A.N: These is a collection of poems about Soul Eater Mary Sues. There's really not a whole lot to explain.

Now to begin our Sue tale,

About a girl with ebony skin (so pale!)

Almost everything about her was perfect,

And her as "best meister", her classmates would elect.

Now many have fallen for Death the Kid,

But not as hard as our Sue did.

With a flip of her kawaii violet and silver hair,

She went off, for Death the Kid was for her to snare.

But he waved her off with a mighty stride,

And pointed to her genetic condition eyes.

You see, our Sue was heterochromatic blessed,

With unsymmetrical violet and gold (the very best!)

So she set off to the contact store,

And bought some green ones Kid would adore.

She went back to the DWMA,

And walked up to Kid with a graceful ballet.

But Kid was mortified and nearly fainted as he said,

"Your super-magical birthmark, it's only on one side, now be off, before it's you I behead!"

And so our Sue wept and wept for days,

Her tears flowing for miles, and she was fazed.

And then she frickin' died in a hole, because she was a fucking stupid bitch.