The idea of giving Austin a chance didn't seem too bad. I mean he did seem different, but I just cant fully trust him right? I just have to ease him into it I guess. I went home that day, taking a nice walk home. It was a nice breezy weather, and I really wanted this day to be a relaxing sort of day. I got home and ran up the stairs. I changed into my sweatpants and a tank top and grabbed my blanket and a pillow from my bed. I also grabbed my book that I'm currently reading, Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. (1) I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of lemonade with ice too. I walked out onto the porch and took a seat on the small bench that's outside. It was a small white bench, it was old, but sturdy enough for my weight. I sat down on the edge of the bench and put my feet up on the rest of the bench. I laid the pillow beneath my head and the blanket on top of my legs. I set the glass of lemonade on the small end table.

I smiled as I took in the surrounding. It was a calm day, there were occasionally some bike riders, or sometimes some walkers or people running. The sound of laughter in the background makes me smile, knowing that some other people out there actually smile as much as I want to. I open my book and start reading. I read a couple chapters then close my book and smile. It was amazing how Nicholas Sparks writes, such a romantic. He always makes a different plot for each of his books, but every single one of them comes out with a happy ending. In this story, I love it how Katie was hurt. She had sort of a failed relationship and thought she'd never love again. She came to this isolated area to get away, which I find is very admirable. She's just so strong.

And with Alex, he also had a failed relationship, but not exactly failed, more like his relationship had moved on from him. His wife had died, and he must raise his kids by himself, which takes much courage. Alex sees Katie and instantly thinks she's very interesting, and unknowingly loves her too. I just feel like there's something really meaningful to this story, and I just can't seem to figure it out. It has a certain deja vu to it, something feels like its really special to me, this story.

I smile as I finish reading the chapter. I thought it was so obvious that they were going to get together in the first place. Who wouldn't see that? I mean really? I put the book aside and took my glass of lemonade. I started to our the sour-sweet liquid down my throat and I sighed in content as I closed my eyes.

It was a fairly nice day, and I was walking to the supermarket. There was this nice man who worked there, who also owned the store. I've only met him once or twice before, but he seemed fairly nice. I walked to the market, making sure that I didnt spend any extra time there. I still needed to make renovations on the house. I was fixing it up, part of a deal with me and my landlord. I would decorate it and he would pay for the furniture and other necessities. I walked into the store, feeling the breeze of air on my skin. The store was mostly filled with sailors, trying to fix up their boat so they could go back to the ocean.

Moon's Market was a nice market, it had groceries you could buy, and it had a small station where you could fix up your boats and fill it up with gas and whatnot. Southport was near the ocean, and was filled with many out-of-towners, and many people who like to spend time in the ocean. I walked into the aisle looking for some dry beans, but I couldn't find any. I went to the nearest cashier with the rest of my items and checked out my groceries. My cashier was the nice man who owned the store. Austin, I think it was. To be honest, he wasn't ugly. He was very attractive and had a nice smile. He seemed really down to earth and extremely friendly and nice.

"You find everything okay?" He said with a slight smile. I shrugged my shoulders. "Do you guys have any dry beans?" He shook his head. "I don't believe so." And thats how our conversations went. But something tells me that he was thinking about something else too.

The next day, I went back to the supermarket and walked back into the dry beans aisle. To my surprise, they had dry beans. I raised my eyebrow and took a can. Then I walked over to the produce section and looked for some onions. When I couldn't find any, I walked up to the cashier and bought my items. "Find everything okay this time?" Austin said with a slight chuckle. "Do you guys have onions?" He pointed behind him to a bag of onions. " I only need one."

"I could get one for you." He said as he finished bagging my items. "I dont you want to go to any trouble." I grabbed my items and started to walk out the door, but then a little girl caught my attention. She had blonde hair in two pigtails. She had sparkly blue eyes and had a bright smile on her face. I was like her once, I thought. I walked over to her and introduced myself to her. In the corner of my eye, I could see Austin staring at the both of us.

I learned that her name was Little Suzy. She was Austin's daughter, and definitely cute. She had so much energy that I could only wish I had. Maybe someday I could be just like her. Austin comes up to the both of us. "Hey." He shoves his hands into his pockets and rocks back and forth on his heels, looking nervous towards me. I raised my eyebrows. "Hey."

He looked like he was going to ask me something. "Um... Ally, do you maybe want to..-"

"Ahem!" I shoot my eyes open, and there's a slightly blurry Latina girl standing above me. "Not now Trish." She sighs and sits on the table. "You know we still have to talk." I sit up and nod my head.

What I can't figure out, is what Austin was going to say next.

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