The Untold Salem Witch Trials

Authors Note: This idea arose in the jumbled sphere that is my tortured noggin when Darren Shan happened to be on my mind while I was doing a history project on the Salem Witch Trials. Fan-fiction also happened to be on my mind at the time, and then I thought, what if the characters lived in this time period?

Darren's POV

So it's a casual day . . . well, for me. Being an assistant of a demanding, crabby, orange-haired vampire wasn't easy; it had its ups and downs. The downs being commanded to do things like dusting his coffin, having to sneak into some old person's dwelling to steal blood for his stash, only being able to travel at night, and being treated like a child. The ups (sort of) was that I was a half-vampire. I had super strength, I could run faster than any kid my age, and there was a promising future when I became of full vampire. The downs on this matter was that I couldn't see my family, and I had no friends because my master, Mr. Crepsley, and I didn't linger in any one town for any long period of time.

The other depressing thing was that I was stuck in the body of a child when mentally I was equal to at least a teenager. I had been blooded at the age of twelve when I made a deal with Mr. Crepsley. You see, he was part of this traveling circus called the Cirque du Freak, and his act was with an exotic and extremely poisonous spider named Madam Octa. I had always been fascinated by spiders, and I stole her. When I was brave enough, I let her out of her cage, controlling her by a tin whistle and directing my thoughts to her. Steve, my best friend, was with me while I was playing with her one-day out in the fields when suddenly my little sister, Annie, popped up out of nowhere. She screamed when she saw the huge vividly colored spider, and Madam Octa bit Steve.

Having no doctors in our village, I reasoned that the spider's original owner might have an antidote. I went back to the clearing where the Cirque du freak had performed, and in the distance I had seen a flash of orange behind the trees. I had walked that way, but Mr. Crepsley appeared before me suddenly, insisting I was a thief. I explained the situation to him and in the end he made me a deal. I would serve him as a half-vampire, and in exchange for my services, the vampire would give Steve the antidote and save his life.

I accepted.

And now . . . here I am five years later. It's 1692 in the village of Salem where my life would irrevocably change.

I mentioned the few changes I was making for this story to fit in the time period, and more will obviously take place in later chapters. That is if I get at least five reviews and/or favorites for this story trailer. If I do get these reviews/favorites, I'll begin the Untold Salem Witch Trials in about one month. Au revior – at least for now!