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Deeks has a few things on his mind as he watches the sun rise...that evening as the sunsets Kensi is a the beach with a few things on her mind. Will the two talk about what's on their minds?



Getting out of her SRX, Kensi closed the car door and headed started driving...

She had been surprised to find herself at the beach. She found a place to sit as, the sun was beginning to set and...

Sure, this was not something she normally did, but it had a been a long stressful day. When you work as a Federal Agent though...

What day isn't stressful?

But that was not what was on Kensi's mind. Kensi's thoughts kept turning to a certain...

NCIS/LAPD Liaison Officer...

Martin Deeks

There had been something about him at the time they met. Though Kensi was not sure what it was.

Callen had been teasing her and suggested, Deeks baby blue eyes.

Sam had suggested it was, Deeks fluffy hair.

Kensi knew it wasn't Deeks looks that had caught her attention though, it had been...something else.

Deeks could cheer her up one minute and really push her buttons the next.

She knew she wanted more with him. She wanted to see what would happen if they tried to figure out their 'thing'.

Kensi realized at some point that she had FALLEN IN LOVE with, Martin Deeks.

No! She couldn't be in love with...Deeks!

The two of them always flirted and bickered with each other...but Deeks is a big flirt anyway.

So it didn't really mean anything...right?

What if she told him how she felt and he rejected her? What if they dated and something happened to break them up?

He would go back to the LAPD and they would lose the relat...partnership they have now.

Kensi was having a hard time trying to decide...she would just have to find the time and courage to talk to, Deeks.

Courage...she was a brave person, but when it came to talking to Deeks about her feelings for him...that sent butterflies to her stomach and really scared her.

The last rays of sun disappeared and Kensi got up, making her decision to go talk to Deeks. She was headed to Deeks apartment.

Not knowing that at that very same time, Deeks had reached the same decision and was headed to her house.


Will they miss each other or will they finally talk?