"Ahhh Mr Solomon, what can I do for you?" Madame Dabney questioned. Putting up my mask I strolled through the room heading to where Nick and his friends were.
"Nick, Grant, may I have a word with you gentlemen?"
"Yes sir." Came the immediate response from both boys. I walked through the door going into the hallway, leading them to my office. Once we were all seated in my room I broke the news slowly, explaining the situation.
"Alright i dont know how to tell you this so I'm just gonna show you."
"Solomon what's wrong?" Asked Grant, as I was walking to my table where a DNA test I had was already done. Walking swiftly to the chairs I placed it down on the table, careful not to show that I was freaking out inside.
I watched the boys expressions to from confused, to shocked all in a total of one second.
"Wait, is this what Cammie found in her holiday?" Nick asked.
I nodded subtly glancing at Cammies sleeping form.
"OMG I have a little sister and a twin brother!" Grant squealed - yes squealed - like a little girl when he figured it out. I smiled a little, happy that he wasn't mad. "Hang on, who's older? I better be older than Nick!" Grant said.
"Grants the oldest, Nick a week younger and Cammie, 2 weeks younger."I answered.
"So Solomon, what's our last name?" Nick asked after questioning me about his parents while Grant listened quietly which was a first.
I cleared my throat before answering, "Newman".

I walked with them back to CA before running back to my room. I entered silently wanting to suprise Cammie.
A smile graced my lips as i bent down and connected hers with mine in a swift passionate kiss, waking up the teen beneath me as she started kissing me back.
" Morning sleepyhead, " I whispered into her neck as I laid down next to her pulling her into me.
" So I have a question to propose, Cam I've always loved you, since I walked in late to that welcome back dinner and our eyes connected, I love that your so close to your friends your like sisters, I love that your a natural leader and most of all, I love you. I know I could get fired but I'd do anything for you so, Cameron Ann Morgan will you be my girlfriend?"
Lips were instantly place over mine as she answered with a simple kiss, a yes.
"How do we tell my mum?" Cam questioned, breaking off our kiss.
Will she judge Cam? Will she fire me? Questions swarmed my head and I looked down at Cam, so vulnerable, and decided well just have to show her.
"We'll just have to show her." I said watching Cammies reaction.
"What, so when she has the next meeting with you in this room, we'll just be making out when she opens the door?"
"Yes Cam exactly that, and the next meeting I have with her is in 2 minutes," I said looking down at my watch. Almost a second after I said that, I heard the Sub level elevator ding along with the voices of Rachel and Matthew Morgan drifting down the corridor. I pulled on my Tshirt , that I had taken off when I slipped into bed, while grabbing Cams hand, dragging her across the room to the door.
"If we can hear them, they cam hear us." I whispered to Cammie before circling my arms around her waist, pulling her into me.
"God Cam, why do you have to go?" I said with an exasperated sigh, louder than usual. Cammie got the hint and played along with, once again the loud voices. "As much as i would love to make out with you all day Joe, i have classes."Said Cammie, smiling when we heard a gasp and the footsteps stop slowly. "Fine, i'll see you after school in the passageway."I replied. "But, one last kiss." "Sure Joe." She said before kissing me deeply,wrapping my arms around her waist, hers went to my neck. i deepened the kiss, backing her up into the cream coloured the walls next to my bed. Sliding my hands up her blue striped shirt, i almost forgot about our plan, but was soon reminded, when the voice of my best friend and Cammie's godfather, jolted me back into reality.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!"Shouted Matt and Rachel from the door.