Go Canada! Be noticed! The poor little thing we love you don't worry.

Canada: Heartpheonix doesn't own Hetalia

Canada went back home and stared at the disk that was so evil in France's opinion. Well he might as well find out. He installed it into his computer. "Drive me crazy" Canada read aloud "sounds interesting" after read the instructions he realized this was more than just a driving simulation you could do more than just that. "Well let do this Mr. Sumojiro"

"Who are you?" Mr. Kumajiro asked

"I'm Canada!" he sighed and clicked start. Canada rapidly clicked the up arrow which made him go faster the seines made him jump even though he knew they were coming.

"Go faster." Mr. Kumajiro said

"O-ok." clicking faster he ran over some random stopped cars. Surprised and sad that he ran a bunch of innocent people over. "I should just go to jail Mr. Sumojiro." Canada said

"No be rebel, be strong!" Mr. Kumajiro said "Wait who are you?"

"I'm Canada, your owner. But I guess your right this will let me be known this could help people notice me!" Canada clicked faster.


"CANADA!... oh I'm sorry I yelled" Canada said "O-Oh robots are after me now and my finger is getting sore. What do I do."

"You can give up and be loser no one remembers or you can keep going and be a hero like America."

With that Canada clicked faster and faster till he pasted out.

"Wha-what happened." Canada said waking up.

"Oh you're awake. I'm hungry."

"Oh me too. Owww my finger hurts." Canada stared his finger looked bruised and it was sore, "But pancakes wait for no man or finger." he noticed his computer on "I remember now I was being a hero like America. This game did this to me now the pancakes won't be at their best."

"I don't like this game now my pancakes won't be the best" Mr. Kumajiro said.

"Let's give it to some one else like... Oh Prussia I was going to visit so why not."

"Ok let's do that."

"Ok then."