A few warnings: this story deals with alcohol, drugs, cutting, promiscuity, and spanking

How Do You Solve a Problem like Jess?

Jennifer Fabray sat at the vanity in front of the mirror, blow drying her long blonde hair. Her head was bent down, and she was brushing from the bottom. She lifted her head up, flipping her long hair in a graceful motion. Gasping in surprise, she noticed her mom leaning against the doorway with her arms crossed, smiling at her.

"Jeez, way to give me a heart attack, Mom!" Placing her hand over her heart, she mock glared at her mother.

Rachel chuckled, "Sorry honey, your mother sent me to make sure you and Jess were up and moving. Watching you dry your hair gave me a flashback to high school. It reminded me how much I used to love to watch your mom do the same thing after Cheerios practice."

Quinn put her finger to her lips to shush her daughter. She snuck up behind her wife, and grabbed her around the waist, "USED to? Why Mrs. Fabray, I'm wounded."

The little brunette jumped in shock, "Quinn, are you trying to kill me?" She exhaled loudly, before wrapping her arms around the pale ones encircling her, "I will love everything about you until the day I die!" She twisted her head, placing her lips on the full, soft lips of her wife. Quinn leaned in deepening the kiss, and both women moaned softly.

Jen just smiled indulgently. She thought it was cute her parents still acted like teenagers, even if it was embarrassing at times.

Her younger sister, Jess, was passing her room on the way downstairs, "Jesus Christ, do you two have to do that crap before breakfast? Not only does it creep me out, it's nauseating."

Rachel rolled her eyes, and turned around to face her other daughter. She swatted her on her backside playfully, "Enough out of you grumpy girl. Get your little butt downstairs."

Quinn laughed at the look on Jess's face, "Yeah, you are too young to be so cynical."

Jess just glared at her mothers'. She ripped her arm away from her shorter mom, and stomped down the stairs.

Rachel stared regretfully after her for a second, before turning to her oldest daughter, "Hurry up Jen, breakfast is getting cold," She murmured softly. She leaned over and kissed Quinn chastely, "you too angel, everything is ready."

The playful spirit was broken. Jess had a way of dumping ice water on everyone's mood.

"I'll be right down mama," She smiled sweetly at her tiny mom. She hated when Jess treated their mama like that. It happened all the time, and she could tell it really hurt her feelings.

Rachel nodded distractedly, and followed Jess downstairs.


Quinn walked into her bedroom to put the finishing touches on her makeup. She reached over, and picked up her wooden hairbrush. She was staring in the mirror, lost in thought. Feeling the weight of the brush in her hand, she casually struck her palm with it a few times. It stung. Looking down at her palm, she thought, not for the first time, the back of that hairbrush might just be what Miss Jessica needed. She was always so rude and disrespectful. She had no respect for either of her parents. From what her teachers reported at the first conference, she had none for anyone.

She frowned at her reflection in the mirror. Rachel had felt the back of this hairbrush used on her little diva ass too many times to count. The last time was just two weeks ago. Every single time Quinn brought up spanking Jess, Rachel would veto the idea. Rachel said she was a consenting adult, so it was fine for her to be punished that way. She didn't like the idea of spanking children. Rachel brought up the fact that her fathers' never spanked her as a child. Quinn thought it was in her best interest not to mention that was probably why she needed to be spanked as an adult. She really preferred not to sleep on the couch any time soon.

Quinn was a therapist, and she knew the prevailing opinions by the experts on spanking. She also knew from experience it worked, as long as it was done lovingly, without anger. Hell, Rachel was proof of that.

The blonde was torn from her musings by loud voices in the kitchen. She got up, and headed downstairs, bumping into Jennifer on the way down.

"Jen, what's going on?"

"I don't know I just heard yelling," The girl sprinted ahead of her mother.

They arrived at the kitchen together, just in time to see Jess storm out the back door. She slammed it so hard, part of the wood frame cracked.

Rachel was standing by the sink softly crying.

"Rachel sweetheart, what happened?" Quinn gathered the diva in her arms. Jen just watched sadly.

The brunette sniffled loudly, turning in her wife's arms. She snuggled up to her chest, and said in a fake bright tone, "It's nothing angel, Jess was just in a bad mood this morning. Just a difference of opinion, really."

Jen crossed her arms, "When isn't she in a bad mood?"

Quinn looked over, and saw the pain on her daughter's face. Something needed to be done about Jessica's behavior, "This can't continue, Rach. She cannot be allowed to talk to you like that. You're her mother! She needs to show you some respect."

"We'll talk about it later, angel," Rachel went over and poured Quinn some coffee, "Come on you two, everything is getting cold. You both need to eat."

The two blondes sat down at the table, as Rachel served them breakfast.

"What time is soccer practice over, Jen?" Quinn inquired, as she bit her rye toast.

Jen was slathering peanut butter on her toast, "I should be done by five. Why, what's up?"

"I was thinking we could all go out to dinner together, tonight. What's your schedule look like, Rach?"

Rachel sat down at the table, pulling up the calendar on her iPhone, "My last lesson is over by four," She looked up at her favorite blondes, and smiled adoringly.

"Then it's settled. I will pick up you and Jess, and we'll swing over and grab Jen at the High School."

"Where are you taking us?" The teenager asked with a mouthful of toast.

"Jennifer, no talking with your mouth full," Rachel admonished automatically.

"Sorry mama," Jen giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand.

Quinn rolled her hazel eyes, "It's a secret, you'll all find out tonight. I'll text Jess to come straight home."

"Good luck with that," Jen thought to herself ruefully.

They finished breakfast quickly. Jen got up and kissed her mothers' goodbye. Quinn kissed Rachel, grabbed her briefcase, and rushed out the door. Rachel sat down to finish Quinn's coffee, like she did every morning.

She frowned when she thought of the argument with Jessica this morning. She had caught Jess in her purse. She said she needed lunch money, but Rachel could tell she was lying. She really shouldn't have kept that from Quinn. Rachel reached back, and rubbed her ass absentmindedly. No, she definitely should have told her wife about that.


Rachel adored her family. Jessica was a constant worry though. They had moved back to Ohio from New York, after Quinn had caught her smoking pot. The teen had been hanging out with a bad group of delinquents. After a long discussion, Quinn and Rachel felt it best to move back to a small town. It offered less temptation. It really hadn't been fair to the rest of the family, but they loved their kids.

The singer had made a name for herself on Broadway, but nothing beat being a mom. They made a comfortable living in Ohio, between Quinn's job, and Rachel being in demand as a vocal coach. Rachel reassured Quinn she would stay in the loop with New York, but she didn't know if she really wanted to do another show. The girls were growing up so fast. They would be in college, and gone before she knew it. She'd have plenty of time to do more shows later.

Picking up the dirty dishes, Rachel rinsed them off and placed them in the dishwasher. She had an hour before her first lesson. It was time for a nice hot shower.


Jess was furious with herself for getting caught. She really needed that money. Domenic said no more credit for her. "Fuck, now I have to sit through homeroom straight," She walked faster, kicking a can off the side of the road.

Maybe Domenic would consider a blow job for payment. "No," she thought to herself, "He'd just apply it to my balance," She'd still have to sit through homeroom straight, and with that disgusting taste in her mouth. She smirked to herself, Domenic was a total freak. She'd find a way to get high today.

She pulled a cigarette out of the secret compartment in her backpack. She lit it up, and took a long pull. It calmed her nerves. Damn Rachel had cried when she yelled. She thought her mothers were stupid twats most of the time, but she hated making Rachel cry. She would look at you with all this misery in those pretty little calf eyes. It made Jess want to punch something. Now Quinn was another story. Her blonde mother was just a straight up bitch. Jess didn't care about pissing her off.

Checking the time, Jess stopped for a sec to finish her smoke. She ground it out with the heel of her boot. She thought about Rachel again, and felt the familiar pull in her stomach. She dug around her backpack, until she found what she was looking for. Breathing a sigh of relief, she wrapped her hands around the contraband. She kept her kit handy, at all times. If she hurried, she could cut herself before homeroom. Then she could stop thinking about what a fuck up she was, at least until she found Domenic and talked him into getting her high.

Feeling the anxiety and stress leave her, she broke into a jog when McKinley came into view. Relief was in sight.


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