[Good evening. Come right in. Sorry for the mess, I had a few guests here that messed up the place. Make yourself at home. Help yourself to the Scotties if you would, they don't run out. I see you're all settled in now. The green room does take you aback, doesn't it? Well, we are on a green moon. And green is a rather serene color. Quite ironic, really. But enough of idle chat. My name is Doc Scratch, as you may or may not already know. I'm sure you're wondering why you're here. Why would an omniscient being ever bring a mortal into their parlor? Well, allow me to elaborate. As an omniscient being, I am all-knowing. I see everything: alpha timelines, alternate timelines, doomed timelines, and et cetera. And with this whole universe to see and know all about, it can be quite a joy to document these timelines and flip through them for amusement. That is why I keep a scrapbook, not merely for my amusement but for the guests that come and go. Unfortunately, my recent guests had no respect for my scrapbook and tore virtually all of the pages out. As I cleaning up, I saw one alternate timeline, a specific timeline that seemed to surpass the others. Now you may be wondering: "How in the light of Skaia can one timeline stick out like a sore thumb to an omniscient being?" Well, there are many reasons. For one, this timeline seemed to go on longer than any others, eventually merging with the alpha timeline after a while, with slight differences. Also, this takes place earlier in the story, in reference to the latest update. There are other reasons that may interest you. Like how this story does not take place of Alternia, Earth or whatever planet the Cherubs live on. This takes place on a different planet one that you may know of: Nirn, is it? I think I got that right, but being an omniscient being, I'm sure of it. Two last details before I tell this story though. First, I will not be able not narrate the entire story, due to some complications. One of the main characters (whom you don't have to be an omniscient being to know) happens to have inherited the Void, the bane of omniscient beings everywhere. I apologize if this comes as disappointment to you, which I know it is. Second, the main character (other than the other trolls) is a fan troll. I'm sure that you were about to leave at that accursed term but before you go; you must know something about this specific fan troll. You see, she never knew she was a troll in the first place. She knew she was already different but not in a Trollian way. Now, how is she different? It's quite simple:

She's Dragonborn.]