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Feliciano gasped and quickly sat up in his bed. He was panting heavily and his skin was covered in a fine sheet of sweat. He panted a little as he quickly looked around his room. He was in a hotel. The day before he had been at a world meeting. 'That… that was one scary dream…'

He slowly got up and got dressed. There was another meeting later that day, right now though, he wanted to get some breakfast. Hopefully he hadn't missed it yet. He quickly walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. His cheeks hurt a little and he had a few scratches on his cheek.

'… That's odd.' He thought. 'I guess I must have scratched myself in my sleep…' He shrugged it off and started the long walk to the hotel dining room. On the way he happened to hear shouting coming from one of the rooms. Before he could decide if he should keep walking or not, the door opened up to revel a very angry Lovino.

"Fuck you! Fuck everything about you!" He snapped. "You can go to fucking hell you fucking bastard!"

Seconds later Antonio appeared, sporting a black eye. "But Lovi, I swear we didn't do anything last night! I mean, we can both still walk and we're fully clothed!"

"FUCK YOU! DON'T FOLLOW ME!" Screamed Lovino as he marched past his brother and up the hall to his room.

Antonio sighed and followed Lovino like a lost puppy. "Lovi…"

Feliciano chuckled a little at this. 'Those two… I wonder when they will finally go out instead of having awkward one night stands.' He hummed a little and turned down the hall and started to walk towards the elevator. For a moment he stood there and imagined what the walls would look like if they were blood red instead of yellow. That thought made him shiver. Shaking that thought away he continued his walk.

He got into the elevator and hit the button. The doors slowly closed and elevator music started playing. He was staying on the twelfth floor. When it got to the seventh floor the doors opened and Alfred, Arthur and Ivan got in.

"Hey there Feliciano." Said Alfred with a grin. "What's up? Those beds are awesome right? I haven't slept like that in ages."

"Ve, the beds are pretty good." Said Feliciano happily. He was glad to see that Alfred was in high spirits, but then again when wasn't the blond happy.

Arthur growled a little as he rubbed the back of his head. "You're giving me a headache… stop speaking so loud you git."

"I think the heater was broken in my room." Said Ivan in an all too cheerful voice. "It felt like I was roasting all night. I could have sworn I was on fire and being burned alive."

"… That's just creepy dude." Said Alfred. Thankfully the door opened and Feliciano got out and sighed a little. Ivan was one creepy dude at the best of times.

He happily walked to the dining room where several people were eating. Feliciano looked over at the food available and frowned a little. Most of it was gone already and there were only a few unappetizing things left. 'I'll just go out and get something from one of the places across the street.' He was about to turn and leave when he spotted Ludwig drinking coffee over the other side of the room.

With a grin he happily made his way towards the blond. On his way he passed Yao and Kiku. They seemed to be in a deep discussion about herbal remedies for back pain and stomach-aches. He payed no mind to it and sat across from Ludwig. "Ve, morning Ludwig. Did you sleep well?"

Ludwig looked up at Feliciano and nodded. "Ja, I slept well. What about you? You have bags under your eyes."

Feliciano frowned a little and touched just under his eye. "I have? I guess I did have a bit of a restless night… Oh well. What can you do? Ve."

"I see…" Said Ludwig. He took a sip of his coffee and frowned. "You better not think you can use being tired as an excuse for sleeping during the meeting today."

"But… okay…" Sighed Feliciano in defeat. He was about to say something else when his stomach gurgled, reminding him that he needed food. "I'll see you later. I'm going to get something to eat. There's nothing here that I want."

"Okay, just don't get lost."

Feliciano chuckled and got up. "I won't get lost." He happily walked out of the dining room and went to the front lobby. There he saw Francis trying to chat Arthur up, but failing horribly.

The Italian smiled at this and walked outside on to the street. It was a bright day and there was a pleasant breeze blowing through the air. It was a perfect day. As he walked down the street he happened to bump into Gilbert and someone who looked a lot like Alfred.

"Ve, hey Gilbert and um… Matthew?" Guessed Feliciano.

Matthew smiled and nodded. "Hi Feliciano. How are you?"

"Ve, I'm good." Said Feliciano. "How about you two?"

"I'm awesome!" Said Gilbert. "Birdie just took me to this awesome place that has awesome pancakes. Not as awesome as his, but still pretty awesome. What are you doing out here anyway?"

"Ve, I'm just going to get something to eat." Said Feliciano.

"The place we went to does an all-day breakfast." Said Matthew. "You could try going there."

Feliciano nodded in agreement. "Ve, I think I will. See you two later at the meeting." He waved goodbye to the pair and continued his walk. As he happily walked he didn't pay much attention to those around him and two children ended up running into him.

He was winded a little, but otherwise unharmed. He looked down at the children and frowned a little. One of them was a girl with white hair and grey eyes and the other was a girl in a black Lolita dress and had yellow eyes. He was a little shocked to say the least.

"Girls! Don't run off like that!" Called a woman. A young woman with long brown hair and wearing a bright red dress came rushing down the street and quickly pulled the girls away from Feliciano. "Lapin! Neko! What have I told you about running off?"

"Sorry." Said Lapin.

"Didn't mean to." Said Neko.

Feliciano smiled at the woman. "It's okay. They just surprised me a little."

The woman nodded a little. "Well I just want to apologize again… If you don't mind me asking are you a tourist? You have an accent…"

"Ve, sort of." Said Feliciano. "I'm not on holidays. I'm working at the moment."

"Do you work for the government?" Asked Lapin. "There's a big meeting about the earth today."

Neko nodded. "Lots of representatives from different governments are meeting up to talk about deforestation, oil rigs, air pollution and the increasing number of animal species."

Feliciano looked at the girls in surprise. "Ve, that's right… How did you know?"

The woman chuckled a little. "I'm sorry about my girls. They tend to say this and that and get people worked up over nothing." She frowned a little. "But are you going to reach a conclusion about what you're going to do about the planet?"

Feliciano chuckled nervously. "I'm not sure… It's hard to get things done in meetings…"

The woman looked sad for a moment before smiling brightly. "I see… I guess it doesn't matter. Things always work themselves out in the end. Earth will do what needs to be done to protect itself from humans." She took hold of Lapin and Neko's hands and walked past Feliciano. "It was nice to talk to you in my true form, even if it was only for a few moments… Italy."

Feliciano stood there in shock. 'Italy… how did she…?' He turned around to try and call the woman back, but she and the two girls had disappeared into the crowd of people. A shiver ran down his sine, shaking him to the core. 'Who were they?'

The End

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