permission to die and then he left. He never told him he was a good Agent, or a good job. The only time he said he did a good job was when Gibbs pulled him away from the bullpen. He has never, ever said it in front of anybody like he did McGee.

He wondered if he should just leave. Would Gibbs care if he were gone? Probably not since what was happening. He was getting sick to his stomach every time he saw Gibbs and McGee together talking and laughing. It was like that a long time ago between the two of them. He wished he had it back. Would Gibbs of act the same way if he was the one injured. He shook his head because there would be no way that he would ever do that for him.

It wasn't like he was needed, or wanted any more. He turned to the computer to find a lead, but then he heard McGee say that he found something. He sighed and picked up his gun and badge and leaves the bullpen to follow the others. When they got back they found the Petty Officer and Gibbs and McGee started the interrogation. After that everyone did their reports, but Tony finished his after they all left.

Tony pushed away from his desk and went upstairs and knocked on the Directors door. He had asked for a transfer. He didn't care as long as it wasn't here. Vance said that he would look into it and Tony left to go home. He wondered how long would it be to find a job opening. He hoped it was soon because if it was any longer he was going to say something that he couldn't take back.

It would be a week later that Vance found out that there was an opening in Rota, Spain and so he took it. He didn't even tell any of the team, or even Abby, Ducky, or Jimmy. He didn't think they would care. Maybe Jimmy would, but he couldn't take the chance that he would say anything.

Tony packed the last of his belongings. He would be checking into a hotel room for the last day that he would be in DC. He picked up his last folder and started working on it. It was the last file that he would work on here. He had been lucky that they had been on cold cases during that time, or else he might have had to stay longer. Once again he heard Gibbs and McGee talking and Gibbs put his hand on McGee's shoulder to squeeze and he heard him ask if he was okay. He was glad that he was leaving because he couldn't do this anymore. He felt like the only person that Gibbs cared for now was McGee now that he was injured. He really did need to step away and leave because he knew he would say and do something that he didn't want to happen.

When he went to the airport that night he turned to look back at DC one more time and turned to the plane that would take him far, far away from this place where he knew that he wasn't wanted. His father really was right that nobody would care for him he just wished that he didn't have to learn it the hard way.

The End