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Jane, Frankie and Tommy make their way home from the park, soaking wet, freezing cold, and flushed with happiness. The first real snow of the season pulled the Rizzoli siblings out of bed at dawn. Angela had only been able to keep them inside long enough to wolf some breakfast before they'd bundled up and headed outside.

Jane had noticed how her mother's eyes lingered on her face when she handed her her eggs. "Thanks, Ma,"

"You're welcome, baby. You kids are going to be at the park all day?"

Tommy had nodded, the excitement making him look younger than his nine years.

"Yeah, snow fort, snow ball fight, sledding," he'd listed the tasks off on his fingers with the seriousness of a businessman.

"Busy day" their mother had said, smiling a smile that did not quite reach her eyes.

"You need help before I go, Ma?" Jane had asked, lingering at the door.

Angela had looked at Jane for a long time before saying, "No, honey. Thank you."

"Okay. See you Ma. Love you."

"I love you too, Jane. Watch after your brothers."

"Yeah, yeah."

Now, as she moves to cross the street, she feels a snowball slam into the side of her face. She whirls to see Tommy collapse in fits of laughter.

"Hey!" Jane yells, but she can't keep up her anger. She has not seen Tommy laugh like this in a long long time. She throws a fake punch at Frankie as he runs past her, and Tommy comes running at her, jumping onto her back.

"Piggy me, Jay!" he says, and Jane complies happily. This is the first time she's felt genuinely happy since she watched Maura get in a cab and drive off towards the airport.

They start singing as they near their house, and Jane wonders if her parents are inside. If they can hear the familiar song.

they'll never come home again, again

they'll never come home again.

Oh Daddy we wanna be pirates, we wanna go sail the seas

we wanna eat candy and run with the wolves and go to bed when we please

oh mama please don't forget us, and please don't cry for us.

but we aren't children, we are BEASTS and we must run, we must!

And we'll never come home again, again

we'll never come home again!

Jane stops singing and stops abruptly at the bottom of the porch stairs, dropping Tommy to the ground. She feels her stomach tighten unpleasantly. Frankie nearly walks into her.

"Jane, what the-" but he stops talking too, because he can hear it now too. All three of the children stare at their house as though it is a monster that has come to life.

Before Jane can process what she is hearing, and consider how it will affect her youngest brother, Tommy has darted up the stairs and pushed the door open, throwing her parent's screaming voices into sharper relief.

"No, Tommy, shit." Jane hisses, and she creeps up the stairs after her brother, Frankie close behind her.

"-Ripping our family apart," Angela is shouting as Jane motions for Frankie to shut the door behind him. They crouch in the entry way, listening. "Like I don't know where the money is going, Frank. Like I'm just your dumb wife."

"Well right now, you are definitely acting like it. God damn it, Angela you are making something out of nothing, you know that?"

"Do you have any idea what this is doing to our children? I spoke to Father Pat, and he says that-"

"You spoke to the priest?" Franks voice is incredulous, "I can't believe that you would take our business and..."

Jane tries to shut out the screaming by looking at her brothers. Tommy is listening intently, he face a mask of anger, his little chin stuck out at a defiant angle. He is trying not to cry, Jane knows, and her heart breaks a little for him. She wants to tell him that he doesn't have to be so tough. But he is a Rizzoli. And he does.

She glances at Frankie, who meets her eyes and grimaces slightly.

"I want you out." Angela's voice is cold and certain. "I will not hurt our children because of your pride. I won't do it."

Jane feels a new respect and a fierce pride wash over her as her mother says these words. Is it possible that she has been watching her children all along? That she knows more than she's been

letting on?

"Fine by me," Frank says. "I can crash some place until you come to your senses. But if you think I'm helping out while I'm gone, then you've got another thing coming."

This seems to be the last straw for Tommy. He bursts into the living room, and Angela gives a little shriek of surprise. Jane goes after him, then, reluctantly, Frankie.

"No, Dad," Tommy says, "Don't go."

"What the hell is this?" Frank says indignantly, looking at Angela as though she has planned an ambush.

"Jane," Angela says, and Jane reaches for Tommy, but she shifts out of her reach, eyes still on his father.

"Dad. If you're going, then I'm gonna come too," He moves to the stairs. "Just let me pack some things okay, dad?"

For a moment, Frank looks at Tommy, and his face is almost sad. Then he shakes his head and turns towards the door.

"Dad!" Tommy moves to follow him, but Angela grabs him, holding him back. Frankie is looking at his father's retreating back with such a look of disgust that it makes Jane feel physically ill.

"DAD! Just let me get some things, Dad!" Tommy is screaming now, from Angela's arms, fighting with all he has to get away from her. He starts to cry, hitting at his mother trying to make her let go. She doesn't Just redoubles her hold on him, not saying a word.

Jane follows her father out into the entry hall. "Can't you hear your son?" She asks him, keeping her voice low. "How the fuck can you just-"

But he whirls on her suddenly pinning her against the wall of the front hall. his hand firmly on her chest, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to let her know that he could. If he wanted to.

She is almost as tall has he is now, and when she looks defiantly back into his eyes, she realizes with a dizzying jolt, that he knows. How he knows about her, she can't say. Her mind flashes quickly to Joey, wondering if he did indeed make good on his promise.

He presses her a little harder against the wall and points at her with his free hand, and his mouth works as though he wants to say something.

"Daddy," she says quietly, pleading. "Don't leave us. Don't do this to Tommy. I'm sorry."

He shakes his finger a little bit, and then his head.

"If it were up to me..." he whispers harshly and then breaks off. looking away. "bah, what does it matter."

"You're not my daughter." he says quickly. definitively. And with that, he releases her, letting the door slam behind him.

Jane slides to the floor, resting her head on her knees. She listens to her father's boots stump down the porch steps. Listen to Tommy's screams as he continues to try and free himself from his mother. Jane holds herself very still, willing the tidal wave of grief and guilt to be gentle. It is not, and soon she is crying so hard that she can't hear her brother anymore. Crying so hard that she doesn't hear Frankie, sweet, wonderful Frankie, come into the hall and slide down to sit next to her, putting his head on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Frankie," Jane says after a while, sliding her arm around her brother. She wants to tell him then. Tell him and have him look at her and say it's okay, that he still loves her, and he's still her brother, but-

"I'm not," Frankie says simply, and Jane lifts her head to look at him.

He offers her a small smile, "Now I can finally fucking sleep."

Maura rests her head against the window pane, giving up trying to read the book in her lap. She can't think of anything but Jane. She hasn't heard from the brunette in over 72 hours, and her stomach does weird nervous somersaults when she mentally calculates all the things that could have happened to her girlfriend.

It snowed there yesterday. The rate of car accidents increases ten fold in the snow. Kids also get hurt more on black ice and in sledding accidents.

Her train of thought is ended as her phone buzzes beside her. She picks it up and feels her heart rate pick up as the name of a non-existent boy flashes on the screen. she presses the button to pick up the call.

"Jane," She says, unable to keep the relief out of her voice. She'd programmed the phone to read a boys name in case her mother saw it ring, but every time she got a text from "James" she felt a blush creep across her face.

"No," the voice on the other end says. "It's Frankie. Sorry, I stole Jane's phone."

And just like that, the panic is back. "Frankie? what is it? Jane? Is it Jane?" Maura stands up, the forgotten book tumbling to the ground.

"No. I mean, yes. look, I know you're in Catalonia, or something. But can you come home? Can you come back to Boston? Jane really, really needs you."