"Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can't we just go back to page one and start all over again?"

-Winnie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

These are the Disney and classic story references I put into the story. I also added a few fun facts about the story at the bottom.

1) Scarlett telling Fred stories is supposed to be similar to Wendy telling Peter Pan and the Lost Boys stories.

2) This actually happened unintentionally, but Scarlett's nickname, Scar, is the name of a character from the Lion King.

3) The scene where Fred takes Scarlett on a broom ride around the Hogwarts grounds is an Aladdin reference, and so is the "do you trust me?" line.

4) The turtle that Fred, George and Scarlett took care of as kids was named Toby, and there is a character from Robin Hood named Toby the Turtle.

5) Scarlett's middle name is not only from real Greek mythology, but it's also a reference to the Hercules Disney movie.

6) Fred and George's pygmy puffs are named Binky and Marmaduke after the twin lost boys in a sequel to Peter Pan written years after the original and by a different author. Also, the book is coincidentally called Peter Pan in Scarlet, which I didn't know until after I picked Scarlett's name.

7) Fred's Patronus is a fox and Scarlett's is a bloodhound. Together, they're the fox and the hound, like the movie.

8) When Scarlett tells Fred she's able to become a Healer, he spins her around and says "You did it! I knew you would! I just knew you would!" which is what Willy Wonka tells Charlie when he wins the factory in the movie.

9) The idea for the little room in Umbridge's office that Scarlett was held captive in was a reference to/inspired by the chokie from Matilda. (I also have no idea if I spelled chokie right. I'm just going to hope everyone knows what I mean).

10) The scene after Fred gets hit by the wall and is "dying" and Scarlett tells him she loves him is supposed to be similar to the ending of Beauty and the Beast.

11) Fred kissing Scarlett awake after they complete the vow is a reference to Sleeping Beauty/Snow White.

12) The scene where Fred gets stabbed and Scarlett heals him is a reference to the ending of Tangled.

13) I pictured Scarlett's wedding dress to be like one I found online that was inspired by Rapunzel. The way Erica does her hair is also supposed to be somewhat like the way Rapunzel's hair is braided in Tangled.

14) Briarly's name is a kind of variation of Briar, and in Sleeping Beauty, the three fairies called her Briar Rose.

Fun Fact #1: I got the idea for this story during a Sociology class about family when we were doing a unit on marriage. I wrote the first chapter that day. I didn't even start posting the story until about a year later, but that chapter was one of the only ones that stayed exactly the same from when I first wrote it out.

Fun Fact #2: The inspiration for the title of the story came from me looking through iTunes for ideas and coming across the song Promise of a Lifetime by Kutless. Before that, the story was going to be called Happily Ever After.

Fun Fact #3: I picked Scarlett's name not only because I liked it but because it's a shade of red, the same color as Fred's hair.

Fun Fact #4: On the other hand, I had no idea what I wanted to name Erica, but I happened to be attempting to think of names when I drove past a street near my house called Erica Drive, and that's where her name came from.

Fun Fact #5: I knew Justin was going to die from pretty much the beginning of the story, but I also considered killing Erica, then changed my mind and replaced her with Scarlett's mother.

Fun Fact #6 Originally, I had no idea how long the story was going to be, but once I started seeing that it was going to be longer than 25-35 chapters (which is where I usually try to keep the length of my stories), I considered splitting it up into 2 or even 3 stories depending on how long it got. But in the end I changed my mind and decided it would be better to keep it all as one long story. Some of the chapters, especially towards the end, are a bit longer than I usually write too. That makes this my longest story on this site both in chapters and in words.

Fun Fact #7: I had almost four pages front and back full of possible Disney quotes for the beginning of each chapter. I think there were 130 quotes in all, but I obviously only used 70 of them.

A/N: Once again, thank you so much to everyone who's been reading this story. I've had a blast writing it and I'm glad you've all enjoyed reading it! Also, because I'm weird, I made another Scarlett/Fred Youtube video and put it up. I'll link it in my profile too for anyone who wants to go watch it. I just found another song that I loved and fit them so I had to make another video.

I hope everyone liked the Disney references and fun facts. I always love learning fun facts about books and where certain parts of the story came from so that's why I decided to add a few.

Again, thanks so much for all the love and support you guys gave this story. I can't say it enough. You're all amazing. And to CupcakeFangirl, I loved how your review was an Up reference :)