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Raye searched the fire for any clue on their next enemy. After the dark star nobody has attacked them and everyone was on edge.

Suddenly a pair of striking ember eyes stared back at her and seemed just as surprised to see her. Out of fear Raye stopped the fire and stepped back.

"Who… who was that?" Raye stumbled out and walked towards the garden, loosening her hair, to think about what it could have been.

A boy with short black hair and red tips jumped back from the fire. 'Will I meet her… while I follow my mother's orders?' he thought to himself, his ember eyes narrowed in thought.

"Osamu!" a voice thundered in the silence covering the thud of the door.

"Yes Second?" the boy asked still kneeling before the fire.

The voice was obviously irritated but still told him "Mother wants to see us."

"I understand." the boy told him standing.

Gracefully he walked out of the room towards the throne room with the irritated boy following. Entering they approached the figure on the throne; when they was about five feet away they kneeled in front of her beside a girl. "You have called me Emprise?" he asked not looking up.

"Stand my son." She told Osamu. Standing he didn't approach but stood there at attention. She motioned for him to come forward. He walked towards her and stood infront of her still at attention.

Her hand rested on his cheek "My precious fourth born…" she murmured.

Composing herself she removed her hand and told them. "Our next target is Earth… the crown jewel of the Moon kingdom."

The boy and girl gasped "But mother…"

"SILENCE!" the woman roared cutting them off. "Our forces are strong enough to go against the sailor scouts now." she told them. "And Ichiro… you need to atone for your mistakes." she told the boy kneeling to her. "You will be leading the first attack Ichiro." she told him.

Ichiro knelt there silently "Of course Mother."

"Good. You will not kill them… you are to capture them and send them here where I will kill them myself." the woman told him.

Pale he still nodded that he understood. He glimpsed helplessly at his younger brother hoping that he would try to convince their mother to send someone else. But Osamu just looked at him making it clear that he would do no such thing.

"Head out immediately and take anyone who you think will help you capture them." she ordered.

Standing he bowed he left the throne room.

"Ayame leave us." the woman ordered the girl. Bowing the girl left them and closed the door behind her.

"Now Osamu… you would never guess what the seers told me…" the woman told him.

He was nervous for his own life, she has killed men and women because of what the seers told her. "What did they tell you mother?" he asked.

"They told me that you will betray me." she told him and laughed, he laughed with her nervously. "But I don't believe them. There's no way you'd leave me. You aren't an idiot."

Suddenly she became serious again "You are to watch Ichiro… I don't trust him."

He bowed and told her in a monotone voice "Of course mother."

"If he fails… you know what to do." she made a slitting motion with her finger."You are dismissed" Bowing again he retreated again.

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