1. I Wear Holsters Now, Holsters Are Sexy

The grab below his belt had him gaping in silence for a good minute before his brain figured out how to string sounds and words into coherency again. He shifted closer, hand brushing the line of her spine through her coat, his voice a low, seductive murmur. "So…uh…Round Four at your place?"

She chuckled. "Oh, Castle, it'll be a lot more than four, don't you think?" Kate stayed facing the elevator doors, an infuriatingly serene look on her face.

He couldn't fathom how she could handle all of the newness, the sheer amazing, extraordinary thing that was them. He was already half crawling out of his skin, and they were still standing in the damned elevator.

Well, if she was going to tease, then he had free reign. Rick waited until just before the elevator reached the ground floor and then attacked—a sure, warm, devastating palm cupping the perfect cheek of her ass through her jeans, fingers curling in a firm squeeze.

Kate jumped, spinning towards him with eyes already darkened with arousal when the doors slid open.

He grinned, tucking his hands into his pockets innocently. "Two weeks, huh?"

She growled under her breath and lurched forward out of the elevator, muttering darkly. "You are so going to pay for that."

He hovered just outside the acceptable line of distance from her back as she stopped at the curb, arm raised to hail a taxi. "I'm looking forward to it, Detective."

-CBeckett's ApartmentC-

Castle draped himself along her back, pressed up against the door. His palm was splayed wide against her left side, fingers curled under the strap of her shoulder holster. He nosed aside the hair falling over the back of her neck, tongue darting out to taste the skin below her ear. "Do you know how hot this thing is?"

Kate fumbled with the doorknob, groaning. "Cas—fuck, let me get the door open."

Rick grinned against her skin, slipping his other hand around her middle to 'help'. She moaned low in her throat, head falling back against his shoulder as his hand slid against the front of her pants. "Rick."

"Keys, Kate. We need the keys to open the door."

The nails of her hand dug into the back of his as she pulled him away, free hand fumbling with keys at the lock. She thrust her ass back against him, panting as she grinned. "Keys, huh?"

Castle growled low, the hand at her belt moving to grip her hip with bruising force. "Door, Kate, or we're doing this here."

"We can give your exhibitionism a try later, Ricky." Her apartment door fell open with a groan of relief from both of them, stumbling forward still connected, his feet tripping between hers.

Kate twisted in his grip, mouth latching on to his as her hands slipped over the hem of her turtleneck. "God, we need these clothes off."

He chuckled into her mouth, tongue swirling against her lips as he stayed her hand. "Nuh-uh, I want this to stay on, shoulder holsters are sexy."


"Leave it on, Beckett." He palmed her breast through the shirt, pinky finger dancing along the edge of the leather strap on her holster. He abandoned his pursuit after a moment, fingers curling tightly around the leather to pull her forward into a kiss, shoving their bodies back towards the nearest wall.

A sure hand hooked in the clasp of her belt, tugging and pulling until the fastener came free. Kate moaned into his mouth, back flexing off the wall to grind into his hand. "Clothes off, Castle."

"Seems I'm doing all the work here, Detective."

She wasted no time, shoving the jacket from his shoulders, breaking his grip on the holster long enough to drop his leather coat to the floor. Her teeth sank into his lip, tongue soothing the bite after the fact as she fumbled through the buttons on his shirt, pushing the fabric away enough to bare his chest. Her nails teased down the newly revealed skin, panting breaths passing between their mouths as they worked in unison to remove the barriers necessary to get closer.

His belt clunked to the floor at their feet, rapidly followed by hers.

Kate hooked an arm around his neck, lifting up enough to toe out of her boots; the drop in height noticeable as her lips broke from his and nuzzled against the dip of his clavicle, tongue swiping wetly across warm skin.

He grunted, a dark rumble buzzing through his chest, hips flexing on autopilot to push her against the wall. Nimble fingers thumbed the button on her jeans next, dipping and sliding under the skin-warmed denim. Castle dipped his head sideways to investigate the skin under her ear as his palms slid around and under, cupping against her ass to pull her body up against his.

She shimmied once, letting the jeans slide and fall to the floor, feet worming out of the cuffs to jump up and wrap around his waist.

He thrust against her, the rough denim of his jeans rasping against lace and silk and skin, drawing moans in stereo from both of them. One hand rose again to tangle in the leather of the holster, tugging her forward to meet his mouth as the other struggled with the fastening to his own pants. She dropped one of the arms around his neck, moving to help at his waist with slim fingers darting between his to pop the button and rasp the zipper.

"Kaaate." Castle nearly choked on his tongue, head thrown back and gasping as she pushed down the jeans and slid her hand into his boxers, knowing and sure fingers wrapped around his length. He tugged ineffectually at the waistband of her panties, a whine rumbling halfway from his vocal cords. He curled two fingers around the lace at her hip, pulling hard.

Kate gasped aloud as the fabric parted with a rip, pulling back to glare. "You're…oh—," She grunted, head thudding against the wall as his hand danced along her center, thumb circling her clit in a sure motion, a raspy whimper choking off in her throat. She sucked in a hitching breath, trying again. "You're buying me new ones."

"I'll just buy out Victoria's Secret, you can model them all for me," Rick mumbled, shifting his head to trace along the sharp relief of her jaw line, muscles tensed under the skin.

Beckett snarled, teeth flashing out to latch on to his earlobe as she jerked the waist of his boxers out and down, nails raking along the curve of his ass. She jammed her heel into the small of his back, huffing against his skin as she ground her lower body against his. "Enough fucking foreplay already, just fuck me."

He lifted up under her ass, shifting them enough to press at her entrance with a low groan. "Oh, Detective, you make me feel so wanted." He thrust forward slowly, a teasing slide that had both of their heads falling against each other. "Fuck, you're so w—Kate."

She let her forehead rest against his as she shifted her hips, trying to pull him closer. "Don't stop, God, please don't stop," She panted, breath hitching on a sob. "Cas—Rick, move, move, move!"

They made quite the picture, half dressed against her wall, pants and boxers bunched around his shins, his fingers clenched tight around the strap of her holster and his other hand under her ass, hers fisted in his hair, foreheads resting together as they panted on shared air.

"Ha—Harder." Kate nuzzled along his jaw, the word breaking in her throat. Her heels dug into the small of his back, trying for any sort of leverage. "Harder."

He complied with a groan, tilting sideways to catch her lips. His hand left the strap for an instant, grabbing her wrist and tugging it between their bodies. "Kate…close. So close." His mouth went slack against hers, their upper lips just barely brushing every few thrusts. "Love you."

She followed his direction easily, lips moving back against his slack ones in a languid caress as her fingers sought out the warmth between them, knuckles bumping against him on each slide back. She whimpered, twisting and moaning into his mouth, the waves of her climax already building to a wave low in her abdomen. "Rick, I—Castle!" She shattered with a scream, head thrown back against the wall. He tensed and came spurred by the waves of her own climax, fingers white knuckled on the holster, tugging her upper body close against his with a wordless growl.

They drifted back down together, his head nestled against the crook of her neck, hers resting against the side of his.

Kate shifted, wincing slightly as she moved her legs. They both groaned as he slipped out, her legs falling from around his waist to land unsteadily on the floor.

"That was hot." She tugged on the fabric of the turtleneck, pulling it away from sweat slicked skin of her torso. "Man, what are we, a couple of nymphomaniacs?" She eyed him up and down, an amused glint in her eye. "Jeez, we didn't even get your pants off."

Castle laughed, bending to haul his boxers back up over his waist, the open tails of his shirt gaping open over his chest. "Technically I'm less dressed than you are."

"Oh, please. At least we got my pants off." Kate eyed the puddle of denim and ripped lace with some distaste, gaze rising to pin him with a glare. "And you still owe me a new set of underwear."

"A set?" He bent to gather their scattered clothes, toeing out of his own shoes and jeans. "Last I checked you still have a perfectly serviceable bra on, Kate."

"Yeah, and it was a matching set, which you have now ruined." Kate whipped the turtleneck up over her head as she spoke, already striding towards her bedroom. Rick watched the sway of her bare ass with no small amount of disinterest, his head tilted to the side.

She reached back, fingers efficient with the clasp of her bra. The black edged purple lace dangled tantalizingly from a single finger, falling to the floor just outside her bedroom. Kate threw him a sultry look over her shoulder, bottom lip caught firmly between her teeth as she disappeared into the room.

"You comin', Castle?"

So. That episode.

I mean I've watched it like 12 times and I still can't stop freaking out over it. All the awards, right?


So, anyways. This is my somewhat tongue in cheek contribution to the post-5x01 smut genre.

Oh, and, because I'm probably somewhat crazy, I've decided to make this a continuing story. Sort of my interpretation of Kate's two week suspension, and all of her, ahem, ideas.

Keep an eye on this space, people!