I know it's really short ,but it's just the prologue. I usually have over a thousand words on each chapter. So I hope you like it.

I only own Ashton, Rory, Mercy, Kris, Riley, Raine, Christopher, and some other people I will put in later.


I am a svetocha and I have a twin sister name her name is Rory. We both look exactly alike with our mothers dark brown hair and our fathers icy-blue eyes.

Our older brother Christopher is named after our father and as everyone say looks exactly like him. Anyways back to us I am the sneaky and artistic twin and Rory is the sarcastic and rebel twin.

We both are very nosy and adventurous. Our best friends are Mercy, Kris, and Riley. Mercy is a loup- garou with brown hair and green eyes. She is sneaky like me and is not afraid to tell you what's what.

Next, is Kris she is a werwulfen and is super shy but really fun to be around. Last, is Riley he is Kris's younger brother only by a year though. He is also an werwulfen.

He is really fun and is made fun of a lot ,because he's gay. We always take up for him and it usually ends up with a fight. Oh, I almost for got to mention that part ,we get in to fights all most everyday.

I bet your wondering what our parents thing about this. Well their not here ,I guess you could say. Our mother was supposably killed by Sergej two months after we were born and our father went on a rage after that and left.

So, the people that are in charge of Rory and me is the council. But, mostly Uncle August watches over us. Mercys dad and mom was also supposably killed by Sergej.

I say supposably because that's what the council told us and who knows if it's true. Kris and Riley's mom died while giving birth to twins, Riley and Raine. Nobody knows about their father.

My name is Ashton Anderson I am fifteen years old and this is our story.

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