The 12th doctor

Somewhere in space and time…

He, well he was now a she, couldn't believe it, well surely he… well she had thought about it before, but didn't think it would ever happen, last time he…she regenerated; he…she had thought it had happened but then it didn't, There was no point in denying it now as he…well she inspected herself on a mirror

-I'm a girl, I'm a actually a girl! And still not ginger. For fucks sake!...Wait! What was that? Am I that rude?, well of course I've been rude before but this…Well, look at that face isn't it lovely? Aren't I gorgeous?- She said looking at his side but without finding anyone to answer that.

-Right, Forgot about that. Now where was I?


-Where did you say you were going again?

-I'm going to the shop, I've told you three times already

-Why? Isn't it too late already?

-I forgot some papers

-Right, I just don't understand why you don't just ditch that old place already, I'm telling you, it is a proper shithole, Ems.

-Don't say that, you know Gran loved it, I can't just leave it.

-Well you should at least give yourself a break from it, it's consuming you, come with me just for a while, come to London, I might find you a fit lad and…


-Alright, I might find you a nice lezza, I totally think Trish swings both ways, and then we can go clubbing, get some powder from Cook…

-I'll talk to you later, Katie, bye.

-Oh C'mon Ems, live a little!

She opened the door to the shop, carefully trying to find the light switch on the main room. After all, most of the things around the place were thrice her age.

-Ha! Found you! -She exclaimed as she turned the lights on, only to find a blond girl curiously staring at her across the room.


-Who are you? How did you get in?

-Me? I'm the doctor

-The doctor?

-Exactly, and who are you?

-You do realise that this is really inappropriate, right?

-Well, it might be for some, do you find it inappropriate? - She said as she took a few steps forward, while the other girl stepped back


-Ok then, though, I have to warn you, there's something about this place that isn't quite right.- Said the girl staring around the room, like she was searching for something

-Right, it's you, a strange girl in the middle of the room who broke in, in the middle of the night.

-What girl? ...Yeah right, I'm not quite used to it, Am I? I'm quite liking it to be honest. But, let me tell you this, I'm the least of your problems right now. Now what was your name?

Confused by how quick the other girl spoke Emily decided to go along with it, after all, the girl could well be a psychopath, a serial killer who roamed for victims in antique shops in the middle of the night.

-Em… Emily

-Alright, Emily, lovely name by the way, now, there's something inside this place, I can't quite tell what it is, or whether it is peaceful or not but, well it's been here for a while, although you may have not notice and it's gaining more power by the minute. Have you notice anything weird, things moving out of place, disappearing and reappearing again, without you doing anything?

-What do you mean? Like a ghost?

-A ghost? Oh no, at least not in the way you think so, this thing is well alive

She said getting closer. As the situation grew weirder Emily couldn't help but feel baffled at the things the strange girl said, Serial killer or not, she was in her property, and had not given her any explanation as to why she was there or how she got inside.

-Right, I'm calling the police, get out, now!

-What? An Ood?… I thought it might be something a bit more, I don't know… - Said the doctor, almost sounding as if she was disappointed.

-What do you mean?

-Turn on your back, Emily.

There it was, a squid like looking creature with tentacles at the bottom of its face, standing at the bottom of the staircase whilst it held a white sphere on his hand, it didn't muster a word though, it simply stood there.

-Is it dangerous?

Asked Emily suddenly fearing the strange creature, even more than she feared the girl behind her.

-Sometimes, yes , if you provoke them that is.

-How can I serve you?

Asked the "Ood", whose sphere began blinking, all of a sudden, almost as though as his thoughts were being vocalized through it .

-Well you can start off by telling me how you got here?

-I'm afraid I cannot provide you with a fulfilling answer, I was just walking, and then I appeared here.

-You came from upstairs right?

-Yes, Would you like some tea?

-That'd be lovely but there's no time for that, we have to figure out how you got here.

Said the doctor as she sauntered upstairs, pulling out something that looked like a laser pen, whilst she was closely followed by Emily

-What's that?

-Sonic Screwdriver, there appears to be an anomaly, like a wormhole, connecting two points in time in space, but not quite like it, the only way the Ood could have gotten here safely through a wormhole would be if he had been covered by a metal shield, but as you can tell he just appeared here.

-Why are you waving that thing for?

-It's called a sonic Screwdriver, I'm trying to determine how he got here, whatever it was that allowed him to get here is gone now, there's still energy around this place, but the portal is closed, it's gone.

-What are you going to do now?

Asked Emily, as the doctor put down her sonic screwdriver

-Get the Ood back to his planet

She said, as she went back downstairs

-Right get him back to his planet, Do you own a spaceship or something?

-Better than that, a TARDIS

-And where is this TARDIS of yours?

-Down on your basement

She said as she smile

-You're shitting me right? A police box?

-She's beautiful isn't she? – She said as she patted the side of the wooden box

-Well yeah, it's lovely, but how's that suppose to get you anywhere?

-Why don't you find out for yourself?

She said as she stepped inside. Cautiously stepping inside, Emily was met with a huge room, surrounded by stairs which seem to lead to other rooms, and a central console, with many controls surrounding, a column at the centre of the console.

-How can you do that? It's impossible

She said as she stepped back outside, surrounding the police box in order to find out how it was that it was able to contain such a vast space inside it.

-So what do you think?

Asked the doctor, once she went back inside after 5 minutes of trying to figure out how it worked.

-Well, It's bigger on the inside

-It's been a long time since I last heard someone say that, fancy a trip?


-To the Ood sphere, right in the Horsehead Nebula. Homeland of the Ood

-I can't, I've got to work tomorrow

-That's alright too, I can get you back five minutes after you left, in earth time that is.

-I… ok then.

-Well, here we go, mate, time to get you back home.

She said referring to the Ood who had somehow already gotten there. Suddenly she started pushing down buttons as well as pulling out controls, as she kept on going the room started moving as it was filled with a noise which resembled the sound car breaks. After a few seconds, it all stopped, as the doctor turned back to look at Emily. Before walking towards the door.

-Here we are, what do you think?

She asked after opening the door, to reveal a snow-covered place, with high mountains on display as well as buildings and ice structures, it was really a mesmerizing sight.

-I… How did we?

-The TARDIS can get you anywhere in time and space

-This place is beautiful

-Thank you, doctor

Said the Ood as he stood in front of them.

-You've met him before?

-Well, I've known the Ood for quite a few years

-The elderly wants to speak to you

Spoke up the Ood once again.

-Oh… alright then, not that last time they had good news or anything. Emily would you mind waiting him until I come back?

-What? No, what if something happens?

-Trust me, it won't

Said the doctor looking straight into her eyes


-Be, back in a bit, meanwhile he can show you around, right?

-It'd be my pleasure

Answered the Ood

-At last, you're here once again, doctor.

-I must say I'm quite surprise that you still recognize me

-Your face might change, but you essence remains the same


-There are dark times approaching doctor, darker than anything you've ever encounter before, you must keep strong, or it will shatter you, fluctuations are happening all over the universe, soon worlds will collapse, reality as we know it might come to an end. Now before you go again, wandering soul, remember, remember one thing…

-We're leaving

Said the doctor as she approached Emily, without stopping

-Where to?

-I'm taking you back home

She said as she headed towards the TARDIS.

-What? You'll just leave me?

Asked the girl once they landed back in the shop.



-It's not safe, being with me

-Ok then, that was the shittiest trip ever


The doctor looked at her with an apologetic smile.

-Do you want something to eat? You do eat right?

-Well yeah, I'm not quite sure what I like just yet

-What do you mean?

-I'm constantly… changing

-Well then, I live just a few blocks down the street, I could make something for you…

-That's not really my kind of thing- She interrupted her

-Oh C'mon, you need something to eat, plus you owe me for taking me all the way there just to bring me back after a couple of hours.

-Ok then, that'd be nice I guess

The doctor agreed as she looked at her with a smile on her face.