"Simba is the true king." Nala claimed. Askari and Grace were almost there. The cheetah sisters were riding on Askari's back.

"The choice is yours, Scar." Simba growled. They ran faster.

"Either step down or fight." He added. Askari and Grace were finally there. Hiding behind a rock.

They leaped onto Pride Rock and into action.

"Never fear. Askari is almost here!" Askari panted and dropped to the side. Everyone cocked their eyebrow at Askari. He got up light-headed and shook his head into a complete focus.

"Stop right there, Scar!" He said bravely and boldly. "Or should I say dad!"

Everyone gasped and their eyes fell on Scar, except one of the cheetah sisters who didn't gasp.

"I KNEW IT!" She cheered. Every gave her a look as if to say 'really? seriously? Now you tell us!'.

"Not a good time, is it? I'm sorry. I'll just sit over there." She walked to a rock at sat down.

"That was...interesting." Askari looked back at his real father, who was clapping slowly.

"Very good, my boy. I see you have collected many things of mine. Green eyes. Black mane. Dark brown fur. You seem to have the strength of my brother. You also have the same size of mane as him." Scar rubbed his chin as he observed his son.

"I may look like you but I am NOTHING like you!" He replied. Askari explained Scar's plan with one sentence and then...the battle was on. Hyenas VS Lions. Who will win?

Scar was cornered by Askari and Grace. The cheetah sisters followed them.

"Son! It's me, your father!" Scar backed away. Askari had anger in his eyes. Fire circled the two. Grace stood in the backround with the cheetah cubs. Scar kicked the a giant rock and it aimed for Askari. Grace pushed him out of the way and the giant rock landed on her.

"GRACE! NO!" Askari gasped.