These are oneshot Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters Xover chapters that'll inspire you authors to write your own Kaijudo Xovers. I do not owe Kaijudo or its Xovers. Please enjoy

Authors Note (Ill reedit this later)

due to delays, the 1st chapter will premeire on the weekend. here's a list of xovers im might be planning on writing.


.hack/SIGN (and/or ROOTS, and/or Sekai no Mukou ni (Beyond the World), etc)

Elemental Gelade

Kingodm Hearts

Soul Eater

Zatch Bell

Other: (Disney comedy etc from the 2000's to the 2010's like Suite Life or Hannah Montana)


p.s. did you know that Tatsurian the Unchained is actually the Fire King's son? And he has a half-brother name Razorhide?