Epilogue-How they ended Up

Andrea-Andrea, as the only female victor in District 5, was reaped for the 75th Games. She was killed. She had been married for 10 weeks.

Dr. Barium-Dr. Barium, despite the losses he suffered, bravely continued to practice medicine and train new "recruits." These recruits included a 13 year old girl by the name of Primrose. He became a medic at the army camps during the Rebellion and continued living in District 13 with his daughter long after it ended.

Dale-Dale continued training soldiers to fight. He became a good friend and partner of a man from District 3 named Beetee.

Clove's mother-Earlier, Clove mentioned that her mother had "run away." She had tried to escape to District 13, but never made it.

Jax-Jax went on to fight in the Rebellion. He was killed in battle. He'd always had a crush on a girl, but never had the courage to tell her before his death. That girl was Liz.

Liz-She became a doctor shortly after the end of the Rebellion. But 12 long years after it ended and District 13 was no longer needed, she moved to District 10, where sunlight was guaranteed. There, she married and went on to have 4 children. She did eventually find out who Clove and Finch really were, but that had no effect on their friendship.

Cable-He never forgot Finch. Cable fought in the Rebellion, believing it was something his best friend would have wanted. He was shot and eventually died from his wounds. He strongly believed Finch had committed suicide rather than be forced to kill. Cable never learned that Finch was alive the whole time.

Tessa- (Whose name randomly changed back and forth from Trisa. That's embarrassing. I apologize.)She somehow made it through the Rebellion. Tessa grew up and left the orphanage, becoming a teacher. She married a simple Power Plant worker and was able to live a somewhat normal life until her best friend and sister-figure showed up at her doorstep more than 20 years after she "died." Even after all that time, Tessa recognized her instantly.

Enobaria-Though she was initially rescued, Enobaria was killed during a torture method in which she was demanded to tell where Clove Cato and the others were located. She let them kill her rather than tell them.

Aurelia-Aurelia was honored by President Paylor and worked for her as a negotiator between her and the Capital Citizens.

Antony-He became the President's personal stylist, as well as the stylist for Beetee, Katniss, Peeta, Annie and Johanna every time they gave speeches.

Cato-Cato eventually came to terms with what he had done in the Games and began to move forward. He fought in the Rebellion, making sure to stay out of Katniss's sight, and just for precaution dyed his hair brown. He was shot in the arm when he jumped in front of Thresh to protect him and got it amputated, but lived. When he was 22 and Clove was 20 they married. Both of them moved to District 4 shortly after. Cato is a very proud father. And yes, he eventually was able to shoot a gun.

Clove-Along with the others, she fought in the Rebellion, though as a medic. She worked in the army camp along with Finch's father. After the Rebellion and her marriage, she and Cato moved right across from Finch in District 4. They never could separate. She has three children, two boys and a girl. Their names are Gallant, Max and Jetta.

Thresh-After a brief inner-debate with himself, he proposed to Finch. In their secret garden. He fought in the Rebellion and lost two fingers, but was otherwise unharmed. Though of course, no one asked him, he was adamantly against the idea of a Capital Games. He and his family moved to District 4. Of course, Thresh can never forget the Games, but for some reason, he says that they may not be bad to remember.

Finch-Like Thresh, she was against the idea of a Capital Games, and convinced Clove and Cato likewise. She felt no need for revenge, but stated that no one should have to see what she has. After President Paylor took over and the districts began to become somewhat more equal, she and Thresh moved to District 4. There, they saw the ocean for the first time. She has twin girls named Heather and Andrea. Everyone she knows says she's the happiest person they've ever met.