The next morning was even more difficult, as no matter how hard the King tried to get Robin to eat the Knight just wouldn't touch his food.

Finally Richard sighed and said" Alright, Robin.I can't stop you from not eating. But I can confine you to your bed for now. So for the next few days, you are to stay in either this tent or in your bed. Ok?" Scowling the archer/ knight nodded reluctantly and returned to staring at the wall Of the tent .

A few hours later Richard returned to his tent from meetings and planning only to have someone launch themselves at him sobbing uncontrollably. Realization dawning on him, the exhausted King sat down on his bed and rocked the emotional man. Ten minutes later he glanced down at the head buried in his shirt and asked " Robin? How are you feeling ?" Not recieving an answer from his love, Richard sighed and lay down on the bed before letting sleep claim him.

Halfway through the night Robin awoke shaking from fear. Glancing around quickly he swallowed as he realized he was in the King's tent. 'Oh no.. Oh gods no..' He thought as he started hyperventilating and backing up against a tent wall.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the King on the bed, and was unable to stop the flashbacks from coming. When they had finished he was cowering in a corner, hands over his head and very tense. The only thought that ran through his mind was 'I'm a cowered. I don't deserve a second chance. The King will hate me. '

Unknown to him Richard had gotten up and was making his way over to the distraught man slowly. Finally in front of Robin, the King gently placed a finger under his chin and said " Robin. Look at me. "

Shaking his head, the stubborn outlaw ignored the King until he had returned to bed. Then Robin crawled to the mattress on the floor in a corner and climbed into bed.

Morning came quickly after that but Robin only ate a few bites of his breakfast and did not speak . Sighing the King drew out a piece of parchment and wrote a letter to the outlaw Much in England.

Then sending it off with a pigeon, he walked out of the tent to plan raids. What surprised him though was that Robin did not run automatically out of the tent. Frowning in thought, the King shrugged it off for the moment and went to join his Private Guard in the main tent.

In England a week after King Richard had sent the letter, Much look up when a pigeon flew straight towards him. Holding out a hand, he caught the bird and said " Hello beautiful. A letter from the King?" Cooing the pigeon rubbed its head against his hand, then hopped into the cage they had kept for it.

Sitting back Much rolled open the parchment and carefully read the contents, frowning as he did so. It read: Much, I fear we will both loose a dear friend if something is not done.

Yet I am at a loss as to what to do. His nightmares persist, each growing worse and worse very day. He will not eat and he hardly sleeps ( if he does it is because he has become to emotional - lost control) .

When I grounded him because of health concerns, Robin never even batted an eye. We had a two minute argument which ended well. Then the next day he emotionally broke down and last night had a panic attack. This morning his restriction ended, but he wouldn't even go outside.

I am sorry Much, but I fear we may be losing him, King Richard. Now staring fearfully down at the paper, Much swallowed and swore that everything would get better. So grabbing a new piece of parchment he started writing to the King.