So this is a new story, probably a two-shot. Inspiration from Keir's 'Shag Tag'. Enjoy!

"Kyo, where are you naughty kitty?" Black Haru called.

Kyo was hiding under the computer desk, using the chair as protection. he had made the mistake of challenging his boyfriends manliness. Which resulted in Haru turning black.

"Come here kitty kitty. I want to play." Hatsaharu called again.

Kyo remained quivering under the desk, praying he'd turn white soon but knowing that could be awhile. Suddenly the lights went out, the beaker had blown.

'Stupid old apartment building.'Kyo thought to himself.

"Ohh Kyo, this just got interesting." Haru said tauntingly as he closed the curtains, making the last remaining light disappear.

'Fucking hell!' Kyo screamed in his head.

He carefully rolled the chair out and crawled out from under the desk, keeping a look out for Haru. He heard footsteps coming around the corner, so he practically did a swan dive behind the couch.

"You can't hide from me for long my bad little kitten."

The taunting put Kyo's temper over the edge and he let it get the better of him.

"Yes I can, you stupid cow!" He shouted.

"Ohh temper temper." Hatsaharu answered mockingly.

'Motherfucking bitch!' Kyo shouted at himself again.

He could hear Haru's biker boot footsteps getting closer and closer. Kyo quickly looked around for an escape. Haru suddenly came out of nowhere and pounced on his lover. Kyo just barley mangged to get away. He throw himself over the back of the couch, making a run for it.

"Not today babe!" He shouted as he sprinted down the hall.

"Sneaky bastard." Haru said aloud to himself as he swiftly followed Kyo.

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