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Chloe's POV

Derek and I were in the clearing, breathing heavily from the kiss.

We began to fight. Don't ask me what about, I can't remember. It was all a blur. I ran back to the motel. Derek was running after me, trying to apologise, but I wouldn't listen. Somehow, I managed to beat him there. I stomped into an empty room. There was a note from Aunt Lauren on the bed. It read:

Dear Chloe,

Tori, Kit, Simon, and I went to the store to get some things like food and clothes, considering that yours are still covered in Andrew's blood. We will be back soon. Love you.
Aunt Lauren
P.S. Don't go in the boy's room. You've had more than enough alone time with Derek.

I snorted at the last line. It's not likely that I would go and see Derek right now. I laid down on my bed and thought. And thought. And thought. I thought about my dad. I thought about the Cabal. And I thought about Derek. After I had enough thinking, I realised that I loved him. I also realised that he loved me too, me being his mate and all. I realised that this is bad. Very bad, considering what just happened. He broke my heart.

I am vulnerable and weak and slowing everybody down. I needed to stop being such a wimp. I was Derek's mate. He would protect me no matter what. Even if it costed him his life. I wouldn't wish death upon anybody-except the Edison Group-even somebody who just brought tears to my eyes. This was so not okay. I needed to toughen up.

"Run away" A voice whispered in my ear. For some reason, I didn't jump. "Run away. Come back when you are ready to join them. You are slowing the others down. You will be the death of them."

I took that into consideration. Just run away. We're getting rather good at that. All I would have to do is run away. I come back when I am toughened up. If I die out there, I DIE! It would be better than Derek dying in my place. "Run away." I liked the way it sounded on my lips.

Are you crazy?! Run away?! That's insane! You would die out there! The smart part of me scolded.

Run Away! Quick! Do it quickly, while most of them are gone. If you die out in the real world, then surely the Supernatural world is too much for a weakling like you. I have no idea what part of me was saying that, but it convinced me.

I quickly packed my bag-which didn't have much in it-and jumped out my window. Now I know what you are thinking, You are so stupid! I thought you wanted to get tougher, not killed! Well, there was only 1 floor so chill the fuck out. Anyway, I ran to the forest behind the stupid motel.

I realised that I forgot to write a note. I threw my bag in a tree and ran back to the hotel and through the window again. I wrote the note, reread it, and smiled. I was actually doing this! I went out the door this time, and walked slowly to where I left my bag. As I was walking, a ghost appeared next to me.

"Hello, I suppose you were the one that convinced me to run away?" He nodded. "Thanks, I'm Chloe by the way." I smiled at him.

"Seath." He smiled, too. He looked about 16 or 17. He was tan with sandy colored hair. His smile was a blinding white. If he was alive, I would have thought he was hot. "You wanna know something?"


"I was a subject of the Edison Group, too. I was a technological half demon. That means I used to be able to control technology. I still can in the afterlife, though. They terminated me when I erased all the data in their computers. It was hilarious until they killed me."

I laughed. I had never heard of his race before, I found it interesting. "Nice. I released a demi-demon, whose magic held together the lab. The whole building fell apart."

"I know." I must have given him a weird look because he went on. "I found you guys when you were there the first time. I was stuck there. You released me, too. I've followed you guys since then. And for getting me out of that hell-hole, I am eternally grateful." He laughed and bowed at my feet. I laughed with him, this Seath kid was cool.

We reached the tree. I jumped up and tried to get my bag, but I landed off balance and ended making a loud thud and sitting in a really weird position. I looked up to see my bag still in the tree. Seath laughed and got down in the same position as I did. "What are you laughing at?" I snapped, I always hated it when people made fun of me.

"We look like Spiderman!" He exclaimed. I had to laugh at that.

I looked to my left and saw Derek walking over to me. I immediately stopped laughing. Derek looked angry. "That's your ex-boyfriend, right? Wait, did you guys break up? I was very confused." Seath declared.

"Me too." I agreed. Derek reached me. "Did you need something Derek?" I asked.

"Chloe, what the hell are you doing?"

"What the hell are you doing?" I mocked. What was I supposed to say? I looked down and realised I was still in the 'Spiderman' position. "Yoga." I answered simply. Yeah, I know, that was the stupidest response ever. But hey, I was a little frazzled.

"Yoga?" Seath asked in-between laughs.

"Yoga?" Derek asked. He gave me a look and said, "Stop being stupid." That pissed me off. Nobody calls me stupid.

"Yes, yoga!" I stood up and brushed myself off. "And now I'm done. So I'm just gonna take a walk."

I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm. "You know you're not supposed to be out here, alone."

I had an idea. "I'm not alone. I'm with Liz."

"Who's Liz?" Seath asked. I ignored him.

"I'm not falling for that, Chloe." Derek said. He is so stubborn!

"I can prove it." I took out my iPod."Liz, turn this on." I looked at Seath and he smiled evilly. He had a look of concentration on his face and my iPod lit up. I smiled. "See?"

"Okay, go and take a walk, but don't go too far." He didn't look happy about it, but he turned and walked away.

Once he was back in the ugly motel, I jumped for my bag and got it this time. I looked back at Seath. "Hey, thanks a lot for doing that. Derek would never had let me go if my friend Liz wasn't with me."

"No worries. Just as long as I can accompany you on your little journey." I could tell he really wanted to come.

"Of course you can come, Seath." And with that, we set off. Finding our way through the forest, covering my sent, and joking around. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

Though slowly, It became more powerful. Soon I would be overwhelmed. Just wait and see.

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