Here we are! Chapter 3. It's rather short, but my inspiration was gone for a day. It's now returning rapidly. So happy . Enjoy and thanks for the reviews.

Lovest Always, Lady Merridell

Chapter 3

On Your Mind

Baron stared at the black cat thoughtfully. He never judged anyone until he got to know them, but somehow just by looking he did not like Kohaku. In fact, he loathed him-he blinked surprise.

Loathe? Hate is a strong word, but loathe? Oh really, Baron, you're simply being childish. If Haru can trust him, then you can, he thought.

He watched as the black tom took the teacup and lapped the milk stiffly while glancing around at his home as though memorizing it. Baron raised his hackles instinctively but he quickly stopped himself. Relax. He just needed to-


Baron looked up. "Hmm? My apologies, could you repeat yourself?"

Haru smiled. "I said, has anything been happening recently? Anything interesting?"

"Besides Muta and Toto's antics? Nothing. It's been rather quiet, actually," Baron answered. "Too quiet if you ask me," he added, scratching his chin thoughtfully. By now he would at least have one client.

"That's odd," murmured Haru. She absentmindedly scratched Kohaku's ear. Baron felt a surge of jealousy at their proximity, of course.

"Oh...have you heard from Prince Lune and Yuki yet?" she asked.

He smiled. "You mean King Lune and Queen Yuki," he corrected. The two had been married almost immediately. The Cat King had stepped down rather quietly, much to everyone's surprise, along with Natori.

"Of course, I forgot," Haru laughed.

Baron's heart melted. Her laughter was like music to his ears and a soft purr rumbled in his throat. He quickly quieted the purring, hoping she hadn't heard.

"No, actually-" he began when suddenly the door burst open.

It was Lune himself. Baron quickly overcame his shock and gave a slight bow.

"Greetings, Your Highness," he smiled. "To what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Yuki," he mowed proudly. "Is expecting our first kitten."