Nefret slowly rolled onto her back, a smiling forming on her lips as the silk bedsheets moved gracefully with her body. Her hair was disheveled, framing her face and gracing her pillow in raspy waves. She was also still wearing the attire she had worn to Fangtasia, noticing that the corset had twisted around the curves of her body as she had slept.

Despite how it appeared, Nefret had slept alone. She had left the club shortly before dawn, exhausted and overwhelmed by what had happened that evening. For the first time in many years, she had opened up to another individual.

An individual whom she felt she had a sudden attachment to, despite her internal protest.

Adjusting her corset, Nefret slowly got out of bed and approached her bedroom window. She hadn't had the chance to install any drapery around the window; instead, she found herself staring down the venetian blinds that were installed when she had moved in. Grasping the wooden rod hanging to her right, Nefret let it twist between her thumb and index finger until sunlight began spilling into the room.

This was her secret.

This was the reason why she would not allow herself to open up to others.

Nefret was a vampire without restriction; a vampire that could thrive in the light of the sun.

A small smile formed on Nefret's lips as she felt the warmth of the sun on her skin. Letting a small sigh escape, she turned away from the window and walked to the bathroom. She immediately turned the light switch on, pausing to see her disheveled reflection in the mirror. After a minute had passed, she walked over to the large roman-style bathtub and turned the water faucet on. She stood there for a moment, listening to the sound the water made as it hit the porcelain.

Nefret knew that she would be spending the day unpacking her boxes, but she felt that a visit to Fangtasia was in order that evening.